I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 92


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 92
Chapter 92

“Now, you all know!” Tina smiled, “Where do you think this bum got the money to buy you

expensive makeups sets and himself designer clothes? It’s all stolen money. And the most

despicable thing Is that he stale fram the charity!”

Hearing Tina’s words, the girls were horrified.

Even though they had believed in Ethan’s character, the video in front of them looked authentic.

In the video, Zachary made a convincing case for Ethan’s theft. Director Cox had given Ethan the

chance to explain, but Ethan failed.

So people would believe Ethan had stolen the money by default.

“Ethan, you… How can you do this?” A girl looked at Ethan disappointedly, “How can you steal


“Why, Ethan? If you steal from the rich, that’s maybe a littke excusable, but from the charity?

Aren’t you afraid of karma?’

“Disgusting! Another girl angrily gave the makeups back to Ethan and turned away, “| dont want

to use your dirty makeups. People would talk bad things about me!”

Looking at her walking away, Ethan sighed and quickly went to explain, “Walt a minute, just hear

me out.

“What’s there to explain? You didn’t even have an explanation in that video! You can return my

money. I’ll go buy the makeups myself! The girl continued, “And, don’t give me the money you

stole. It’s dirty!”

Then, the girl left without looking back.

The rest of the girls all sighed. They were about to leave.

Tina was pleased to see this.

She determined to see Ethan ruined. Those girls were the last few people who trusted Ethan at

Buckeye University. If they had turned their back on Ethan, Ethan’s life at Buckeye University

would be very difficult in the future!

Thinking of this, Tina felt more and more proud of herself.

But she found that Ethan didn’t seem to be nervous about those girls’ reactions.

Ethan asked the girls to stay and said, “Please wait for a moment and listen to me. You’ll find out

the truth very soon,

Looking at Ethan’s eyes, they exchanged looks, then nodded, “Well, Ethan, we want to believe

you. So We hope you can give us an explanation”

“It looks really bad for us ta use makeups bought by stole money”

Ethan nodded with a smile and turned to look at Tina. He smiled contemptuously and said,

‘Tina, are you satisfied?”

Tina gave him a sinister smile, “OT course. I’m very satisfied to see you dirty thief being caught!”

“But, aren’t you curious? |’ve been taken away, why am | still here?” Ethan said.

Hearing Ethan’s words, Tina was stunned for a moment. She had just realized it.


I Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 92

Ethan then took out his cellphone and played the security video footage that Maggie got to the


“Please take a look, and then you’ll know who is the dirty thief?” Ethan explained, “I think you

should know that Aurora asked me to buy hearing devices for the charity, At the beginning of the

video, in the box Tina took away was those hearing devices.”

They nodded and kept watching.

Hearing Ethan’s words, Tina was curious and nervous. She sneaked over to take a peek at the


She was shocked by what she saw.

It was really her in the video.

In the video, Tina dragged the box away. After a while, she dragged it back, but the box was

obviously opened.

Then Tina left the campus with a sultease. She took the suitcase to a medical equipment store

and sold the hearing devices in the suitcase for a hundred thousand dollars.

“How… how did you…” Tina was surprised that Ethan had the video.

Ethan’s video showed the whole process of her stealing the hearing devices and selling them.

And the video itself was enough for the police to arrest Tina.

Tina knew clearly that there was two hundred thousand dollars worth of hearing devices. Even if

she was just convicted of grand theft, she would be sentenced ta years in jail!

At this moment, Tina hated Ethan to death.

“Enough! Fake…the video is fake!” Tina shouted at Ethan angrily “You f**king sh*t, you are

slandering my name. I’ll sue you!”

Ethan wasn’t angry. He just smiled and asked the girls, “Now you know who the thief is? | didnt

steal. Think about this. How can | still be standing here if | have stolen money?”

Hearing Ethan’s words, the girls all nodded. They felt a little guilty for blaming Ethan unjustly.

‘I’m really sorry, Ethan. It’s our fault. You just gave us such gifts, but we doubted about you!”

Ethan shook his head with a smile and said it was okay. After all, they didn’t know the inside

story earlier.

The girls nodded. Then they looked at Tina with disdain and anger in their eyes!

“Tina Wood, shame on you! How dare you frame Ethan when you are the one who steals?” One

of the girls scolded Tina.

The others followed her lead.

“For the money, you really have no bottom line. What an eyesore! You steal and blame others for

your crime. How shameless you are to come up with such a plan!”

“lf | were you, | wouldn’t be standing here, Even your breath stains the air!

The curses made Tina mad. She looked at everyone in panic and anger, trying to refute, but only

got her into more insults.

“Ethan Humphrey, you bi*ch!” Tina threw all her anger at Ethan.

As she cursed, she waved the leather bag in her hand and violently slapped at Ethan!

Ethan dodged to the side and then raise his hand to block the bag, and the handbag fell to the


The things in the bag were scattered all around,

“B*stard, you’re f*cking happy now?” Tina continued swearing.

She wanted to kill Ethan.

But at this moment, Ethan didn’t pay any attention to her. He was looking at the things that fell

out of Tina’s bag, surprised.

Tina didn’t care about it at all. She waved her hands and hit Ethan again.

But Ethan pushed her away fiercely. Tina almost fell.

She became angrier. She scolded Ethan and attack him again.

“Ethan Humphrey, how dare you hit me? I’ll kill you…’

Tina hit Ethan a few times, but it didn’t bother Ethan.

Ethan frowned and picked up something on the floor, looking furious.

“| see!” Ethan took the object he picked up to Tina and said coldly, ‘Tina, it seems that it wasn’t

the first time you have stolen.’

Tina was also stunned when she saw the object in Ethan’s hand. |t was the Chanel perfume she

stole from Ethan.

Tina was panicked. She reached out her hand to grab it, but Ethan pushed her away.

Ethan looked at the bottle of perfume in his hand, and his anger surged again.

“Explain, Tina!” Ethan said coldly, “Otherwise, we’ll have to do this the hard way!”


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