The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2557 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2557 (Charlie Wade)


As Ito Yuihiko wanted to require his loyal subordinate Koichi Tanaka and her sister Emi Ito to Aurous Hill, Nanako Ito hurriedly delayed the flight’s time of departure and canceled his decide to take a helicopter to the airport.

For Ito Yuhiko and Tanaka Koichi, who had both legs amputated, the experience of taking a helicopter wasn’t friendly and inconvenient. So Nanako Ito re-arranged a fleet of assistants and servants who needed to travel to Aurous Hill. quite ten people traveled to Tokyo Narita Airport by car.

so as to require care of her father, Ito Nanako and Ito Yuhiko shared a billboard vehicle. When the vehicle was on the thanks to the airport, Ito Nanako was already excited.

Thinking of arriving in Aurous Hill where Charlie lives during a few hours, Ito Nanako wanted to call him now and tell him the news.

However, Nanako Ito didn’t want to travel to Aurous Hill for his purpose, which was too obvious.

She visited Aurous Hill this point for several high-sounding reasons.

the primary reason is that she wants to ascertain Jasmine and therefore the Akita dog she gave to Jasmine; the

second reason is that she will also attend Stefanie Sun’s concert. She really likes Stefanie Sun and she or he always wanted to seem for an opportunity to observe her live performance; the

third reason is to send Momotaro to Aurora, because Aurora also likes Akita dogs, and thru Jasmine, she promised Aurora that she would give her one.

However, these three reasons are just superficial rhetoric.

The core motivation that basically drove Ito Nanako and allowed her to travel thousands of miles to Aurous Hill was because she missed Charlie day and night and wanted to seek out an opportunity to satisfy him.

Moreover, she didn’t want to form her true motives too obvious.

Because she was worried that that might bring some psychological pressure to Charlie.

That’s why she used these three reasonable and reasonable reasons to urge herself to Aurous Hill first, then waited for Aurous Hill to contact Charlie.

during this way, you’ll conceal your core motivation to satisfy Charlie.

At this point , Emi Ito, who was sitting within the co-pilot, said to Ito Yuhiko: “Ouni, I even have already booked a hotel in Aurous Hill. this point i’m staying at the Aurous Hill Shangri-La Hotel. I even have already booked a presidential suite. , and a number of other luxurious suites next thereto .”

Ito Yuhiko nodded lightly, and said: “Emi, you’ll decide this stuff by yourself, and you do not got to report back to me.”

Ito Emi hurriedly said: “Good , I see.” While talking

, Nanako Ito suddenly received a call from Kawana, who was sitting ahead of a Mercedes-Benz car.

Nanako Ito got on the phone and asked, “Kawana, what is the matter?

Kawana is busy and said, “That’s the eldest lady, Zayne from China Eastcliff Bank’s Family. I just called me and he was on the phone. Said that I hope to speak to us a few framework for cooperation. “The

Banks Family” Ito Nanako frowned, and said without hesitation: “We haven’t stopped cooperating with overseas companies for the nonce , don’t you only refuse him.”

Kawana explained: “Miss, this Banks Family The cooperation at this point is extremely different from the past. the general conditions are very friendly to our Ito Group.

“Very friendly” Nanako Ito asked curiously: “How friendly is it?”

Kawana said in detail: “Miss, Banks family’s shipping license was revoked because that they had a catastrophe in Huaxia. Now they need an outsized number of shipping ships which will only be anchored in Huaxia’s ports and can’t create profits. Bank’s Family means they’re going to establish a venture with us, then Put all the ships under the name of the venture company. We don’t got to produce anything. We only got to issue a qualification in Japan. they’re going to operate the ship themselves, and that they can give us a profit of 20.

Ito Nanako couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Is the Banks Family so generous if you divide the profit of 20 directly?”

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