The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2567 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2567 (Charlie Wade)


Kian webbb has not been out of the house or seen outsiders for an extended time since the accident occurred.

Originally, he had always been very reluctant to travel out, wishing to not exit of the house for the remainder of his life, but when he heard that there are experts today who could be ready to heal his unspeakable concealment, hope suddenly rekindled in his heart.

After entering the villa, Banks’s butler took the 2 brothers to the front room by the way.

Donald webbb hastily introduced to the crowd: “Lord banks, wheat Fearless, this is often my little son Kian webbb, next to my eldest son Sean Wbbb.

Banks and his son looked with great interest from Wabbb

because Kian webbb Indeed, because the name suggests, he’s a wierd person, because at the start he was popular on the short video platform, and his popularity was no but that of any celebrity.

Kian webbb was stared at by the Banks family and his son, feeling that there was a sort of uncomfortable and unconscious everywhere his body. He lowered his head.

Donald webbb hurriedly said to Mai: Master Mai, please show my little son to ascertain what happened to him.”

Mai walked to Kian webbb and stretched his hand. On her forehead and on the rear of her head, she carefully touched for a flash , then grabbed the coins, whispered a couple of words in her mouth, then dropped the coins on the bottom , watching each coin intently. the situation of the coin.

Lord Banks on the side hurriedly asked: “The problem isn’t with him, that’s to mention , it’s with others.”

“Yes.” Mai nodded and said seriously: “I suspect that this thing should be done by someone. The subconscious hypnosis or suggestion.

Donald webbb wasn’t surprised at this conclusion, because he knew that the rationale his son became like this was due to Charlie.

Even the Eight Heavenly Kings weren’t Charlie’s opponents in the least , including his own. The youngest son without the facility to bind a chicken.

So he hurriedly asked: “Master Mai, since you’ll see the basis of the Kian webbb’s problem, I don’t know if there’s how to cure him.

Mai thought for a short time , and said, “It with great care happens that I even have some research on hypnotic cues. provides it a try, but if he are often cured, i can not offer you a ticket.

Donald webbb

hurriedly said, “It is natural that as long as you’re willing to undertake , you’ll be grateful for it.” After finishing speaking, he saw Kian webbbtou standing there without saying a word, and hurriedly said, “Hurry up, thank Master Mai. Teacher

Kian webbb hurriedly bowed and said nervously, “Thank you, Master Mai.

Mai nodded slightly, took a red string from his pocket, took another ancient coin, and wore it with the red string.

Immediately afterwards, he merged the interior energy in his body into his fingertips, and slammed Kian webbb’s forehead.

This force was relatively strong, so Kian webbb suddenly felt a touch dizzy.

Afterwards, Mai placed the tied ancient coin ahead of Kian webbb, swaying slowly, and said: “Looking at this copper coin, from now on, what do I ask and what does one answer? mislead me, does one know?”

Kian webbb nodded again and again: “I know that

Mai asked him again: “Then tell me now, what quite hypnosis and hints did the opposite party give you?”

Kian webbb stubbornly said: “He told me to possess to eat every hour. Before the

last word was said, Mai immediately

said: “Okay, you do not got to say the last word . He said: “Kian webbb, from now on, regardless of what people ask you to try to to or offer you any hint, you’ve got to completely forget it, does one understand?”

Kian webbb nodded ignorantly, stammering Said: “I understand”

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