I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 339

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 339

Chapter 339

“Stop for me, what are you doing!” Kieran Donovan yelled at several security guards.

Several security guards heard the words with a dumbfounded expression, but they stopped very obediently and looked at each other one after another, somewhat at a loss.

“Strong… Strong young man, we are planning to clean him up? What’s wrong?”

“Yeah, strong young man, this little bastard said that of you, of course we have to clean him up, otherwise it won’t be possible to let him go?”

Hearing this, Kieran Donovan walked to the security guards with anger, and slapped the two in front of him casually.

“Go away!” Kieran Donovan roared.

The two security guards were beaten for a moment, completely at a loss.

Even if it was the head of the security guard, he looked dazed at this time.

He hurriedly stepped up and said, “Young Master, I didn’t really mean anything else. We are all kind. We want to help you settle this kid. He humiliated you so much, I can’t listen!”

As soon as the security guard finished speaking, he suddenly felt a little bit cold all over his body, and then he saw Kieran Donovan looking at him coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.

“Help me? Are you so kind? I’m so kind of you!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan suddenly raised his hand, and hit the security guard with a violent blow to the head. His fist fell like rain, and the head of the security guard begged for mercy.

“Don’t be strong…Don’t fight, I’m wrong, I’m wrong…” The security guard begged for mercy, “I really know that I was wrong, I shouldn’t take your credit, you can handle it yourself, we… We promise not to interfere…”

Obviously, the head of the security guard hadn’t been able to recall the incident until now. He thought that Kieran Donovan had beaten himself because he was afraid that he would take the credit for him. He thought that he just wanted to clean up Ethan by himself.

Kieran Donovan, who just heard what he said, couldn’t laugh or cry. Even if I died today, I didn’t know how to die. What kind of power do you grab!

“It’s so nonsense, believe it or not, I will kill you!” Kieran Donovan kicked out fiercely, and kicked the head of the security guard a long way.

This scene not only stunned everyone present, but also made everyone afraid to act rashly.

Especially Luna, even if her mind has increased the speed a hundred times at this time, she still can’t figure out what is going on.

Could it be that Kieran Donovan suddenly went crazy? Luna comforted herself so deeply.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt that a figure appeared in front of her. She raised her head suddenly and saw Kieran Donovan looking at herself with an angry face.

“Strong…Kieran Donovan…” Luna was so frightened by the battle, she said a lot incoherently, but she forgot what she said in the last episode.

“What did you just say?” Kieran Donovan snorted coldly and asked Luna, “Say it again!”

“I… I didn’t say anything?” Luna said palely, “I really didn’t say anything…”

Luna’s mind was blank, but she felt one thing deeply that she might be planted here today.

Kieran Donovan glanced at Ethan, who had always been standing by without saying a word, and continued to say to Luna: “What did you say about him just now?”

Kieran Donovan’s tone was cold, and Luna was frightened at a loss. Upon hearing this, she hurriedly said subconsciously: “Yes…I mean he just scolded you downstairs and your father, MR. Dave…he …”

Luna swallowed her saliva and continued: “He scolded you and your father, but he was just a dog. He also said that you are not even a fart…”

Before Luna finished her words, she suddenly felt her hair caught by Kieran Donovan.

Kieran Donovan grabbed Luna’s hair hard and slammed it against the wall of the corridor.

Luna felt that the back of her head was numb, and then she fell heavily on the wall.

Luna’s pain couldn’t get worse, and she felt like she fell apart.

And this scene even more shocked the security guards present, all of them frightened, as if it was their turn next.

Kieran Donovan spit out fiercely, pointing at these people and yelling: “You dogs see low-level things. Today is just the beginning. You will wait for me to see how I can fix you later!”

Kieran Donovan suddenly looked at Ethan, and unexpectedly squeezed out a smile, but that smile was humble, smiling cautiously, and fearful.

But as soon as he turned his head, facing the security guards and Luna, Kieran Donovan had a vicious expression again.

Kieran Donovan pointed at the people present, scolded, and finally turned his eyes on Luna, sneered, and pointed at her, “Didn’t you just say that I have my dad in front of her, is it a dog? Didn’t you say that we don’t even count as a fart…”

Before Kieran Donovan had finished speaking, Luna was so scared that her entire face was distorted, pale as a piece of paper.

She cried and shook her head again and again: “No…I didn’t…It was all he said by himself. This is not the strong brother I said, I really didn’t say…”

Luna tried to explain the matter clearly, but only saw Kieran Donovan smile contemptuously, and said, “Yes, you are not wrong!”


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