I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 337

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 337

Chapter 337

But Luna doesn’t care about that. She is about to hate Ethan and Linda, so now the two of them have been sent to the door. It just so happens that Kieran Donovan is also here, so she can add more oil and vinegar, and let Kieran Donovan take care of them together. It’s alright.

Luna was about to speak to Kieran Donovan, but was directly interrupted by the security chief.

The latter saw Ethan and Linda appear, and his surprise was no less than Luna.

He yelled at Ethan at that time: “Damn, you are really not afraid of death, you really dare to follow along!”

The security captain really couldn’t understand Ethan. The guy who just bought the downstairs had already chosen to admit it, but what did he come up to do?

Want to prove that you are a hero? Or is it simply to die?

Regardless of the situation, Ethan’s behavior is not worthy of praise at all. On the contrary, the security guard still despise Ethan in his heart.

This person is simply no brain, but anyone with a slightly normal brain will definitely not come up to die.

Moreover, the appearance of Ethan is bound to make Kieran Donovan angry at him. After all, anyone can come up, and everyone wants to take care of their business. This is already regarded as the negligence of his next security chief.

If I didn’t do anything today, I guess Kieran Donovan would not agree.

The security guard turned his head and glanced at Kieran Donovan, and hurriedly said, “Young Master, don’t worry, I’ll let someone blow him out of this kid!”

After the security guard had finished speaking, he waited to see Kieran Donovan’s reaction.

But after he finished speaking, Kieran Donovan still didn’t react, his eyes stared at Ethan in a little surprise, and he didn’t recover for a long time.

After all, Kieran Donovan was surprised to see Ethan here.

where is this place? This is my own hotel industry, why is Ethan here? Are you following yourself?

When Kieran Donovan thought of this, he couldn’t help but tremble involuntarily, because it would be terrible if it were.

After all, just yesterday, I even provoke Ethan, and finally was beaten severely by Brother Leopard. Now my injuries are not healed, how could Kieran Donovan forget these.

And he couldn’t help thinking, could it be that Ethan felt that he didn’t deal with him enough yesterday, so he followed him and came to this hotel for the purpose of finding an opportunity to punish him more severely?

It seems that this can explain why Ethan appeared in his heart.

Kieran Donovan was in a state of confusion at this time. Although his hatred for Ethan was overwhelming, he didn’t accept Ethan at all, and even wanted to one day return all the humiliation he had suffered.

But that is something in the future. Right now, I am not Ethan’s opponent at all. If I want to head-on with Ethan, it is purely seeking death.

Even if Kieran Donovan wanted revenge, he still had to have his life to revenge. Now if he annoys Ethan again, there really is no chance.

Kieran Donovan beat the drums in his heart, panicking, he didn’t know what Ethan would do to him next.

But he knew very well what he should do next, that is, no matter what happens today, he must pretend to be counseled and let Ethan deal with it, and everything is for himself to survive.

Kieran Donovan had already figured it out thoroughly. Don’t say to apologize to Ethan for a while, even if he was asked to kneel down to Ethan again, he would not hesitate.

He wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and hurriedly wanted to speak to Ethan.

But as soon as the words came to the lips, they were interrupted by Luna, who was a little bit.

“Young Master Ethan, since they are here, then I will simply tell you that these two people are here to spoil the situation today!” Luna pointed at Ethan and Linda with a sinister smile, and continued, ” You don’t know, just downstairs, these two people appeared, and they wanted to snatch Mira from my brother and me, but fortunately, this is our place and didn’t let this bastard succeed. !”

Luna said with a smug look on her face. From her point of view, as long as Kieran Donovan reluctantly said a few words about Ethan and Linda this time, she would definitely be angry with Kieran Donovan’s temper.

The consequence of Kieran Donovan’s anger was that Ethan and Linda suffered!

These two idiots didn’t know whether they came up to death, how could they not be fulfilled?

Luna paused, and then began to say: “And Kieran Donovan, do you know what this bastard said about you? We stopped him from taking Mira away, and said it was Mira you wanted, but this bastard But you said that Kieran Donovan is a shit, you are not as good as a dog in front of him, and that Kieran Donovan, your father, President, is a ig, and your family is in his eyes, not bullshit, he let Kieran Donovan you Let go, if you don’t let go, he will kill you…”

Kieran Donovan’s face turned green when he heard Luna’s words.

Of course he also knew that Luna’s words were exaggerated, but he was even more clear that what Luna said just now was not wrong at all.


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