I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 91

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 91
 Chapter 91

“|… The student still wanted to argue but gave up in the end. He lowered his head with anxiety

and hatred,

Yunis looked at them and smiled. He tock a look at his watch and said, “Well, the announcement

has been passed down. The rest is on you. | suggest you guys go back to your doms and start

packing. You all have to leave the campus by one pm.”

Yunis then turned to leave.

“Wait!” Zachary’s face was full of unwillingness. He looked Yunis with a stubborn face and asked,

“What’s the reason for expelling us? You peaple just made the decision, and the City Education

Bureau can approve it right after? Is it…”

“How dare you!”Yunis’s face suddenly turned cold, “Watch your mouth. | don’t need to explain to

you why you got expelled. You should know clearly what you’ve done! Because of your deeds,

even President Campbell was implicated. And now you are asking me why?”

Yunis walked up to Zachary and said condescendingly, “To tell you the truth, expulsion is the

smallest punishment. You’re so ignorant to mess with the wrong person!”

Yunis glanced at Zachary disdainfully and left the conference room,

Zachary held his fist tightly.

The smallest punishment? Ignorant? What was so great about Ethan? Didnt he just rely on

Maggie’s connections? Did he think that he could do whatever he wanted?

Zachary felt his heart was filled with anger, and he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Zachary, what should we do?” The ponytail girl wiped away her tears and said helplessly.

Zachary looked at her and slapped her fiercely. “What else can we do? They’ve been expelled. We

need to get to fk out!”

After saying that, Zachary rushed out of the meeting room angrily.

As for Ethan and Maggie, they were on their way out of campus after exiting the meeting raom.

Ethan suddenly thought of something and asked in a hurry, “By the way, who stole the hearing

devices? Have you found out?”

Maggie nodded. “Yes, | did!”

She took out her cellphone and played Ethan video footage she got from the medical equipment

store. “This girl… you should know her”

Ethan was a little confused. When he saw the woman in the video, he stopped his footsteps. The

expression on his face changed Instantly.

“It’s her? Ha…” Ethan sneered. The moment he saw Tina, he understood everything.

No wonder Ethan bumped into Tina at the campus gate, and she looked so nervous!”

Ethan thought It was ridiculous that he didn’t suspect her fram the start!

After seeing the evidence in his own eyes, he became very angry.

Seeing Tina leaving the store with a hundred thousand dollars, Ethan tightened his fist!

Maggie saw Ethan’s anger.


“Mr. Ethan, I’ll deal with her right away!”

Maggie then turned to leave.

She was stopped by Ethan. “It’s okay. Give me the video with the rest of the evidence. I’ll handle

it myself!”

“Handle it yourself?” Maggie asked.

I Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 91

Ethan smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, I’ll handle it myself. | don’t think you knew who she is, do

you? Dont laugh at me, but she is my ex-girlfriend!”

“Alas!” Ethan sighed. “It’s time to end things between us!”

Maggie, looking at Ethan expressionlessly, didnt say a word.

Ethan had already said that it was his own business, so she just let him be. Maggie could

observe how things went and came to helpif things went out of hand.

Maggie sent the video to Ethan, then asked, “Do you have time at noon? Come ta have lunch at

the restaurant of Empire Hotel. I’ve made the reservation with Pablo.’

Ethan hadn’t eaten frorn the early morning. He nodded with a smile, “Sure! | need to put my bag

back in the dorm. Can you wait for me at the gate?”

Maggie nodded, then walked toward the parking lot.

On Ethan’s way to the dorm, he remembered that he still had the makeups he bought for his

classmates, Ethan quickly sent a message to the class group chat to tell people to come to his

dorm for their merchandise. Then he continued walking.

When Ethan was about to enter the dorm building, Walton was running over from the opposite

direction, and he saw Ethan.

Walton looked like he was seeing his savior. He quickly ran toward Ethan.

By the time Ethan arrived at his dorm, many students were already waiting there.

Ethan gave them their merchandise. The girls were surprised and happy seeing their desired


Because Ethan had bought them a whole set when they only asked for a couple of items.

The beauty products they asked for were from expensive high-end brands. A whole set would

cost about two to three thousand dollars.

Which meant Ethan was the one paid for everything.

All the girls were immediately filled with gratitude for Ethan.

“Ethan, thank you so much. We know that you can be trusted!”

‘How can | accept your gift? It costs thousands of dollars. | don’t even know what to say


“You are the man! Dinners on me..”

Several girls surrounded Ethan and laughed from ear to ear. They sincerely expressed their

gratitude to Ethan.

Although Ethan had spent a fortune on the makeups, he was very happy.

When he was doubted by many people, those girls trusted him anyway. Their beliefs in him were



So Ethan was willing to pay extra for their purchase.

‘It’s a pleasure for me! Please excuse me, I’ll have to leave now.’ Ethan said with a smile.

When the girls were about to say goodbye, a voice was heard.

“You guys are so brave to accept those. Do you know, they were bought with stolen money? If

you take them, you are accomplices!”

The girls were stunned by the words. They looked In the direction of the voice and saw Tina

walking over with a smug look.

“What is she talking about? Stolen money? Accomplice?”

They were curious about Tina’s words and started to discuss it in a low volume voice.

‘don’t know. What does she mean? Is there something wrong with the makeups?”

“No way. We can trust Ethan. There shouldn’t be any problem, right?”

As they were chatting, Tina came aver. She looked at Ethan with a malicious smile.

Seeing Tina again, Ethan couldn’t help but hate her.

He was gaing to handle the hearing devices incident with Tina. And she just came over by

herself. Ethan thought it was a great opportunity to clear things up between them once for all.

Ethan looked at Tina and said, “What do you mean?”

Tina sneered and took out her cellphone. She played a video to the girls,

“Take a look at it yourself, and you’ll know what | mean, Tina said. “| believe you’ll thank me

afterward. Don’t become an accomplice because of your greed!”

Hearing Tina’s words, the girls looked at each other suspiciously, They gathered around Tina’s

phone toe watch the video.

The video was taken when Zachary was trying to frame Ethan as a thief in the auditorium.

The girls looked upset after watching the video. They all looked at Ethan with a complicated


However, Ethan didnt take it seriously. He knew that Tina was about to be exposed!

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