I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 333

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 333

Chapter 333

Luna glared at the two of them angeredly, and said coldly, “Who else can spoil the good deeds, Brother Eye, let your people drive them out quickly, they will feel disgusting!”

Luna pointed to Ethan and Linda, and continued: “I didn’t expect that you came very fast, but don’t you think that your appearance is particularly superfluous? What can you do now? What can be changed? Can you take Mira away? Don’t be dreaming, you guys are a shit…”

Luna was triumphant and didn’t pay attention to Ethan and Linda at all. In his opinion, even now they two suddenly appeared. Even a fart can’t even play a role, at most, it is here to deliver food.

Are the security guards at Kieran Donovan’s hotel really vegetarian? Today, as long as the two of them dare to rob, then neither of them will want to get out of this hotel.

Moreover, Luna had long looked down upon Ethan and Linda, and she hadn’t forgotten what happened at the concert before. At this moment, when she thought of those things, she could hardly hate these two people.

“Hmph, it just happened, let’s calculate the old and new accounts together today!” Luna thought to herself.

“Huh, it’s not a big deal, you’ll know if you can get people out in a while.” Ethan sneered, and then said, “I advise you to let them go now, otherwise I promise you to eat them. Can’t walk around.”

Ethan looked at the security guards and threatened: “Is your hotel a black shop? You still dare to detain guests privately. I guess there are even more extreme things? Are you not afraid of being called to your door?”

To be honest, Ethan also felt a little surprised that the other party would dare to push people like this in broad daylight. After all, he was too clueless.

However, after Ethan’s words were finished, the head of the security guard chuckled.

He didn’t care about Ethan’s threats, and said with a grin: “What a joke, afraid? Why don’t you ask about who our boss is, who we are doing today, I guess if you know, I guess I don’t dare to talk nonsense here, I’ve caught my tail and escaped far!”

Hearing the words, Ethan smiled, he really wanted to know which boss behind them dared to act so recklessly.

“Oh? Then you can talk about it and see if I will run away with my tail clipped!” Ethan smiled and said, “I can put my words here today. I will take this person away today. Who dares? Stop me, you can try!”

Hearing Ethan’s tone, I was a little unhappy, and even more disdainful, and said to Ethan: okay, then I’ll tell you all right, the owner of our hotel is Buckeye Brother Dave!”

When talking about Dave’s name, the security guard’s tone increased several times, and he was still proud after speaking. Then he continued: “And I will tell you the truth. The person who wants this girl today is not someone else. Our only son, Kieran Donovan!”

The head of the security guard and his men looked at each other, smiled smugly at each other, and then continued to ask: “How is it, are you scared? Now you know what you want to be bad, whose good is it? Ho. Hey, do you dare to stop? You have so many heads, you can stop it and try!”

After speaking, the security guard greeted several subordinates and pushed Ethan out of the elevator, preparing to go upstairs.

This time he felt that Ethan wouldn’t dare to do anything, no matter how daring and fat he was.

After all, Brother Buckeyehao, this name is simply overwhelming. If anyone listens to the name of Brother Buckeyehao and dares to do bad things, it is estimated that either he has the confidence to provoke Dave, or he does not know the depth.

However, the passer-by who didn’t know the depth had long been repaired by Dave and had nowhere to go.

If Ethan dared to do it again today, he would definitely do it!

However, this security guard also firmly believes that Ethan’s small body is probably stupid, otherwise how can he do it?

But when a security guard was about to push Ethan, that person was retreated by Ethan.

Then I heard Ethan say loudly: “Dave? He is a fart. If he is here, please call him down. I will ask him in person today, whether he is being detained or released!”

Ethan pushed aside the security guard, still holding on to the elevator door, in an unrelenting posture.

Originally, Ethan was still thinking that if it was someone else, he might really use the relationship, but in any case, he must take Mira away today.

But when the other party said that this was Dave’s site, and it was not someone else who was detaining him, it was Kieran Donovan, and Ethan had the thought of smiling.

However, he was still a little unhappy, because Ethan understood it, and the lesson he taught Kieran Donovan yesterday seemed to be insufficient. After less than a day’s work, he actually came out again to do evil?

And it was still Linda’s best sister.

It seems that I still have to take advantage of this incident to give this Kieran Donovan a good hit!

Ethan then said: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, call Kieran Donovan!”


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