The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2564 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2564 (Charlie Wade)


wheat Mai nodded lightly and said:. “I want your wife’s date of birth, date of birth and keep track of

. Lord Banks hastily promised, immediately report the precise date of birth

Mai As I listened and counted, the more

he listened, the more hesitated and hesitated for a flash . He opened his mouth and said: “Your wife are dead. It are often said that from now , they’re very prosperous for you, and that they are the type of burning themselves and adding to you. Chai and fire are prosperous.

As he said, he said again: “Furthermore, your five elements are very prosperous, and every one four heavenly stems are prosperous. Combining your wife and youngsters , from the attitude of fate, you’re not rich or rich during this life, or maybe rich and rich.” It

stands to reason. , Your fate, including one during a thousand, it’s hard to seek out one even during a million or tens of thousands, almost impeccable. consistent with the event of your fate, you’ll surely have a smooth wind and peak in your life, no There should be such an ordeal.

“Is it?” Lord Banks asked excitedly: Uncle Mai, then what’s happening with me now?

Mai shook his head and

said, “Don’t finish it, grab a couple . The bone dies was thrown on the bottom casually, and a couple of coins were also thrown down.

Immediately afterwards, he kept observing the bone dice, also because the position and orientation of the copper coins, and therefore the whole population was muttering words and didn’t know what was being said.

Lord Banks became more and more nervous, watching Mai intently, not even daring to blink his eyes.

a moment later, Mai suddenly grabbed one among the copper coins on the bottom , fixed his eyes on him, and muttered: “If you do not follow this hexagram, this Tianju Tongbao should not be the wrong way up . ah


Then he will turn tall rocket throw coins

worth four to 5 coins dropped on the bottom , bite gave the Mai issued, followed, rotate it several times and eventually stopped.

However, this time, this Tianju Tongbao still had its head .


He was nervous, throwing again grabbed the coins

can Who would have thought, coins floor for several laps, then finally stop, or the word head-on


this point , when Mai’s physiological state was already shed

, Lord Banks saw this, his heart was also hung tightly, and couldn’t help but ask cautiously: “What the hell is that this copper coin that Mai has lost 3 times during a row? It’s too evil.”

At this point , Mai’s forehead was already covered with beads of sweat.

He stretched his hand, wiped a chilly sweat together with his cuff, and murmured: “This Tianju Tongbao, in my gossip, represents dry days, but dry for days, it need to be a word the wrong way up fishes, but now I couldn’t even throw 3 times , it’s the word head-on, which suggests that at some point change this hexagram

day change “Lord Banks heart thump He murmured, “Although I don’t know what the fucking meaning of

Tianbian means, I can clearly feel that this is often definitely not an honest thing, so he hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, Tianchang What does it mean?”

Mai stared at the bone dice and copper coins everywhere the ground , and said dumbfounded: “From the attitude of the hexagram, it’s the a person who came to the planet

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