I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 96

 I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 96
Chapter 96

Joan was surprised, He said, “It’s Pablo’s quests in this room, Just some non-important people.

You don’t need to pay attention to them. Come on, let’s get back!”

Joan didn’t want Carl to ask more questions. He got the feeling that Carl wasn’t very happy.

Because Joan wasnt able to get him the best room.

Joan tried to stay away from any topic about the Skyfirst Hall.

And he quickly made a gesture of letting Carl and Elle go back.

Elle and Carl looked at each other and exchanged a few words. Then Carl said in a low voice,

“Maybe that idiot is here with somebody, like someone’s valet. Forget about him, let’s ga,”

Elle nodded mopingly. She followed Joan and Carl back to the room.

Carl’s explanation was the only one they could find.

Belng as poor as Ethan, how could he be Pablo’s quest? It was Impossible, therefore wouldn’t be


Back to the Earth Hall, Joan and Carl were chatting when the phone rang. It was from the police,

saying that they needed Joan and Zebulon to get back to the station to sign some paperwork.

Joan didn’t want to go. But he was called by the chief, so he had no choice but to leave his


He was explaining to Carl with an apologetic smile.

In fact, Joan’s presence made Cazrl felt tense. Carl was only taking small bites of dishes he liked.

Carl smiled and said, ‘It’s okay. Go and take care of your business. We are fine.’

Joan was touched by Carl’s understanding and left with Zebulon.

Because Pablo had said he would waive the cost for Joan, he left straight away.

In the other room, Ethan was asking Pablo about the quests in the Earth Hall.

Pablo was surprised by Ethan’s question. He didnt know how to answer Ethan. He offered the

room and service for free for the sake of being Joan’s friend.

“Joan Dodd?’ Ethan looked at Maggie in surprise.

The latter answered, “It’s the CEO of the Nine Star Group, Today…”

Ethan nodded. But he didn’t understand what’s the involvement between Carl and Joan.

Maggie realized Ethan’s confusion, and she asked Pablo.

“Why do you want te give them the room and service for free? Do you know that they have given

Mr. Ethan a hard time?”

Pablo was shocked by Maggie’s words. He said nervously “L.. | didn’t know. When did it


Ethan waved his hand with a bitter smile and explained it to Pablo. Joan gave one of Ethan’s

friends some hard time, and Maggie had dealt with it.

Pablo let out a sigh of relief,

If Joan had offended Ethan, but Pablo was offering Joan free service, it would make Ethan look

Joan was nothing. But If Pablo offended Ethan, Pablo might lose the important connection with

Eric Norman.

Joan even mentioned that he had some important guests. His so-called “important” guests were

nothing compared to Ethan.

Pablo picked up the hint. He called the floor manager ta come over and asked, “People in the

Earth Hall finished?”

The manager nodded and said, “They should be soon. | just saw that Mr. Dodd left with another

person. There are only a man and a woman left in the room.”

Aman and a woman? They must be Carl and Elle.

Ethan smiled. He knew what Pablo was going to do next.

Pablo nodded and sald, “You go and take care of the check of the Earth Hall, They won’t be

offered free service anymore. |f they have problems with that, mention my name!”

The manager was surprised, He knew the relationship between Joan and Pablo. Joan had been

eating here for free, But charging him at this moment seemed a little unkind.

Pablo had said free of charge to Joan but changed his mind later. It looked like Pablo tried to

give Joan a hard time on purpose.

Seeing the manager’s hesitation, Pablo’s face dropped. He asked, “Is there a problem?”

The manager shook his head and exit.

Ethan didnt say anything but felt it was a little funny. Hadn’t Joan left? Could Carl and Elle afford

the bill?

Ethan was full. He told Maggie he wanted to get back.

On the table, many dishes hadn’t been touched yet, and Ethan thought it was wasteful to throw

them out.

He said to Pablo, “Pack up these untouched dishes for me, please.’

Pablo scratched his head, “I can ask the kitchen to make some new ones if you like them.

Ethan shook his head. He didn’t want to waste more food.

Ethan didn’t want to waste perfectly good food. If they were going to be thrown away, Ethan

might as well take them back and share with his friends.

