I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 95

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 95
 chapter 95

Ethan shook his head and said innocently, “| didnt see anything. | was just using the bathroom.

Elle didnt believe Ethan. She said disdainfully, “Come on, | know what you are! You must have

been peeping on us. Shame on you!”

Elle snorted and continued, “What cant you do? You can even falsely claim others gift was

yours. Do you think | don’t know that you were peeping? You are so disgusting!”

Ethan frowned and sald, “Please watch your mouth. I’m not Interested in whatever you were

doing? You are not that good looking for the whole world to watch anyway!”

Elle was angry at Ethan’s words, gnashing her teeth. She looked at Carl angrily and said in a

grievant voice, “Honey, don’t you hear what you just said to me? Why dont you swear him for


Carl smiled. While comforting Elle, he said, “Dear, you dont want to waste your time on him. Who

is he? Dont lower yourself by starting a fight with him. I’m guessing peeping is the only thing he

can do right now. Do you think you can even get any? Haha…”

Carl then burst out laughing.

Ethan looked at them with no expression on his face. He didn’t want to spend any more minutes

with them, so he was about to leave the scene.

But Elle stopped him.

“Stop there! I’m asking you a question! Why are you here? Are you stealing stuff?” Elle asked

Ethan with hostility.

Empire Hotel was one of the top hotels in the Buckeye. Customers were mostly rich and


Seeing Ethan was here, Elle thought that Ethan was up to something bad.

Maybe stealing!

People could make a fortune by stealing from here.

Thinking of this, Elle laughed and said meaningfully, “No wonder you became rich all of a

sudden. Look, a bum wearing designer clothes! Where does the money come from? By stealing?

| won’t be surprised by whatever you are capable af doing!”

Ethan’s face didn’t change. He had gotten used to the accusation like this.

Just let them be, as long as they didnt cross the line too far. lf they really got to his nervous,

Ethan would give them a hard time.

“Watch your mouth. I’m eating here.” Ethan said coldly.

Elle burst into laughter at Ethan’s response, “What did you say? You? Eating here? Bullsh*t!”

Carl also said in a scornful tone of voice, “Honey, you’re right. He really can do anything. He

wasn’t ashamed of himself when we exposed his lie of buying a bottle of fifty-eight thousand-

dollar perfume. And now he said that he was eating here?”

Carl pointed down to the floor and said, ‘Do you know how much it costs to eat in the lobby

here? At least three to four thousand dollars. You told me you eat upstairs? Do you know that

this is the most luxurious place in the whole restaurant? The cheapest room would cost one

hundred thousand dollars! Do some research before lying!”

Carl was proud of his own words.

He looked at Ethan with a smile. Ethan’s silence encouraged him to continue, “Do you see the

room over there?”

Carl pointed at the Earth Hall. He said with a tone full of complacency, “I’m eating in that room.

Do you know what it means? It’s the second-best room in the Empire Hotel restaurant. The host

is the most well-known businessman of the Buckeye. Knowing I’m here, the owner of the

restaurant, Pablo Owen, offered everything for free.”

‘Do you know why I’m telling you this?’ Carl talked to Ethan proudly, “I just want to tell you how

ridiculous your lies are. Do you think I’ll believe your bullsh*t? This is not the place for a person

like you!”

Carl took a look at the Skyfirst Hall and sneered, “Why don’t you say you are eating in that room?

Oh, yes! You can afford a bottle of fifty-nine thousand dollars of perfume. | quess you must be

eating in that room, right? Just keep bullsh*ting!”

Carl’s words were full of sarcasm and insult. He thought he was so much better than Ethan.

He was showing off his superiority in front of Ethan!

After the words, Carl and Elle looked at each other and laughed. They wanted to see how Ethan

would respond.

Ethan felt their behavior was quite ridiculous. He nodded disdainfully and said with a smile

instead of being angry, “You’re correct. I’m eating in that room.’

Carl and Elle suddenly put on an extremely exaggerated facial expression upon hearing Ethan’s


“Why don’t you say that you’re eating on the rooftop?” Elle rolled her eyes at Ethan and said, “You

are a master of making-up bullsh*t! How ridiculous!”

“My dear, don’t say that. What if he is telling the truth?” Carl said with a smile, “Then go back to

your roam. Don’t let the food get cold. They won’t save the leftover far you!”

“Come on. Go back in! Ridiculous!” Elle followed Carl.

Looking at Elle and Carl, Ethan shook his head. He didn’t want to waste his breath on these

morons. Instead, he walked toward the Skyfirst Hall!

Seeing Ethan walking over, Elle frowned and pulled Carl. “Honey, he’s actually walking over. Is he

really going in? The people eating in that room are all big shots. |s this idiot going to be beaten ta


Carl said with confidence, “Don’t worry. He’s probably just pretending. Do you really think he

dares to ga in? Don’t worry, I’ll see how he can finish his act!”

Elle and Carl were staring at Ethan from a distance, waiting to see what ugly situation Ethan

would get himself into!

Soon Ethan reached the door of the Skyfirst Hall. Before walking in, Ethan suddenly stopped and

turned to Elle and Carl, giving them a big smile.

“See, that idiot doesn’t have the gut to go in!” Carl held Elle in his arms and laughed.

Elle also thought that Ethan couldnt go in, so he made such an action. She burst into laugher.

But her face suddenly froze and then filled with disbellef!

Because she saw Ethan walking into the room.

“What… what’s going on?” Elle was confused!

“What the fuck?” Carl was also caught off guard!

They couldn’t have imagined that Ethan would push the door open and enter.

Was this guy crazy? How dare he go in? There were the most important people in Buckeye eating

In that room, Ethan was going to be in serious trouble once he offended them.

But Ethan was just walking-in like nothing serious.

It confused Elle and Carl.

“He…he must do this on purpose!” Elle’s face dropped. She pointed in the direction of the Skyfirst

Hall and said, “Honey, look at him. He definitely does this just to shame us. Keep an eye on him.

He will be kicked out very soon!”

At this moment, it seemed to be the only explanation. Carl gritted his teeth and accepted Elle’s


He hoped that it was the truth. Comparing with the fact that Ethan was really eating in the

Skyfirst Hall, Carl rather accepted that Ethan would be beaten up and kicked out very soon!

He said, “Yes, it must be so. This idiot is playing with fire. We don’t need to pay attention to him!”

Carl pushed Elle back to the Earth Hall.

But Elle stopped him. She said with an indignant look on her face, “No! | wanna see him being

kicked out. | wanna see how he will pay for his lies!”

Elle wouldn’t let it go unless she saw Ethan being beaten up and kicked out.

In fact, what she wanted to see was a comfort that Ethan wasn’t what he said he was.

After all, Ethan walked in so confidently, and it was very likely that he was really eating there. But

Elle couldn’t accept it.

Who was Ethan? Elle thought Ethan was nothing compared to herself. How could he be eating In

a room better than hers?

It was not something Elle could accept!

Since Elle said so, Carl had no choice but to walt there with her,

Carl couldn’t accept it too. He felt that his ego was burning. So he was also curious about what

would happen to Ethan.

They waited for more than ten minutes, to the extent that Carl couldn’t feel his legs anymore. He

was anxious for not seeing Ethan had been kicked out.

At this moment, the door of the Earth Hall was pushed open. Joan walked out. Not seeing Elle

and Carl coming back from the bathroom, Joan wanted to look for them only to see them

standing in front of and looking at the Skyfirst Hall.

“What are you…” Joan walked over and asked curiously.

Carl paused for a moment and then asked, “Mr. Dodd, who is it in the Skyfirst Hal?”


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