The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2570 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2570 (Charlie Wade)


When Lord Banks heard this,

he was immediately excited that what he’s most worried about now’s that he has no idea about things in Aurous Hill.

Since Mai was willing to travel , he certainly couldn’t invite it.

So, he said excitedly: “Uncle Mai, you’re willing to travel to Aurous Hill, it might be great over there. If there’s anything i want to organize beforehand , please open your mouth to

Mai and wave your hand: “You don’t got to prepare anything specially for us. , The more you prepare, the more likely it’s that somebody will discover the connection between us.

Lord Banks said hurriedly: “Uncle Mai, then i will be able to assist you arrange the food, clothing, housing and transportation to Aurous Hill beforehand .”

“No need.” Mai refused: “You don’t got to prepare anything. i will be able to take a train to Aurous Hill with Mike tomorrow morning. once we arrived in Aurous Hill, we might find a hotel to remain .

Seeing that Mai decided , Lord Banks not insisted, and said, “Then everything is there, Uncle Mai.

An hour later, a G650 private jet landed. At Aurous Hill Airport.

Ito Nanako was so excited that when she thought that she had finally come to the town where Charlie lived, her heart was already surging.

After passing the customs inspection, the group came to the exit of the company jet building. A convoy of luxury cars has been waiting here for an extended time.

Seeing Ito Nanako pushing Ito Yuhiko out of the wheelchair, Jasmine immediately smiled and waved at her: “Nanako

Ito Nanako was naturally very happy when she saw her, so she quickly responded: “Sister Jasmine why are you continue to coming to select her up? we the

Jasmine laughed: “you and uncle all the over , I come as a number if it doesn’t meet face to face , is bad etiquette do

that, she quickly rushed Ito Yuhiko slightly bowed politely said:” uncle Ito, Welcome to Aurous Hill”

Ito Yuhiko folded his hands together, squinted slightly, and said with a smile: “Thank you, Miss Moore made a special trip to select us up.”

Jasmine said hurriedly, “Uncle Ito isn’t welcome to return this point . i need to stay in Aurous Hill for a couple of more days. i will be able to definitely I accompany you and Nanako to travel around

and talk, Jasmine said again: “Nanako, Uncle Ito, the team is prepared , let’s attend my house for a rest, the rooms are ready, and that i specially prepared a banquet for the evening. you choose up the dust and

Ito Yuhiko

hurriedly said: ” Miss Moore, I even have already booked a hotel. Emi and Tanaka and that i are staying within the hotel together, so I won’t come to bother you. ” Jasmine hurriedly said, “Uncle Ito, you’re in Aurous Hill. , because the host, how am i able to allow you to stay during a hotel? The rooms reception are ready and there are enough rooms, so you’ll live safely”

Ito said with a smile: “Miss Moore, we’ve no choice but to feature Trouble, this tiny girl Nanako may be a good friend with you. She lives in your house. Naturally, I don’t have any opinions. However, we’ll not come to disturb your house. Otherwise, a dozen people will disturb your house. I really

feel sorry. Although the japanese are very polite and polite on the surface, they’re actually a touch indifferent in their bones. This indifference is really not a sort of indifferent, but they don’t wish to trouble others and may do things by themselves. attempt to roll in the hay

yourself, and if you don’t need to roll in the hay yourself, you don’t need to trouble others. this is often basically the rule out Japanese social life. Therefore, Ito

Yuhiko prefers to remain during a hotel, free, without restraining himself, and not having to bother others. Jasmine also thinks Persuading him again, Ito Nanako hurriedly said: “Sister Jasmine, you do not need to persuade my dad. he’s very stubborn and you cannot convince him.

Seeing this, Jasmine stopped insisting.

At this point , Emi Ito walked up to the side, took the wheelchair from Ito Nanako, and said to her: “Nanako, give me your father, and you’ll ask Miss Moore.”

Nanako Ito nodded repeatedly and smiled: “Then I

beg you, Master Aunt.” After finishing speaking, she hurriedly took Jasmine’s arm and ran an extended way, throwing everyone 20 or 30 meters away, then she asked excitedly. : “Sister Jasmine has seen Charlie recently, how are You and the way is he?”

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