They didn’t have too many opportunities to taste such good foods.

Seeing Ethan’s persistence, Pablo didn’t want to object to him anymore. He went out to order the

kitchen to make a couple of extra dishes to let Ethan bring along with the leftovers.

Ethan and Maggie walked out of the doar. When they were about to get into the elevator, they

saw the door of the Earth Hall was opened.

Carl and Elle walked out of the Earth Hall with proud looks on their faces, “The food here is

tolerable enough, Let’s eat here again’

Elle nodded with a smile and said hopefully, “Would it be well if they let us eat for free again?”

‘Of course they will. They will do that for me!” Carl smiled. He turned around, and his face

dropped because he saw Ethan.

Both Carl and Elle looked gloamy. When they saw the doggie bags In Ethan’s hand, they sneered,

“Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Taking leftovers ina place at this? Aren’t you afraid of being

laughed at? Don’t pretend to be rich when you can’t afford to eat here!”

Elle also smiled disdainfully and sald, “Losers just can’t get rid of their pathetic looks. Eating

other people’s food is not enough for you, and you are taking their leftovers…”

Elle and Carl looked at each other and smiled. Their tone was full of contempt toward Ethan.

Carl continued, “It’s a huge honor for people like him to eat at a place as luxurious as this one. Of

course, they will take the leftovers back home. Not like us, the owner pays for us.

Maggie looked at Carl, and her face became gloomy. Before she could say anything, Ethan

stopped her.

Ethan didn’t want to waste time on them. At this time, the elevator arrived, and he got in.

A waitress ran over and said anxiously, “Sir, Ma’am, please wait up. You haven’t paid yet.”

Carl looked back in surprise and then laughed. He turned to Ethan and said, “You, she’s asking

you to pay the check. How can you leave without paying?”

Ethan took a look at the waitress and smiled. He asked disdainfully, “Are you sure that’s for me?

It seems like she’s talking to you.’

“Are you kidding? Pablo Owen, the owner of this restaurant, has told us everything for us was on

him. Do you think | need to pay?”

Carl was full of pride. He walked toward the elevator. He believed the check was for Ethan.

But before he entered the elevator, he heard the waitress saying, “Sir, I’m talking to you. You

haven’t paid the check yet!”

Carl was surprised. He pointed at himself and asked angrily, ‘Are you talking to me?”

The waitress smiled and said, “Who else? You’re the only one who hasnt pay the check’

Carl was enraged after hearing the waitress’s words. He shouted at the waitress, “Are you f**king

stupid? Do you know who | am? You don’t f**king ask me to pay?”

The waitress was experienced with situations like this. She wasn’t intimidated by Carl but said

calmly, “I’m sorry. But | don’t know who you are. The situation here js that you didn’t pay the

check, and your free service has been canceled!”

“Canceled?” Carl was stunned. He didnt believe the waitress’s words and shouted, “Do you know

what the f**k you’re saying? The free service was offered by your boss, Pablo Owen. How dare

you little nobody tells me it’s canceled? Are you more powerful than your boss?”

Carl was embarrassed by the waltress’s words, especially with Ethan’s watching.

One more word from her, Carl’s ego was going to bite the dust.

Ellé was even angrier. She walked to the waitress and slapped her!

She screamed at the waitress, “You f**king make another sound! Do you know what you are

talking about? Don’t you know who that is you are talking to? One word from my boyfriend, he

will get you fired.

Elle was very snobbish. She thought Carl was an important figure in Buckeye, and she could

enjoy the sense of superiority by being Carl’s girlfriend.

The waitress screamed because of the beating. She said with anger, “How can you hit me?”

“You have problems with that? Slapping you Is the least punishment!” Carl sneered, He turned his

head and dragged Elle into the elevator. Then he said to the waitress, “You’d better go and ask

your boss if | have to pay the check. How can you even work here?”

The waitress was angry. She was doing her job, It was Elle and Carl who not only tried to walk

away without paying but also slapped her. They are the ones that have problems.

Just at the moment that the waitress was about to argue with Elle and Carl, a voice was heard.

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