I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 331

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 331

Chapter 331

Mira cried more miserably when she heard what the other party said, but at this time she already knew that even if she said anything else, it would be of no avail.

These people are obviously with that Kieran Donovan, how can they let them go? I don’t need to be naive anymore.

And Mira also saw that the expressions of these security guards seemed to be a little wrong when looking at him, and the squinting eyes made her feel more flustered. .

At this time, in Mira’s eyes, this hotel was nothing more than a wolf’s den. She now regretted that she had agreed to Luna’s suggestion for tens of thousands of dollars.

Several security guards looked at Mira, and there was another messy whisper, as if they were still discussing something in a low voice.

After all, people like Mira who used Kieran Donovan to get them have seen too many of them, and even after a few of them were “spoofed” by Kieran Donovan, they just got in touch with them in minutes.

It’s just that the beauty of those women, compared to Mira, is simply a sky and an underground.

For the first time to come into contact with a beauty like Mira so close, all of them were extremely excited and whimsical.

A few people even pointed in their heads, if one day, they could have any wonderful memories of a woman like Mira, it would be a beautiful thing…

Just when this group of people wanted to get into trouble, the elevator door opened, but before a few people waited to get in, they saw Luna running out of it in a panic.

The two waves happened to collide with each other, and Luna yelled “Ouch” in pain.

“You are so blind…” Luna didn’t see the incoming person clearly, and she opened her mouth to curse, but before she finished speaking, she saw the head of the security guard who was headed by the other side, and she swallowed the words that came to her lips. go back.

“Oh, it’s you…” Luna glanced behind Big Eye, and saw Mira walking away with two security guards.

Luna immediately became angry, walked directly over, and slapped Mira twice: “Damn, bitch, you are quite capable. You want to run when you step away? Do you know that? You know, you almost killed me?”

Luna was really angry this time, and seeing Mira being caught, her hanging heart was also let go.

Just now Luna was still thinking that if Mira ran away, he would be dead too.

Because of this kind of thing, Kieran Donovan’s personality would never let him go.

I spent more than 100,000 inside and outside the house, but before I even touched my hand, I ran away. Not to mention Kieran Donovan, but herself, she would probably get angry.

Mira almost stabbed the hornet’s nest, and also hurt herself. It’s strange that Luna can let her go.

If it wasn’t for fear that Mira would be beaten too badly, it would affect Kieran Donovan’s experience. With Luna’s temper at this time, Mira had to be beaten to death.

Luna hated it from her heart, and suddenly smiled treacherously, and said to the security guards who had been staring at Mira, “What about the brothers, is it interesting to her?”

This is the girl Kieran Donovan ordered. Although these security guards were hungry and thirsty for Mira, how dare to talk nonsense.

Several people shook their heads repeatedly: “No, no, how dare you, then how dare…”

“Luna, you can really be kidding, how dare we think, this is a strong young woman…”

“Oh, you can’t tell me. Luna is joking with us. If it’s OK, don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and send people to the strong and young. The strong and young will be anxious for a while…”

After all, the security guard let his subordinates hurry into the elevator with Mira.

But as soon as a few people left, they were stopped by Luna.

Luna smiled and said to the security guard: “Brother , what are you afraid of? I’m telling you the truth? How about, do you have any thoughts about this little girl?”

Big-eyed boy didn’t know what Luna meant, so he scratched his head and didn’t know how to answer.

Luna saw the irritated expressions of several people, and she couldn’t help but laughed out loud: “.Look at you, do you still look like a man? This is a virtue. Let me tell you the truth, if you want to play with her It’s also okay. After the strong and young have enjoyed enough, I’ll call you back, you guys just do whatever you want, and I won’t take your money if you send me kindness, how about?”

Several security guards were dumbfounded when they heard this, and could not believe that there are such good things in this world.

“Really…really? Luna?” A security guard swallowed and said, “You… don’t play with us?”

The other security guards also looked excited when they heard the words, looking at Luna and Mira full of desire.

“Yes, this can’t be a lie, we…”

“If it were true, it would be great…”

Several security guards almost saw the spring, all hungry and thirsty, and they wished to eat Mira now.

Luna pursed her lips and smiled: “Of course it’s true. I can do it when I say it. Today, she will play it for you, as long as you don’t play it to death, do whatever you want!”


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