I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 334

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 334

Chapter 334

Ethan’s tone was so arrogant that it made the security guards who were present were taken aback.

Several people looked at each other one after another, but in the end everyone couldn’t help but laugh out.

A security guard seemed to have heard something particularly funny, and said to Ethan: “Are you crazy? Do you know what you are talking about? Are you special or don’t know, we Who are MR. Dave and Young Master? Otherwise, how dare you say such things? What are you doing?”

The other security guards sneered, and then sneered.

“This kid is okay. I have been in Buckeye for so long, and I have never seen such a cute bragging. Haha, that’s okay. I even dared to yell, let us come down and let MR. Dave and strong young come down. What? Let them sell you face? What are you?”

“Hey? What are you talking about? He might be a big man. When I saw him, he came out from a particularly famous poor ravine. It’s soiled. Maybe there are still a few acres of land in the house. It must be much better than our manager…”

“Hahahaha…Don’t blow it for him, this idiot probably believes your words for a while, and he really thinks he is a big man! I wonder if he deliberately wanted to make us a joke. Is it really smart to save people? Anyway, I can’t think of such a clever way…”

The security guards burst into laughter and didn’t pay attention to Ethan at all. As for the words Ethan said, in their eyes, they became a complete joke, a big joke.

So much so that the unrestrained laughter of these people drove Luna on the side.

She covered her mouth and looked at Ethan and Linda contemptuously, and couldn’t help adding, what is this, and this makes you laugh like this? Let me tell you something more interesting, you know, before Has this idiot ever said anything big?”

When several security guards heard this, they shook their heads and asked hurriedly, “What’s the big story? Tell me…”

Luna sneered and said: “This fool used to be in the public, and he said with certainty that he is a rich second-generation, or a top rich second-generation. The big star Samira held a concert in our Buckeye two days ago. , You know? People said that the concert was invested by others, ho ho, what did you just say to you? That’s really awesome!”

Hearing Luna’s words, these security guards were stunned!

Several people didn’t laugh directly, first hesitated for a few seconds, and finally their eyes fell on Ethan. Soon, several people burst into laughter at the same time.

“Haha, the top rich second-generation… Whoops, it’s him? He doesn’t take a piss to take pictures of himself, so why dare to say anything? Are you shameless?”

“Do you want an as* face? Do you think his virtue is like a face? Come here and dare to say a lot of people, I think he is really in the drama, really think of himself as the top rich second generation? “

“Damn, feelings are a liar, what can I really do! But do you look down on us too much? Really treat us as fools? No one can see your lies, is it true? interesting……”

The security guards laughed for a long time, then suddenly they went upstairs in such anxiousness, just wanting to humiliate Ethan for a while.

But at this time, hearing these people humiliate himself so much, Ethan felt a little uncomfortable.

But at this time he is already much more mature than before.

If he encountered this kind of humiliation in the past, Ethan would definitely go back without hesitation, and he must let the other person see clearly that he was lying. They still look down on others.

But now Ethan is a little relieved, it’s not that others point to his head and scold him that he won’t be angry, but Ethan has understood a truth, that is, he doesn’t need to care about such a small role at all.

To put it ugly, this kind of person, with his current identity, is already enough to backhand to death, they are like ants, if they don’t want to see, they don’t even have a chance to see themselves.

If you care too much about these people, you will not only lose your value, but will still give these people a face.

So in the face of these accusations, Ethan wanted to kill these people in his heart, but on the surface, he still looked calm and calm.

He even smiled faintly, watching a group of idiots looking at these people, and said: “Do you know? Your ignorance sometimes really kills you! You can not believe it, but it won’t take long. There is no chance to believe me!”

After speaking, Ethan unexpectedly released his grasping the elevator door and looked at the elevator door that was gradually closing, gradually showing a touch of indifference on his face.

Ethan actually let go, which really surprised all the people present.

Especially Mira, when she saw this scene, she suddenly seemed to lose her center of gravity, and she seemed to have fallen into a bottomless abyss…


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