I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 338

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 338

Chapter 338

In Ethan’s eyes, his net worth is indeed not even a fart.

Don’t talk about yourself, even if it is his father Dave, in Ethan’s eyes, it is just a dispensable thing.

Ethan said one word, and he and his father Dave, who would dare not say a word? Unless they don’t want to live anymore, the Donovan Family is not hungry and needs to go to the toilet.

And Luna was right. If Ethan opened his mouth to ask Mira, would he dare to say not to? If you don’t give it, Ethan might really kill himself, but in the end there is nothing to do.

It wasn’t that Kieran Donovan had forgotten what happened yesterday. When Ethan said he was going to deal with him, his stupid father didn’t even ask for plea, and in the end he didn’t even let go.

Now if I annoy Ethan again, I guess the result will be the same as yesterday, and my stupid father Dave will definitely give up himself completely.

Kieran Donovan knew very well that he was the only one who could save himself now.

He was now so frightened that he was shaking involuntarily, his face was blue, and he didn’t know what would end waiting for him next.

At this moment, Luna actually spoke again.

She looked at Kieran Donovan’s expression and the slight tremor of her body, and she couldn’t help feeling a little happy, because in her opinion, Kieran Donovan’s performance seemed to be precisely because of her own words that worked, and Kieran Donovan was so angry.

Then why don’t you add more fuel and jealousy to make Kieran Donovan angry again, and then angry with Ethan and Linda, and finally Kieran Donovan can’t swallow them up?

“Kieran Donovan, how damn you say this kind of person is. I told him just now when I was downstairs. He said that you were looking for death. Originally, I planned to go back and clean them up, but I I thought they ran away, but I didn’t expect them to ran up!”

Luna put on an angry expression and said, “Kieran Donovan, since they are looking for death by themselves, dare to say that you and MR. Dave, you must not let them go. You should teach them a lesson!”

Hearing Luna’s words, the security guards on the side also reacted quickly and hurriedly followed suit.

“That’s right, young master, this kid is provoking you, we can’t stand it anymore, we should punish him!”

“Don’t worry, this matter is on our heads. It will definitely make him remember. Next time I see you, you will be respectful!”

“Yeah, this bastard is too rebellious. I think the leg will be broken for him, and the teeth will be pulled out one by one. If you save him, he will talk nonsense! Dare to scold him as a dog, watch me I won’t kill you…”

These security guards are just flattering, and of course Kieran Donovan knows it very well.

But you guys are good at flattering at the very least. You can figure out the situation before you shoot. You didn’t do a good job of flattering, and it’s easy to beat him to death!

Kieran Donovan was trembling with anger by these people’s words, and his heart was even more frightened, for fear that Ethan would record all their faults on his own head, then he was really wronged.

Kieran Donovan glared fiercely at the security guards, and Luna on the side, almost killing them all.

At this moment, Ethan, who was not far away, smiled, and he smiled calmly. He then said to the security guards and Luna, “Why, am I wrong? Kieran Donovan, even if it is Dave, in me I didn’t even count as a fart in my eyes, but now I dare to say that in front of him. What can he do to me?”

Ethan’s words scared the security guards into a breath of air, and all of them looked incredible.

Luna on the side was even more frightened, and she couldn’t believe that this was what Ethan said.

But soon she was relieved, and even a little excited about it, because she knew that Ethan would dare to say such things and wait to be cleaned up to death!

Stupid pig, you can’t blame others if you want to die by yourself!

The security guards came back to their senses and became even more fierce. They stared at Ethan angrily, and yelled, “Boy, shut up your mouth. I don’t want to tear your dog mouth today. You have a hard mouth now, I will see you still have a hard mouth after a while!”

“Yeah, don’t worry, strong young man, don’t be angry, this little bastard, we will tidy up for you soon, I will see him kneeling in front of you in a moment, dare to say such a thing !”

After speaking, the security guards rushed to Ethan to start angrily.

Seeing this situation, Linda couldn’t help squeezing sweat in his palms, and the whole person was extremely nervous.

The moment when he saw Kieran Donovan, Linda was already nervous, not to mention the fact that the other party had already started.

“Ethan…what to do…” Linda raised her head nervously and looked at Ethan, but was stunned to find that Ethan’s face was still calm and calm. It felt like all this. It’s all under his control.

Ethan lowered his head and smiled slightly at Linda, and said, “It’s okay, don’t worry!”

As soon as Ethan finished speaking, everyone heard Kieran Donovan speak.


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