I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 336

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 336

Chapter 336

“Boom boom boom…” The security guard knocked on the door softly, with a flattering smile on his face.

After a while, he heard footsteps coming from the room, then the door was opened, and Kieran Donovan walked out with a gloomy expression.

Kieran Donovan’s upper body was naked, and the blue dragon tattoos on his body looked a bit hideous and terrifying under the not so bright light.

“Hey, strong young man, I brought you the man.” The security guard pointed back and continued, “Do you still use us to handle it for you?”

Kieran Donovan did not say a word, looked at Mira indifferently, and walked towards her.

Kieran Donovan squeezed Mira’s delicate chin with his hand and broke it abruptly to an angle corresponding to his height.

“Bah…” Kieran Donovan even sipped directly at Mira’s exquisite face, and then slapped it involuntarily.

The power of Kieran Donovan’s slap was not small. Not only did Mira tremble all over his body, even the two security guards holding Mira barely stood firm.

“Can’t you run? Run? Run again!” Kieran Donovan suddenly roared, his eyes seemed to be three thousand anger.

He was really annoyed. He spent so much money back and forth. He thought that today must be a process of enjoyment, but he didn’t want to. It didn’t count as Mira wanted to escape, but he pushed it to himself.

For Kieran Donovan, this kind of thing is simply a shame. If this kind of thing spreads out, then he will be a complete laughing stock in Buckeye, in the circle of his second-generation rich friends.

This is simply unacceptable for Kieran Donovan, who cherishes his reputation as if he cherishes his feathers.

What’s more, Mira belongs to this kind of person, who has turned his back on him, and Kieran Donovan hates this kind of person the most!

Kieran Donovan grabbed Mira’s long black hair, pulled it hard, and lifted her up.

“You really annoyed me today, and I will definitely let you know today, what price you will pay if you annoy me!”

Kieran Donovan’s tugging made Mira feel the burning pain in her brain, and she screamed in pain.

But seeing this situation, Kieran Donovan didn’t have pity. Instead, he smiled grimly, and his strength increased by a few percent.

Then Kieran Donovan waved and slapped a few more times, as if he had just vented his anger a little bit.

“Kieran Donovan, this woman is too special, you can’t let her go so easily!” Luna said, adding to her jealousy.

If Luna didn’t say this sentence, Kieran Donovan would have forgotten her existence.

As soon as Luna’s voice fell, Kieran Donovan stopped his hands, turned his head, and looked at Luna with a murderous expression.

“Hmph, today is your luck. If she ran away today, I will let you bury her with you!” Kieran Donovan said coldly, “But you are right, I will definitely not let her go easily, and you !”

Kieran Donovan looked at Luna’s body, and suddenly showed a greedy grin.

In fact, Luna is not bad in appearance, but she can’t compare with such beauties as Linda and Mira.

And Luna’s figure is one of the best, and she is a bit enchanting in her sexy.

Kieran Donovan felt a little upset today, so of course he had to change the law to make himself happy.

When Luna saw Kieran Donovan showing that face to herself, she immediately understood what the other party meant.

Luna didn’t care about this kind of request, and naturally would not object to it.

She hurriedly smiled charmingly, pretending to be shy and enchanting: “Oh, okay, today, Kieran Donovan, you can do whatever you want, oh, let’s not grind, hurry in…”

But before Luna finished speaking, she suddenly heard a voice behind her.

The voice was loud and loud, and Luna felt very familiar.

“I see who would dare to bring her in today!”

As soon as this sound came, everyone quickly turned their heads and looked over and saw Ethan holding Linda’s hand, standing at the corner of the corridor not far away.

The appearance of Ethan really surprised everyone present. The crowd stared at Ethan as if they had seen a monster.

“He… why did he come up?” Luna looked at Ethan in shock, with a look of disbelief.

Luna originally thought that Ethan had just released the elevator door and he would leave the hotel soon. After all, the security chief had just told him that this hotel was opened by Dave, and today Mira was asked by Kieran Donovan.

Even if Ethan is ignorant and ignorant, he would probably know who Buckeye is the father and son, and he definitely wouldn’t dare to offend Kieran Donovan and Dave because of Mira!

But Ethan came up anyway, Luna suddenly felt that her head was short-circuited, and she really couldn’t figure out what Ethan thought.

Is it true that you are not afraid of death? But even if you are not afraid of death, there is no need to bring your girlfriend Linda up to die, right?

Why is Mira here, don’t you Ethan know? If you just pull your girlfriend up, are you afraid that she won’t have trouble?

In Luna’s eyes, Ethan was extremely mentally retarded, he was a complete stupid pig!


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