I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 97


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 97
Chapter 97

“You two, wait a minute!”

Everyone looked over. Pablo was coming over with a serious face. He looked at Carl caldly.

Carl didnt expect that Pablo came to ask him to pay for his food. Carl walked over. He smiled,

‘Mr. Owen. It’s so nice of you to see us off yourself”

Upon hearing this, Pablo sneered and questioned, “Me, come to see you off? Who are you


“You… Carl’s face suddenly changed upon hearing Pablo’s words. He was speechless.

After a long pause, Carl laughed awkwardly and continued, “Haha…| didn’t know you are so

funny. Bye, let’s chat next time…”

Carl then tried ta sneak onto the elevator.

Carl detected a hint of unfriendliness from Pablo’s tone of voice. He also knew that the

politeness only came from Joan but not from everyone else. After all, he just took other people’s


To avoid embarrassment, he chose to leave.

Before he could leave, Pablo shouted, “You’re leaving now? Is there samething you havent done


Carl’s face froze. He said in an unhappy tone of voice, “Something | haven’t done? What is that?

Are you suggesting | should pack up leftovers like some dumb ass over there?”

Carl sneered and glanced at Ethan scornfully.

Seeing Carl’s attitude towards Ethan, Pablo was irritated, “Watch your f*king mouth! You should

know what you haven’t done. You can leave after you’ve paid your check.’

‘Pay?’ Hearing Pablo’s words, Carl was stunned. “Didnt you offered us everything for free? You

said to Joan yourself on the phone. | heard everything. How can you take back your own words?”

Carl didn’t know what to do upon hearing Pablo’s words,

Pablo smiled and said with disdain, “The free service was offered to Joan because | think highly

of him. But who are you? How dare you talk to me? Why would | offer anything to you for free?”

Pablo smiled and said disdainfully, “I don’t give a f**k who invited you. Pay your check right now.

| gave Joan Dodd the free service, not you. Now pay the check immediately, or we’ll have to deal

with it the hard way!”

Pablo walked up to Carl. His imposing manner completely overwhelmed Carl.

Carl’s head was spinning. He didn’t understand what was gaing on. What happened to the free

service Pablo promised.

Even not for Carl, how could Pablo face Joan again after taking back the free service he had

offered Joan.

At this moment, the mast tricky thing was that Joan was not here.

If Joan was here, Carl could still pretend to be tough,

But without Joan’s support, Carl didnt have the nerve to say a single word to Pablo.


Carl hesitated for a while, then he gritted his teeth and asked, “Then… how much is it?”

Pablo asked the waitress and said, “Not much, seventy-eight thousand, pay!”

‘How much? Seventy- eight thousand?” Carl was shocked, “Haw could it be not much? It’s

months of his allowance.”

Although Carl was from a rich family, his family wasn’t from the top rank. He couldn’t afford an

extravagant lifestyle.

Carl didnt have that much money. The only thing he could think of is to call Joan to pay the


It was Joan who brought him here, and he had promised that everything was for free!

But Joan slipped away halfway, and Carl was asked to pay himself. Carl didn’t think it was fair.

But he didn’t have Joan’s phone number.

“But | dont have so much money with me? Do you take credit? My dad is a businessman. I’ll pay

you back later” Carl said.

Hearing Carl’s words, Pablo laughed out loud. “Credit? Kid, what era are you coming from? Stop

playing tricks with me!”

“Tm telling you, pay the check immediately. One more trick, I’ll make you regret you did it”

Pablo then waved his hand, Several strong men in black suits appeared in the hallway.

They looked liked they had been under special physical training.

Carl couldnt deal with even one of them, let alone all.

Carl was seared, but Elle didn’t flinch at all. She pointed at those people and said to Pablo, “What

do you want? Do you know who my boyfriend is? | warn you. He is someone even you Pablo

dont want to mess with.’

Elle looked arrogant, “You are a liar. You just gave us free service, and now you took everything

back. What the f**k?”

With Carl having her back, Ellen was reckless.

But she seemed to push too far. Carl quickly pulled her back and signaled her ta be quiet.

Elle didn’t take the hint. She sneered, “Honey, you don’t need to play it down anymore, These

people are too full of themselves in front of you. | know you dont want to show them who you

are, but this is the time you need to.”

Before Elle could finish her words, she felt a gust of wind blowing from the side, A blow fell

heavily onte her face, and she lost her balance.

Pablo, standing near Elle, was furious. He scolded, “Who the f**k are you to talk to me like that?”

Half of Elle’s face tumed red by the slap. She glared at Pablo and lost her mind. She shouted at

Pablo, “How dare you f**king hit me? Do you know who you are messing with?”

Elle looked at Carl with grievance and begged, “Honey, didn’t you see him just slapped me? Why

didn’t you do anything? Come on, call your people to show him who you are…’

In Elle’s eye, Carl was omnipotent. Pablo was nothing compared ta Carl.

But Carl didn’t have any reaction.

Carl Knew he was a fraud, and his lie would be exposed once he called people here,


“Haha! Show me who I’m messing with? Sure, please! |’ll be waiting!” Pablo sneered and then

shouted, “I’ve been in Buckeye for years, and no one dares to talk to me like that. You are the


Pablo quickly waved his hand to signal his men te take action!

Elle’s words had set Pablo off. Pablo wouldn’t let them go easily.

“What… what are you doing? My boyfriend…Carl, call someone..” Elle was completely stunned

when she saw several strong men coming over. She looked over to Carl but only to find that Carl

was more scared than she was.

“Mr Owen, Mr. Owen… I’ll pay you. Please don’t do this. We can talk about it..”

But Pablo was furious, and it wasn’t something that money could solve.

Pablo wanted to teach them a lesson!

The strong men started to beat up Elle and Carl.

They didn’t hold back their blows. Elle and Carl were screaming.

Pablo laughed and said, “Haha, dare you to talk to me like that again?”

Elle and Carl were too miserable to make a sound.

Seeing Elle being beaten, Ethan felt sorry for her.

Elle was Charles’s cousin. So Ethan winked at Pablo to signal him to stop.

Pablo nodded and called off his men.

Pablo sneered and continued, “| just want to teach you two a lesson today. Don’t be too arrogant,

and don’t pretend to be sameone you are not. All right, now pay!”

Carl daren’t say a word. He went to pay the check.

The only problem was Carl didn’t have enough money.

But he had to keep his life. So he started to call his family for money.

After a while, Carl gathered enough money. He quickly paid the check, or Pablo might eat him


Pablo nodded and gave Ethan a smile. He then said to Elle and Carl, “Get away from my face

right now! Remember, it’s Joan’s business how he wants to treat you. But you are nothing in my

eyes. Dont show up your faces in front of me again, or | can’t guarantee what will happen to


Carl gritted his teeth and said nothing. He dragged Elle and was about to leave.

But they heard a burst of sneering laughter from Ethan, “What’s the problem? So you guys didn’t

have the free service? But guess what? | havel”

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