I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 328

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 328

Chapter 328

Mira lowered her head and did not speak. Actually, Luna tried to grab her mobile phone more than once on the way the two had just come, but Mira organized it all.

In the end, Luna’s conditions became lower, but she still asked her to use her mobile phone.

Luna has always been cautious when doing such things. She didn’t want to look back when Mira stopped doing it, and then called for someone. At that time, it would be difficult for herself.

However, Mira also had her own considerations. No matter how Luna asked for her mobile phone, she didn’t hand it over, just in case?

If you have a mobile phone, at least you can call for help at a critical moment.

But after handing over the phone, I really have to be at the mercy of others.

Mira glanced at the phone, and it was a string of seven or eight missed calls, almost all of which came from Linda.

Just now Linda called again, but she still didn’t answer it. After a while, another unfamiliar number called. Mira thought, maybe it was Linda that saw that she didn’t answer her phone, so she switched to someone else’s phone.

Mira couldn’t help but rise in a touch of Linda’s heart.

Sure enough, at this time, only Linda would miss herself.

“Hey, why are you in a daze? Come here and sit down!” Luna gave Mira a bit and motioned her to sit in front of the mirror next to her, “Do you know how to put on makeup? Come over and I’ll make it up for you. Touch up makeup!”

After speaking, Luna took out her makeup.

Mira was very worried and sat down.

As soon as Luna changed her makeup, she told me: “You will be obedient to me for a while. Whatever Kieran Donovan asked you to do, don’t forget, now I only gave you 40,000 yuan, and I want the remaining four. Wan, just be obedient to me!”

Luna thought for a while, and hurriedly continued: “Also, I warn you that you are not allowed to talk to Kieran Donovan about other things, just do what you should do, dare to talk nonsense, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Luna must tell Mira about this matter. After all, she has pocketed a lot of money in this matter. Doesn’t she want Kieran Donovan to know about this, otherwise she will not die miserably?

Mira just nodded slightly. In fact, she didn’t want to do anything else at this time. She just wanted to pass today’s time quickly so that her pain would pass faster.

Although Mira seemed to have a calm face at this time, she was so flustered that her palms were almost ripped apart by her fingernails.

At this moment, Luna’s phone rang suddenly, and it was not someone else who called, but Kieran Donovan.

“Hey, I’m here, where are you?” Kieran Donovan’s rough voice came through the phone.

At this time, there was gauze on his face, and he was wearing a long-sleeved suit on a hot day, which looked a bit nondescript.

It’s just that he didn’t want to be like that, and it wasn’t because he was beaten all over his body yesterday, for fear that others would see it, he disguised it so strictly.

“We are in the upstairs room, Kieran Donovan, come on up, hehe…”

Kieran Donovan gave a hum and walked directly to the front desk.

When the woman at the front desk saw that the person was Kieran Donovan, she opened her eyes and smiled: “You’re here, Mera.”

This Tianhai Hotel is actually an industry owned by the Donovan Family. Kieran Donovan always opens rooms here, so almost everyone in the hotel recognizes Kieran Donovan.

Kieran Donovan gave a hum, and seemed to have no interest in the female front desk scratching her head.

“How much money is still on the books?” Kieran Donovan asked.

Upon hearing this, the female receptionist’s face suddenly changed slightly, because she already knew what Kieran Donovan was asking this question.

“Just… only seven thousand yuan…” The female receptionist frowned.

When Kieran Donovan heard the words, his face suddenly became gloomy, he punched the marble countertop, and shouted, “You fu*king treat me like two hundred and five. This is a four-star hotel. You told me that the book is only seven thousand. Yuan?”

Kieran Donovan’s anger made the female receptionist face pale with fright. The whole person shuddered and curled up to the side, not daring to speak much.

Kieran Donovan looked annoyed, and continued: “You immediately transfer 200,000 from the account to my card, one cent less, don’t blame me, you’re welcome!”

“But Young Master, this violates company regulations? If I take the money away, I want to…”

“What are you so special about you!” Kieran Donovan pointed to the female receptionist, and said aggressively, “The company is special to my family. What are you going to do? Give me the money quickly, or you can get rid of it immediately!”

The female front desk has no choice but to let others be the master.

Moreover, Kieran Donovan came to ask for money, not once or twice. Every time he brought a woman over, he would definitely come to ask for money, but it was rare to ask for 200,000 at once.

And after all, it is 200,000, the amount is not a decimal. Even though Kieran Donovan is the son of her boss, she dare not just transfer money to him without going through the accounts? In that case, do you want to continue doing it?


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