The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2569 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2569 (Charlie Wade)


Mike’s words have inspired Mai to

study Eastcliff gossip and principle metaphysics all his life. It seems that he has reached the top . In fact, within the principle metaphysics, he has just passed the entry level at the most .

True metaphysics is way quite principle and gossip, but an outsized school of wisdom and inheritance of Chinese ancestors.

Among them, many advanced metaphysics are lost, and almost nobody knows.

during this life, Mai has been quite accomplished in principle , but he has been crushed by several other masters. Among them, Orion Exeor, who is ten years older than him, is that the most cruel.

Orion Exeor are often considered the foremost accomplished within the field of principle metaphysics among all Chinese Americans.

There are two more advanced masters, but they’re not alive.

Mai has been hoping that after Orion Exeor enters the soil, he will become a pacesetter in principle metaphysics.

However, seeing that he was in his nineties, Orion Exeor, who was over 100 years old, wasn’t dead yet.

a couple of years ago, Orion Exeor left the us and returned to China for 3 years.

and people three years were the three years during which Mai had the strongest sense of accomplishment.

Because nobody can find Orion Exeor, he has temporarily become the strongest within the field of principle metaphysics within the us .

He once felt that the rationale why Orion Exeor wanted to go away the us and return to China was probably because he had reached the top of his life, so he wanted to return to his roots, return to China to spend the last time in his life, and to not return to the us alive.

What he didn’t expect was that Orion Exeor returned to the us a while ago.

What made him even more unexpected and unacceptable was that Orion Exeor was in excellent condition. Although he was over 100 years old, he looked better than him.

For a time, Orion Exeor, who was nearly twenty years old, became the main target of discussions within the entire American Chinese circle. Countless people regarded Orion Exeor as an old god. The legends about him spread throughout the Chinese community.

During that point , Mai was extremely depressed.

Although depressed, he was also very curious and looking for Orion Exeor’s changes, so he made a special trip to go to Orion Exeor humbly.

During the visit, he tentatively asked why Orion Exeor became young. Orion Exeor only said eight words to him: “There is heaven outside the sky, and there are people outside the person .”

Mai also understood what he meant. He knew that Orion Exeor is telling himself that he met an expert in China, so he also encountered great luck.

Although Mai didn’t know what quite destiny Orion Exeor had encountered, he speculated that Orion Exeor could suddenly be twenty years younger when he was close to die, and he may need mastered a better level of metaphysics. .

additionally to the principle mystery, metaphysics also has the Fushun formation. The nine-character mantra spoken by the ancestors: forward, and line are the core of the Fuzhuan formation.

However, these aren’t truth top techniques of metaphysics.

Because, within the field of metaphysics today, there has always been an unproven legend, that is, in the

ancient literature records of Reiki, Reiki often mentions Reiki and therefore the practice methods supported Reiki.

There are even relevant records in many folklore and famous stories.

it’s said that aura is that the highest among all powers, and if you master aura, you’ll master everything.

However, since times , the metaphysical circle has not found any exercises which will cultivate spiritual energy.

Countless people within the metaphysical circle searched desperately, but didn’t find any practical clues.

Although Mai is additionally filled with yearning, but he’s also very clear in his heart that he certainly doesn’t have such good luck.


However, the words of great-grandson Mike reminded Aurous Hill that it’d be his own opportunity

Thinking of this, he immediately said to Lord Banks: “Banks, your second son, eldest daughter-in-law, and eldest granddaughter all disappeared in Aurous Hill, and Mr. Webbb’s son was hypnotized by masters in Aurous Hill. In my opinion, this Aurous Hill must be Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, therein case, I personally visited Aurous Hill to ascertain if I could find a clue

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