I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 327

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 327

Chapter 327

After listening to Linda’s words, Ethan couldn’t help frowning, thinking that this 80% was because Linda was right. Looking at the notes and cash left by Mira, he probably left with Luna.

Ethan hurriedly asked, “Linda, do you know where Luna usually takes people?”

Linda shook his head slightly, Luna was cautious every time he did this kind of thing, how could he dare to fantasize.

She has been dealt with by the school once, so she will definitely be more careful this time.

Linda thought for a long time, but still couldn’t remember, the whole person became even more anxious.

Ethan also sighed, and the clue seemed to be broken again when things came to this.

“Or let’s call the police!” Linda said helplessly, “Let them investigate, where is Mira?”

Linda really couldn’t think of a good way, and he meant to go to the doctor in a hurry.

But as soon as she said this, Ethan rejected it because it was a purely bad idea.

Ethan shook his head repeatedly: “No, let’s not say whether you can find it in the end. Even if you find it, Mira will be taken away in the end, and this incident will naturally affect her very badly. If you make a storm in the city, Mira will really be shameful!”

Upon hearing this, Linda became a little desperate, and cried, “What can I do? Ethan, please, help Mira, I don’t want to see her have an accident.”

Ethan paced in place a few times, and then suddenly asked, “Linda, have you ever called Mira? Can you get through?”

Linda nodded: “I called and it was connected, but Mira just didn’t answer the phone, what can I do…”

Ethan scratched his head, thought about it, and suddenly said, “I have a solution, don’t worry, I will definitely help you find her today!”

After speaking, Ethan took out his mobile phone and called Maggie.

“Hey, Sister Maggie, can you use the mobile phone signal to locate me a person out?” Ethan said straightforwardly.

Maggie was stunned when she heard the words. She didn’t know what Ethan was doing. She just said, “It’s okay, but it may be a bit troublesome, because I have to ask some friends above me for help. What’s wrong with Master Ethan? Is something wrong?”

Ethan sighed and hurriedly said, “Sister Maggie, life is at stake, I am now anxious to find a friend of mine, please!”

Maggie couldn’t help it. Since Ethan said that life is a matter of life, it might be really urgent.

“Well, you give me your phone number, and I will post the location of the location to your phone later.”

Hearing this, Ethan finally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly said, “Thank you, Sister Maggie, I will invite you to dinner later.”

“Also, okay, that’s OK, if I want to eat a big meal then, don’t hurt me!” Maggie said jokingly.

Ethan smirked: “No problem, you can eat whatever you want!”

After finishing the phone call, Ethan looked at Linda with excitement: “Okay, that’s done, I will let Sister Maggie help locate Mira’s cell phone signal source. It is estimated that we will know where he is in a while.”

“Really? That’s great Ethan!” Linda hugged Ethan excitedly, and continued, “Thank you so much. If Mira has a long and two shortcomings today…”

Linda’s hug was too sudden, and Ethan suddenly felt that his whole person seemed to be melted by the hug.

He quickly patted Linda, and comforted: “Don’t worry, it’s okay, I think Mira must be in trouble, but we will help her together.”

In a short time, Maggie sent Ethan a positioning message with prestige.

And said in a voice: “Young Master Ethan, what is going on with the cell phone signal located here? Do I need to send someone over?”

Maggie didn’t worry about the others, she was just worried about what Ethan was going to do and whether there would be any problems.

If something happened to Ethan, it would be a pity to die.

But Ethan quickly replied: “No…Sister Maggie, it’s okay, don’t worry, I just want to find a friend, don’t worry.”

After speaking, Ethan quickly glanced at the position that Maggie had sent him.

“Linda, it’s here, Tianhai Hotel!” Ethan pointed to the phone to show Linda.

“Then let’s go, Ethan, I’m afraid I’ll be late…” Linda looked anxious, and she didn’t dare to say anything later, but everyone knew what she meant.

Ethan nodded, and hurriedly pulled Linda out of the campus, stopped a taxi at the door, and drove straight to the day sea hotel…

Luna looked unhappy in a private room of Tianhai Hotel at this time.

She pointed to Mira and said, “I told you everything. Hurry up and turn off the phone. Are you deaf or stupid? Don’t turn it off? I’ll tell you, when Kieran Donovan comes back, if it’s because of you. The broken phone breaks people’s interest, let’s see how I fix you!”

Luna looked like an old bustard in the past, but now Mira has fallen into her hands. She said that she didn’t want to do what she wanted to do.


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