The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2590 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2590 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2590

   Ito looked at Charlie and said seriously: “MR. Wade, the ocean shipping license of the Eastcliff Banks’s family has been revoked recently. It is definitely a good opportunity to quickly enter this field. I don’t know if you are interested. ? “

    Charlie waved, smiled and said:.” I know nothing of ocean transportation, and I have not even a transport ship, what are you talking about to engage in ocean shipping, “

    Ito busy:” Yep, in fact, the ship is not a problem In fact, the freighters and oil tankers of most ocean shipping companies in the world are leased, just like most of the airlines’ aircraft are leased. Some companies are good at operations but not good at heavy asset management and Fixed asset planning; and some companies are good at investing in fixed assets, but not good at operating. This is like many global retail stores who generally do not choose to buy shops on their own, and those real estate developers who invest in shopping malls often do Only rent shops to merchants and collect the rent by themselves.”

    “A large part of the world’s ships and aircrafts are purchased by leasing companies. They usually place orders with manufacturers early. After the orders are delivered, the ships and aircrafts They couldn’t handle it, so they just rented out and started collecting rents and making money.”

    “Now a large number of Banks’s freighters are idle, and many of them are leased. If normal operations cannot be resumed in a short time, then they We are unable to afford so much rent, and it is very likely to cancel the lease in batches. At that time, a large number of freighter resources will be released on the market. You can eat it on a large scale, and then take the opportunity to grab the Banks Family’s ocean transportation business!”

    When Mr. Moore on the side heard this, he couldn’t help sighing: “Ocean shipping is indeed a very, very profitable industry. Now the vast majority of international trade logistics rely on shipping, so as long as the countries and countries on the earth are still carrying on With normal trade, the ocean shipping industry will continue to grow.” After

    that, he looked at Charlie and said: “Master Wade, your Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical now has the momentum to sell well all over the world. You might as well take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Establishing ocean transportation will greatly help Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s global logistics transportation in the future.”

    Mr. Quinton couldn’t help but said, “Mr. Moore, I have no intention of arguing with you, but Master Wade’s Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, which produces medicines, is small in size and light in weight. If it is sold globally in the future, it will be shipped to one country at a time. At most two or three containers are great, but a freighter often has thousands of containers. The demand and supply are not equal

    .” Mr. Moore laughed and said, “Of course Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical alone is not equal, but Have you ever thought about it, your import and export trade, your car import business, don’t you have to rely on shipping? And all you do are imported cars. In our domestic market, imported cars are nothing more than so few origins. The most recent ones are Japan, followed by Germany, France, Italy, and the farthest is the United States. As far as I know, a standard container can hold two imported luxury cars. The demand for ocean transportation is very large!”

    Mr. Quinton took a shot. On the thigh, he smiled and said, “Mr. Moore can see thoroughly. I only think of Master Wade’s Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, but I didn’t even think about including my own business!”  


Moore continued, “Wait for us and Nippon Steel When our joint venture company is completed and put into production, our demand for iron ore will be very high at that time. Iron ore is generally imported from Brazil or Australia, and one ship can load hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of tons. The amount is also huge. If Master Wade manages ocean shipping, it will actually be good news for everyone!”

    Charlie has not spoken, but he couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

    “Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical will definitely go global in the future, but with only one Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, it will be difficult for me to catch up with the top old families like the Wade Family and the Banks Family.”

    “At the moment, the Banks Family is at its weakest time. Why don’t I take the opportunity to grab the Banks Family’s business?”

    “In this case, I will not only make my asset strength stronger, but also greatly weaken the Banks Family!”

    “Moreover, Lord Wade didn’t always want me to return. Is the Wade Family? Since he asks me, then I can ask the Wade Family not to directly compete with me in the field of ocean transportation!”

    “In this way, even if the Wade Family wants to take the opportunity to embezzle Banks Family’s share, they have to give it. I stand aside!”

    “This is not killing two birds with one stone, but three birds with one stone!”


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