I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 340

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 340

Chapter 340

Kieran Donovan sneered and continued: “What you said is right, not only me, but also my dad. In front of him, Master Ethan, he was not even a dog!”

As soon as Kieran Donovan said these words, the air in the entire corridor seemed to freeze. The security guards looked at Kieran Donovan with weird eyes, as if they had misheard them. Ten thousand people could not believe those words just now. It came from Kieran Donovan’s mouth.

Is it possible that Kieran Donovan is really crazy? Otherwise, with his personality, how could he say such a thing.

On weekdays, Kieran Donovan is extremely competitive and eager to win, and sometimes even for a little vanity, he will get into a group with other rich and young people.

But what’s going on today, it’s even a slander to say this to an ordinary gangster?

Everyone present was speculating wildly in their hearts, but there was still no answer, and they were even more confused.

But soon, these people will discover that what Kieran Donovan said just now is nothing at all, because her next move almost shocked everyone’s jaw.

Kieran Donovan turned his head and cursed those people: “Do you guys know what you did? What else did you say? How dare you talk to Master Ethan like that? I think you are just living enough!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan hurried over to Ethan, with a complicated expression on his face.

When Linda saw this, he was a little nervous, and could not help hiding behind Ethan.

She still vividly remembered the previous events.

But what surprised Linda was that just when he was more than one meter away from Ethan, Kieran Donovan stopped suddenly, and the subsequent movements shocked Linda even more.

Because he knelt down!

Just like this, Kieran Donovan knelt down in front of Ethan under the eyes of all the people, showing that he was completely surrendered.

Kieran Donovan buried his head deeply, and then knocked on the ground. He respectfully said to Ethan: “Ethan, I’m so sorry, please calm down!”

Kieran Donovan’s actions and words, like a bolt from the blue, directly blasted into the hearts of everyone present.

If these people were just surprised by Kieran Donovan’s weird and unexplainable behavior, almost all of them are dumbfounded now.

Everyone stared at the scene in front of them dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe their eyes or ears. Luna even squeezed herself severely to see if she was in a nightmare.

My leg hurts, what I see is true, what I hear is also true, obviously not a nightmare!

But Luna was reluctant to accept everything in front of her.

what is happening? How could Kieran Donovan kneel to Ethan? And also kowtow to apologize? This is so magical.

Who is Kieran Donovan? Buckeye brother Dave’s son always walks sideways in Buckeye.

And what about Ethan? That’s the poor and famous stinky silk from Buckeye University.

The identities of the two are altogether different. If people like Ethan dared to offend Kieran Donovan as much as they did today, they might be repaired to death by Kieran Donovan!

But today, Kieran Donovan knelt down for him, even as if a wolf cub had met a wolf king, and clipped his tail to please him?

What the hell is going on! Luna had a splitting headache.

The security guards on the other side were also stunned at this time, stupidly poking them in place, watching Kieran Donovan’s kneeling back, everyone seemed to be petrified.

what on earth is it?

Is it possible that this kid is really a big man?

This is Kieran Donovan, one of the most arrogant people in the ancestor of Buckeye II, now he is kneeling humblely in front of him?

The security guard’s brow furrowed at this moment, and he felt deeply that today’s affairs seemed really big.

The first thing he recovered from was hurriedly whispering to himself and letting go of Mira…

And Mira, who was suddenly let go, fell to the ground directly after her whole body became soft.

Seeing this, Linda rushed over and held the opponent.

Up to this moment, Mira was still dumb. She took a long time before raising her head to look around. When she saw Linda’s delicate face, she couldn’t help it anymore, “Wow”. Cried out.

“Okay, okay, Mira, it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t worry, I’ll be there…” Linda tightly hugged Mira in her arms and looked at Ethan. At this moment, Linda seemed to understand. It turns out that all of this is under Ethan’s control.

She may not know exactly when it was, but this incredible Kieran Donovan might have been docile by the two.

In this way, there is no need to be afraid, and Mira is also completely rescued.

Mira cried for a long time before she seemed to slow down, as if she suddenly felt angry when she was cold.

Immediately after, she raised her head and looked at Ethan, unexpectedly an indescribable sentiment came into her eyes.


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