The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2556 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2556 (Charlie Wade)


However, she also has her own concerns.

She worries that Ito Nanako will become reluctant after she goes to Aurous Hill and meets her beloved man.

Sometimes, many of us who are particularly capable and promising will lose their morale and pursuit for the one they love.

Therefore, she was also afraid that after Ito Nanako visited Aurous Hill, she wouldn’t want to return to Japan.

However, Kawana didn’t dare to precise her worry, because she was afraid that after she said it, she would go away a psychological hint to Ito Nanako, so she said: “Miss, then i will be able to go and settle that puppy. after a’ll be able to meet with you again. “

Ito Nanako checked out the time, said:.” you’ll not need to come to me, ten minutes after the helicopter took off c, to the time we met on the tarmac, “


good My eldest lady, then I’ll attend

Kanagawa first. After Kawana left, Nanako Ito was packing her things. Her father Ito Yuhiko slowly entered the house in an electrical wheelchair. Seeing that she was packing her luggage, he asked: “Nanako, how long will you attend Aurous Hill this time”

Ito Nanako hurriedly put down the garments in her hand, and said shyly,Dad, i will be able to go there for about ten days this point .

“Ten days” Ito Yuhiko couldn’t help it. She exclaimed and asked: “Why is it so long?”

Ito Nanako blushed and said, “Dad, i would like to remain in Aurous Hill for a couple of more days. It are often considered a rest. During this era of your time , I even have been busy with work, and that i am really tired.

Ito Yuihiko smiled slightly, and said, “I think you’re tired if you’re tired. it’s true that you simply want to ascertain Charlie earlier.”

“Dad” Ito Nanako said with embarrassment, “Since you understand everything, don’t invite it.

watching his daughter’s shy answer, Ito said in distress, “Nanako, Dad doesn’t object that you simply like Charlie, but you’ve got to vow Your Dad, don’t fall too deep, at least, don’t because

Not having the ability to be with him delayed your own future. Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “I know aboutit dad, don’t be concerned . “

Ito Yuihiko nodded, stretched his waist, and smiled: “Oh, I’m bored reception lately . If you do not dislike it, Dad will attend Aurous Hill with you, OK?

Ah” Nanako Ito exclaimed: “Dad, you furthermore may need to attend Aurous Hill

.” Yes.” Ito Yuihiko said with a smile: “I am just your Father, you’re gone, i’m too deserted here, so i’m too I wanted to travel to Aurous Hill to satisfy Mr. Wade but I never had an opportunity to thank him. this point I even have to drink two glasses with him. I even have a couple of bottles of 50-year-old whiskey, which happened to be delivered to Mr. Wade to taste. “

Itou Nanako nodded hurriedly and said, “That’s great, so let’s go and talk together

. She suddenly remembered something, and said embarrassingly: “But Dad, I told Miss Moore this point I’ll sleep in her. Home, if you reside with me in her house, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate.

Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “It’s okay. You and Kawana still sleep in Miss Moore’s house. I’ll stay within the hotel with Tanaka, only for your aunt. I went there too.

Ito Nanako hurriedly asked, “Tanaka-san is additionally

“right.” Ito Yuihiko sighed and said: Since his limb was amputated, Tanaka has been a touch frustrated. After all, he’s still young and can’t accept such a severe blow. So I decide to let him leave with me. He also visited Aurous Hill. this point i will be able to take him to the old place to ascertain if he can cheer him up again.”

Ito Nanako couldn’t help feeling very emotional, father and Tanaka. the 2 masters and servants really have deep feelings, and that they have always supported one another and never abandoned, which is basically moving.

So she hurriedly said: “In this case, please prepare Dad and Tanaka-san as soon as possible.

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