I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 332

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 332

Chapter 332

“I have said so, don’t you believe it?” Luna said.

This can be regarded as Luna’s guarantee to everyone, so it seems that this matter is inseparable.

The security guards were so excited that they were about to jump up. This is like a pie in the sky.

Just thinking about Mira’s exquisite appearance and hot body makes people fascinated.

At this time, Mira felt that he was sucked into another black hole from one black hole, and the whole person was going crazy.

She stared at Luna fiercely and cursed fiercely: “Luna, are you still a human? I curse you not to die, I will not let you go as a ghost, do you think you will have a good end… “

Mira’s body was tightly controlled, and only this mouth could fight back.

Luna’s face sank when she heard that, she walked over and slapped Mira with her head and face.

“F*ck your mother, don’t you like to scold? Then be scolded. I think you can make your mouth easier now. In a moment, I can guarantee that you will die than life!”

Luna approached Mira and sneered: “I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve seen you not pleasing to your eyes a long time ago, and that Linda, you are all special, so I will let you guys today. Play with you to death, look back and find a chance to play with Linda, how dare you offend me, I just want you to die!”

Luna did not give Mira a chance to refute herself. After speaking, he waved his hand: “Okay, take it away!”

Upon hearing this, several security guards would once again drive Mira into the elevator.

Mira seemed to be the last struggle when he was dying, and the resistance became stronger and desperate.

She knew that as long as she walked into this elevator today, her life would be over. She might die in the end, she would definitely die…

At this time, Mira had nothing but despair. She really hoped that someone would jump out and save herself at this time, but she knew that this was no longer possible…

Mira suddenly grabbed the edge of the elevator door with one hand, clinging tightly, crying hard, still useless…

In the end, her hands were broken apart by a security guard.

At that moment, Mira felt that she was really late, as if she had fallen into the darkness of a thousand years, a little bit of light would no longer appear…

The elevator door slowly closed, Mira seemed to have given up the useless resistance, and the whole person didn’t have the slightest strength to speak except for whispering.

Only 30 centimeters left in the elevator door…20 centimeters…ten centimeters…

But just when the elevator door was about to close, and there was only less than five centimeters left in the gap, a hand suddenly appeared, and he stubbornly grabbed the elevator door.

With a “ding”, the elevator door was slowly opened again.

“Wait for me!” A voice came from outside the elevator.

“Who are you, this elevator is full, take the elevator over there!” The security guard looked impatiently at a man and a woman outside the elevator, and said, “Let go!”

He thought that these two people were 80% of hotel guests, and he didn’t take them seriously.

But Luna, who was also in the elevator, was a little dumbfounded when she saw the two people outside the elevator: “You…you, why are you here?”

Luna never expected that Ethan and Linda would find this place, and they would come here at such a critical moment.

And Mira, who was already in desperate despair, was struggling to look up outside the elevator. The first thing she saw was Ethan standing in front.

At this moment, Ethan’s thin body and not so handsome face looked as tall as a giant in Mira’s eyes.

The moment Mira saw Ethan, tears rolled down like a flood that broke a bank.

At this moment, she seemed to see the opportunity to escape from birth again, and she seemed to see the only bright light shining on her body in the eternal night.

If it wasn’t for her body to be restrained by others, Mira would now be the first to plunge into Ethan’s arms…

Ethan took a step closer, and he lay across the elevator door, staring coldly at the people in the elevator, and said coldly, “Why, do you feel surprised to see me?”

Linda also took a step forward, looking at Mira with concern, tears couldn’t stop streaming down: “How are you? Are you okay, Mira…”

Mira is her best friend. Seeing the other person in such a situation at this time, Linda felt that her heart was about to break.

“Let go of her, let her go…” Linda rushed up so hard, and began to push up several security guards holding Mira.

But she is a weak woman, even if she has exhausted all her strength, she is not an opponent at all.

A security guard was a little annoyed by the push, and with a fierce force, he directly pushed Linda to Ethan’s side.

“What are you doing? Crazy woman!” the security guard shouted angrily.

The head of the security guard also recalled at this moment, thinking that the two people who suddenly appeared would know Mira and Luna at first sight.

“Who are they?”


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