The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2555 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2555 (Charlie Wade)


Seeing Ito Nanako’s desire to hide up, Kawana sighed and said helplessly: Miss, if I had a mirror ahead of you now, you’d know that you simply are the smallest amount lying woman within the world

Ito Nanako immediately flushed with shame, and said falteringly: “I do not have it, I’m really.”

“It’s OK. Jiuling said helplessly: “Miss, I’m just your assistant. you do not need to bother with me such a lot . Lie, it’s just that once you face that Charlie, don’t be so cramped.

Ito Nanako said awkwardly: “I’m sorry Kaana, I’m actually

talking about this, Ito Nanako suddenly became a touch confused and sighed helplessly. Said: “Hey, let’s not say, many thanks for your reminder, you’ll help me put this dog into the flight box, and provides him some water. we’ll take a helicopter to the airport during a while.

Kawana nodded: “Okay lady, is there anything you would like me to assist , I’ll come .”

Nanako Ito waved her hand and said,


, you’ll help me settle this dog, then you Pack your luggage. Let’s attend Aurous Hill this point . it’ll take an extended time.”

Kawana said hurriedly, “Miss, you do not decide to come until the concert is over

.” Yes. “Ito Nanako said seriously: “I decide to stay in Aurous Hill until the concert ends. “

Kawana long Ling asked:

” What do house work

family there are numerous things to be done, “

it doesn’t matter.” Nanako Ito smiled and said: “I will affect work issues out of eight hours each day , all the work are going to be through computers and mobile phones Solved online. During this era of your time , I even have been promoting the whole Ito Group’s online and office reforms. this point I just check out the particular results.”

As she said, she smiled and comforted: “Kawana, don’t be concerned , i’m not the type of woman who is playful or irresponsible for work. albeit i’m going to Aurous Hill, i will be able to not be careless about the work I should do.

Kawana Jiuling nodded slightly.

She also had to admit that Nanako Ito may be a very hard-working woman. She took over the position of family leader for a brief time, but she did it very seriously and responsibly, and lots of innovative measures were quite effective. .

her father Takehiko Ito may be a very traditional Japanese businessmen, the older generation of Japanese entrepreneurs, usually very focused sense of formality , leave the house as long as each day , it must be a suit, the corporate which is meticulous, many of the company’s management the method is additionally very rigid and rigid. After

Ito Nanako took over the Ito Group, the primary thing it did was to gradually transform the Ito Group into a more modern company. The

first was to implement paperless office and paperless within the company the maximum amount as possible. It’s only one aspect, but the larger purpose is to place most of the work, documents, and files online for operation. In

this manner , not only is that the timeliness fast, the privacy is robust , but also the safety is high, and it’s more convenient to read And check.

At the start , many aged employees were still a touch unacceptable. They still followed the working methods of the older generations, and that they had to take care and step-by-step.

However, under the promotion of Ito Nanako, everyone not only accepted a replacement sort of office i actually feel that the general work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Now, Nanako continues to market the company’s online interaction, and even specifically enables real-time video conferencing solutions to make sure I and other executives, regardless of where they’re within the world, as long as there’s a network, albeit they’re separated by thousands of miles, their work are often guaranteed to not be affected.

this is often a really simple thing for several emerging Internet companies, even it’s become the essential way of their daily work, except for established traditional companies, this is often still very new. it’s tough to vary their work habits during a short period of your time .

Fortunately, Nanako Ito’s management skills are unambiguous, so these innovations are often steadily promoted.

During this era of your time , while reforming the Ito Group, Nanako Ito also went all bent integrate many other resources. The market released by the Takahashi family and therefore the refore the Matsumoto family was fully collected and the Ito family took another intensify . This also made Kawana Hisui very admired.

Therefore, she isn’t worried that Nanako Ito will leave her work behind when she goes to Aurous Hill.

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