I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 330

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 330

Chapter 330

“Damn, Luna, I killed you, what kind of dog did you find? You deliberately want to cheat My money?”

Kieran Donovan, who reacted, got up from the ground and pointed at Luna to curse.

Luna also had an innocent look. She didn’t expect that it would be like this in the end.

“Kieran Donovan, I…this matter has nothing to do with me. It’s all the bastard Mira. I guess she did it on purpose. I…I’ll go after it. I must not let her run today. Don’t worry …”

After speaking, Luna hurriedly chased in the direction of the elevator.

Kieran Donovan sneered when he heard the words, and said, “Huh, it’s better not to let me know that you colluded together, otherwise you are all dead!”

Kieran Donovan didn’t seem so flustered at this time, he took out his phone slowly, and said angrily, “F*ck, I really thought you could run out here casually? You are too small to look down on me, Kieran Donovan. !”

Kieran Donovan quickly found a number and directly dialed it out: “Hey, Big Eyes, the person who led you to block the door of the hotel for me, saw a girl wearing a shirt and hot pants, just hold it down for me Come!”

There was a strong voice on the other end of the phone: “I received sir, don’t worry…”

Kieran Donovan ended the call directly, and then lay down on the bed swayingly, waiting leisurely for Mira to be sent up again.

The person Kieran Donovan just called was the head of the security guard of this hotel. Normally, this hotel is almost equivalent to Kieran Donovan’s base. Therefore, he is not only familiar with the people here, but also obeys his words.

Kieran Donovan is very confident about this, and even thinks Mira is a little ridiculous. He really thinks that if he escapes the house, he can escape the hotel? This is simply whimsical.

“Fu*k, dare to play tricks with Me, then you just wait to see how I can deal with you in a while!”

On the other side, Luna did not move slowly, but when she ran to the elevator entrance, she found that the elevator had gone down, and she could only wait for the next elevator to come.

And Mira ran into the elevator, as if she was reborn, with the excitement and relief of escape from the sky.

The descent of the elevator is only the height of twenty-story buildings, but Mira feels that time has passed like decades.

She felt very helpless at this time, and she curled up in the corner of the elevator, and began to cry bitterly.

I don’t know how long the elevator door dinged open, and the light shining into the elevator, Mira seemed to feel that the light was extremely dazzling, but it was extremely kind, and hurried out of the elevator, heading directly outside the hotel. Ran away.

Ten steps… Seven steps… Five steps… Three steps…

Just three steps away, Mira watched as she was about to run out of the hotel, and she was extremely excited at that moment.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt a black figure rushing out of her side and rushed directly at her. Then she fell to the side as if she had been hit by a car.

At this moment, Mira was overwhelmed, and the heart that was about to let go, hangs again, and this time it hangs higher and steeper!

Then Mira heard the sounds of a group of men laughing and cursing in her ears. She felt in a trance before her eyes, as if she could not see anything.

“Haha, don’t tell me, this little girl is really beautiful, and Young Master’s beauty this time is not shallow…”

Baby, it’s pretty fast, but you can still pass us? Even if you let you go another 20 meters, I can chase you back!”

“Oh, it’s okay, don’t talk nonsense, and quickly take the people away. The strong and young are waiting upstairs. It has delayed the good deeds of the strong and young. You all have no good fruits!”

As soon as this person finished speaking, Mira was dragged up by two men in security uniforms, and was about to be taken away from the stand.

At this moment, Mira finally reacted. She saw that she was being erected alive by three or five security guards, ready to walk in the direction of the elevator.

I thought I could escape from birth, but I had to touch the opportunity to see myself, but the opportunity was shattered before my eyes.

At this moment, Mira was completely desperate. She knew that she would definitely not be able to run this time, and waiting for her own results might be ten times more miserable than just now.

What should I do? What else can I do? Mira had nothing to do, tears flowed freely like a flood that opened the gate.

“Let me go… please let me go, please…” Mira struggled feebly while begging to several security guards.

But her struggle was of no avail, and the pleading was of no use. Instead, she heard a burst of laughter from the security guards.

“Please let us go? Who can let us go back? Little girl, you can really joke!” Among the security guards, the head of the forty-year-old wore glasses and sneered, “You are here. , I regret it now! I thought about something a long time ago.”


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