The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2584 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2584 (Charlie Wade)


Aurora was extremely excited and gratefully said, “Nanako, many thanks so much!”

Ito Nanako smiled and said, “Everyone may be a friend, what are you doing so politely?

Aurora blushed and said, “I’m sorry. I hurt you wish that in the sport , and that i haven’t had the chance to mention sorry to you.

Nanako ito is busy and said: Since it’s a game, there’ll be losses and losses, and a few people are going to be injured. most are playing fair, so there’s nothing to mention sorry. , you want to not attend your heart. “

Aurora ashamed to mention ,” But I can once I was

the way to explain all of a sudden, Aurora don’t know.

After struggling for a short time , she gritted her teeth and blurted out: But I didn’t believe my very own ability to win you at the time. I relied on Master Wade’s help. So within the end , i used to be not the one who won the sport .

Ito Nanako smiled and said seriously:, everyone has their own different chances, a bit like some people master more advanced fighting skills, some people master better ways to strengthen the body, so there’s nothing invincible, besides, because of you When u hurt me, Charlie are going to be brooding about helping me heal the injury. it’s precisely due to Charlie’s concern that my entire family and that i are going to be rescued by Charlie. After all, I feel that you simply are still too late

“Huh? Aurora asked in astonishment: “Is there anything like this?!”

Ito Nanako nodded: “It sounds outrageous, but it’s true. If it weren’t for Charlie to travel to Kyoto to heal me, then i’m already dead now.

When Jasmine heard this, she felt a touch sour in her heart.

Before she knew Ito Nanako, she thought that she was the sole one who allowed Charlie to travel thousands of miles to rescue.

But the facts proved that Charlie did an equivalent to Ito Nanako.

While sighing with emotion, Jasmine also recovered, and she or he couldn’t help reminding herself: “Jasmine, Jasmine, how are you able to be jealous with a touch girl. By the way, Master Wade may be a husband , and his sweetheart is Claire. , It’s not Ito Nanako, nor you Jasmine

thought of this, she couldn’t help sighing, and her heart became depressed.

Ito Nanako on the side heard her sigh, and hurriedly asked: “Sister Jasmine , what’s wrong with you? Why suddenly Sighing? Is it during a bad mood?

Jasmine quickly waved her hand to deny: “No, I just thought that I almost died in Japan some time past . because of Master Wade’s rescue, i could not help feeling a touch


Ito Nanako felt an equivalent way. The

reason why she got along well with Jasmine, and treated her as a sister, is because the 2 of them are too similar in some ways .

Both are the eldest ladies of an enormous family, but there are quite two. Once encountered the danger of just about

losing their lives, and both of them were rescued by Charlie at the critical moment of their lives. More importantly, Ito Nanako could see that Jasmine, like herself, loved Charlie deeply.

therefore, having such an identical experience gave her a sense of sympathy deep in her heart.


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