I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 94

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 94 
Chapter 94

Ethan, Maggie, and Pablo just reached the top floor walking toward the Skyfirst Hall.

Pablo’s cell phone suddenly rang.

Pablo saw that the phone call was from Joan. He frowned.

Joan had called him earlier and said that she would invite an important quest that day. She was

hoping Pablo could come to meet him.

But Pablo received the phone call from Maggie, asking him to prepare a dining room for Ethan

later that day.

Pablo didnt think there would be a person more important than Ethan, so he ignored Joan’s


But he had known Joan for years, and for the sake of being an old friend, Pablo reserved the

Earth Hall for Joan, free of charge.

Pablo thought this was the best he could do.

But Joan called him again. What else did she want?

“Hello, Joan, Pablo answered the phone cautiously. He didn’t want to bother Maggie and Ethan.

“Hello, Pablo, where are you? Come over right away. The quest is already here. You don’t want a

big shot like him to wait for you!”

Pablo was annoyed by Joan’s complaint. He whispered, ‘I’m good. You guys enjoy it. | have

important work | have to do. Talk to you later!”

After hanging up, Pablo caught up with Maggie and Ethan. He laughed and spoke loudly, “Mr.

Ethan, that is the room!”

Sitting in the Earth Hall, Joan was angry because she was hung up by Pablo. She murmured

some curse words.

She thought Pablo was ungrateful. Maybe part of her intention was to flaunt, but she had also

wanted to introduce Pablo to some important people.

The person she wanted to introduce to Pablo was the eldest son of Eric Norman. Having a

connection like that would save them a great of trouble in the future.

Pablo was saying he had to do some important work. But what could be more important than

meeting a Norman?

She suddenly heard Pablo’s voice, 0 she got up and rushed out of the room.

Joan saw Pablo after she opened the door,

At this time, Pablo was standing at the doorway of the Skyfirst Hall. He said something

respectfully toward the inside of the room, with a big smile on his face.

Joan was irritated by what she saw. She walked toward Pablo,

“Pablo, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t you say that you have something important to do?” Joan

said angrily, “It turns out you are hosting quests here, What the hell?”

Seeing Joan, Pablo quickly closed the door of the Skyfirst Hall and nervously pulled Joan over to

the side.

“Lower your vaicel” Pablo complained, “You go ahead. | also have guests here, This one is very

important, and | have to be here!”

Joan laughed out at Pablo’s words.

“Important guests? More important than Eric Norman’s son?”

Joan said, “Pablo, | see you as my friend, so I’m doing this for your own good. My guest is really

very important. | advise you to make an acquaintance. The relationship may come in handy in

the future!”

Pablo was annoyed. He shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Okay, okay, | know. You go

ahead. I’ll stop by if | have time. | will have to go and make sure my guests are okay!”

Pablo was going back to the Skyfirst Hall.

Joan stopped him again.

“What do you want?” Pablo was a little Irritated.

“Well played, Pablo. | just realized that you have reserved the best room for your so- called

important guests. But you gave me a lesser one? How can you do that?”

Hearing Joan’s wards, Pablo quickly covered her mouth and said nervously, “Keep your voice

down. Watch your mouth! Do you know who it is in that room?”

Joan shrugged off Pablo’s hand and gave him a snort of disdain. She turned away and walked

back to her room, muttering, “What important guest? You’re an ignorant fool!”

Joan was full of contempt for Pablo.

She was planning on helping Pablo by introducing him to important connections, but Pablo

wasted the opportunity. Joan thought she had tried her best, and the rest was on Pablo.

Looking at Joan walking away, Pablo shook his head helplessly. He thought Joan was annoying

and ignorant.

She should know how important Pablo’s quests were by guessing from the fact that Pablo had

reserved the Skyfirst Hall for them.

lf Joan had talked to him nicely, there might be a chance for Pablo to introduce Joan to Ethan.

But Pablo gave up that idea because of Joan’s rudy behavior.

Such a shortsighted person didn’t deserve to walk alongside Mr. Ethan!

With a sneer, Pablo went back to the Skyfirst Hall.

Seeing Pablo had returned, Ethan signaled him to sit down with a smile,

Although Pablo worked for Ethan’s family, Ethan had never seen himself to be superior to him.

And Pablo is the host here. Ethan thought he should be more polite to him.

“Mr. Owen, you are busy?” Ethan asked with a smile, “You can just leave us here if you are too

busy. | Was just coming by, and you dont have to put too much attention on me. It’s okay”

Ethan scratched his head and continued, “In fact, the next time, you can just reserve a lobby seat

by the window for me. It won’t have to be an upstairs private room. | don’t feel comfortable

eating here anyway:

Upon hearing the wards, Pablo quickly looked at Maggie. Seeing Maggie’s nodding, he smiled

and said, “Okay, | got it. Next time, | will reserve a good seat for you downstairs.’

Ethan wasnt just trying to be polite. He really felt more comfortable eating in the lobby than In a


private room.

But in Pablo’s eyes, Ethan’s words were hinting him something.

Pablo remembered that there was a good seat by the window on the second floor.

He quickly took a mental note. If Ethan preferred to eat in an open area by the window, he would

ask someone to do some works around that seat. Ethan could just eat there in the future.

After some brief conversation, Pablo asked the walters to serve the food.

He wanted to show Ethan a great time eating here. So there were many fancy dishes on the huge

lazy Susan.

Pablo also opened two bottles of wine from his own wine collections.

After a few glasses, Ethan wanted to use the facility. He smiled awkwardly to ask Pablo the

direction of the bathroom and then walked out of the room,

The bathroom wasn’t far from the Skyfirst Hall. It was in the corner of the hallway.

When he was about to walk out of the bathroom, Ethan heard some disturbing voices in the


“Stop It! This Is the restaurant in the Empire Hotel. What If someone comes by? Hands off…’

It was a woman’s voice. Ethan was a little surprised by the voice because it sounded a little

familiar to him!

Wasn’t that Elle Clark’s voice?

And then, Carl Lee’s voice was heard.

“What are you worried about? It’s okay because we are at the restaurant in the Empire Hotel!”

Carl smiled smugly. “The whole floor is for the fanciest peaple. Not a lot of peaple coming here.

Don’t worry, no one’s here!”

“No…just stop it. It’s… it’s too fast…”

“What are you afrald of? Why don’t… | see the men’s roam Is not bad. Let’s get in..”

“Oh, my God, | hate you…”

The two were flirting in front of the men’s room. Carl’s hand was groping around Elle’s body.

Ethan was stunned by their voices and thinking what a coincidence.

How could he be running into this pair everywhere he went?

Elle and Carl were blocking the men’s roars doorway. Judging from their conversation, it didn’t

loak like they could finish very soon.

But Ethan had to get out!

Ethan didn’t want to see them. But he had no choice but to walk out of the men’s roam.

‘Ahem. In order not to startle them, Ethan signaled them.

But Ethan still gave them a jump. Elle and Carl didnt expect there was a person in the men’s


They quickly let go of each other. Elle was tidying up her clothes nervously, blushing.

Carl didn’t look too relaxed either. He quickly pretended to reach for the cigarette.

Carl’s hand stopped midway upon seeing Ethan.

 I Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 94

“It’s… it’s you?” Carl blurted out the words in surprise.

Elle looked over. She was also stunned by Ethan.

“Why are you here? What are you doing here?’ Elle became more awkward. She was afraid Ethan

had seen them earlier.

“You…What did you see?” Elle asked Ethan fiercely.


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