I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 325

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 325

Chapter 325

“It’s okay? Are you particularly looking forward to something wrong with me?” Kieran Donovan looked at Dave and asked with a sneer, “Dave, I have seen you through today, ho ho, okay, let’s wait and see!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan struggled to get up and staggered towards the outside of Haoyuan Building.

Dave looked at his son’s back and seemed to have something to say, but in the end he swallowed.

Watching Kieran Donovan’s back gradually disappear, Dave sighed for a long time, and then he looked at Ethan again, and immediately walked over to Ethan.

“Master Ethan, I really didn’t expect…” Dave was so excited that he shed tears.

Originally, he thought that this time Kieran Donovan would have to be treated like a broken arm and a broken leg. How could he be so all-tailed.

But the result really surprised him. Of course Dave understood that all of this must have been instructed by Ethan. Without his instructions, how dare Brother Leopard let Kieran Donovan go.

Ethan glanced at Dave, but smiled faintly, without saying a word.

Maggie on the side opened her mouth and said, “MR. Dave, is this result satisfactory?”

When Dave heard the words, he nodded quickly: “Satisfied and satisfied, I really appreciate you Miss Maggie, I… I really don’t know what to say.”

Maggie looked at Dave’s appearance and smiled, thinking about the effect she wanted, and that’s it.

Maggie gradually put away her smile, and said to Dave: “MR. Dave, the person you should thank is not me. You should really thank the local people. It is Ethan. If it wasn’t for Ethan who wanted to let your son go, even today The immortal is here, and it is probably impossible to save him!”

Dave hurriedly nodded like garlic, and said with great gratitude, “I understand that I understand that this is all Ethan’s kindheartedness, otherwise our beast would be dead!”

Dave pointed up three points and said with a swearing appearance: “Don’t worry, Ethan, I will discipline him well when he turns around. If he dares to do evil again, you see that I will not directly interrupt his dog legs…”

Ethan smiled slightly and said, “What to do with it, that’s your business, MR. Dave, but what I want to say is that I chose to let him go today. It’s all because of your face, MR. Dave, but if there is any Next time. He dare to make ideas to my girlfriend again, I’m sorry, your President face will definitely not work!”

After Ethan finished speaking, he walked directly towards the gate.

Dave heard the words and hurriedly nodded: “Understand, Ethan, don’t worry, this must be the last time. If there is another time, I will come to see you Dave!”

After Dave finished speaking, when he raised his head again, he saw that Ethan and Maggie had already walked out of the company. He hurriedly followed until he watched the two men’s car leave a long distance before turning back to the company.

In Maggie’s Mercedes, what Ethan had been thinking about was that Maggie had told herself about transferring school.

He naturally understands that the matter of transferring to another school is excellent for himself and his future career.

But Ethan couldn’t pass Linda’s hurdle after all. Without Linda, what would be the use of going to the best school by himself?

Maggie also secretly glanced at Ethan from the corner of her eye, and she couldn’t help shaking her head when she saw his trance.

She naturally hopes that Ethan can go to Absolute Business School smoothly. After all, no matter the teaching conditions or the facilities in all aspects, they are already regarded as the top in the country.

Ethan is almost equivalent to a layman in business. Only when he is gilded in such a school can he fully control his assets in the future.

Neither of them said a word, and seemed a little embarrassed in anger.

At this moment, Ethan’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Ethan took a look and was surprised to find that Yura turned out to be calling Kai.

Ethan remembered that since Yura invited himself to dinner last time, he left with anger, and the two really haven’t contacted him for a while.

Ethan even felt a little embarrassed about this incident. After all, so he left Yura there alone. Looking back now, Ethan really felt that he was too impulsive. Some even can’t help Yura.

They kindly invited themselves to dinner, and in the end they treated them that way.

“Hey, how are you Yura.” Ethan answered the phone and smiled apologetically.

Yura on the other end of the phone didn’t seem to care too much. Instead, she smiled happily and asked, “Sniff, what are you doing recently? I haven’t heard from you for a long time!”

Ethan casually said a few words, and then continued: “I’m so sorry about what happened last time… I, I was actually angry with others, and it turned out…”

Before Ethan finished speaking, he heard Yura giggling: “Hey, it’s okay. I knew you might be like that because of something. Last time I planned to treat you to a good meal, but I didn’t eat well. . I also feel embarrassed.”

Yura smiled, and then said: “Of course, in order to make up for the regret last time, so I decided to take you to a good place this time and make up for you!”


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