I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 329

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 329

Chapter 329

The female receptionist frowned and asked cautiously, “Master, then… Then can I tell the news about this matter? After all, this is 200,000 yuan. I… I don’t have that much right. what……”

The nonsense of the female receptionist completely annoyed Kieran Donovan. He violently smashed an ashtray on the marble countertop and yelled at the female receptionist: “What kind of nonsense? Give me money quickly, or believe me or not. Is this driving you?”

After all, Kieran Donovan reached out to hit the female receptionist.

The female receptionist was trembling with fright, and hurriedly said in a panic: “Well, I understand… Please wait a minute, I will do it for you…”

Kieran Donovan grinned and cursed at the female receptionist, and walked to the elevator aside.

“F*ck, Dave owes half his life, why do I want you to give me 200,000 yuan?”

Soon, Kieran Donovan went upstairs, and according to the house number Luna gave him before, he found the room where Luna and Mira were.

Kieran Donovan knocked on the door a few times and heard the sound of high heels stepping on the floor.

The door was pushed open, and Luna poked out a smiling face.

“Kieran Donovan, you are here, hehe, you are really on time, I…”

Before Luna finished her words, Kieran Donovan pushed her away impatiently: “Give me aside, nonsense, people?”

Kieran Donovanqiang stepped in, but he was taken aback as soon as he walked in.

Because Kieran Donovan was surprised to find that the one who appeared in front of him was indeed a beautiful woman.

Mira had a pretty face, and Luna painted an enchanting makeup, and the whole person was as delicate as a puppet.

In order to highlight Mira’s sexy figure, Luna also specially prepared a seductive dress for Mira.

In Kieran Donovan’s eyes, Mira’s whole person was almost as delicious as a plate.

Kieran Donovan, who had felt extremely frustrated in the past two days, finally showed a smile at this moment.

“Hey, it’s really okay!” Kieran Donovan smiled obscenely, then nodded at Luna, “Fortunately, you didn’t deceive me, otherwise I will kill you today!”

Luna heard this, and finally let go of her hanging heart. Hehe laughed and said, “How about it, Kieran Donovan, are you satisfied? Let me tell you the truth, Mira is one of our campus flowers at Buckeye University. You can be considered blessed today…”

Kieran Donovan nodded, and gave Luna a wink: “Okay, I did a good job today, so I’ll do it later. Then…you go out, it’s a waste of time…”

Luna heard the words, nodded repeatedly, and chuckled as he retreated to the door.

At this time, Mira was about to mention her throat, especially when she saw Luna was going out, she was extremely nervous.

“Luna…you, wait a minute!” Mira gritted her teeth, clenched fists with both hands, looked very cautious, and yelled at Luna, “Please don’t go, I…”

Hearing Mira’s words, Luna immediately showed a look of displeasure, and cursed at Mira: “I wait for a fart, you guys do yours, what am I doing here, filming for you? No nonsense, Mira, don’t you Forget what I told you, you have collected all the money, why do you want to go back?”

“I…I don’t…I just…” Mira faltered.

But Kieran Donovan interrupted him: “What do you think you want, what you want to think now is how to serve me, Luna, get out, don’t come in if I don’t tell you!”

Kieran Donovan finished speaking, before Luna closed the door, he started to take off his coat.

Seeing Kieran Donovan revealing his fat, Mira suddenly felt an unprecedented nausea.

Is it possible that you will be ruined by such a person today?

The more she thought about it, Mira became more nervous and manic.

Kieran Donovan didn’t care about that much, he was about to jump on him.

Seeing everything in front of her, Mira’s heartbeat was like a drum, and her whole body trembled with tension.

Suddenly, even Mira didn’t even know where her power came from. She suddenly exhausted all her strength, pushed Kieran Donovan away, and then ran to the door like a mad.

Kieran Donovan was pushed cold and unprepared, and the person who was beaten yesterday was already a bit uncomfortable, so he fell heavily to the ground.

When Luna on the other side saw this, she was immediately dumbfounded, and she was still a little at a loss.

She never expected that Mira would choose to escape when this kind of raw rice was about to cook mature rice.

Luna hurriedly tried to stop Mira, but before she could catch the opponent, she was pushed aside by Mira, and she slammed her body heavily against the wall, making her whole body sore.

If it were in normal times, Mira would not be Luna’s opponent at all, but today, Mira is equivalent to fighting for life, almost every action has exhausted all of her strength.

After breaking free of these two, Mira seemed to see hope, and hurried to the elevator at the top of the stairs…


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