I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 341 Part 2

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 341-2

Chapter 341-2

Kieran Donovan knew this well, but he didn’t dare to say nothing.

After a while, Kieran Donovan said tremblingly, “Ethan, I was wrong about this matter, please… please punish…”

Originally, Kieran Donovan wanted to ask Ethan to forgive himself and give himself another chance.

But when the words came to his lips, he didn’t have the courage to say it, so he said that Ethan would punish him.

What’s more, he also knew that he must be finished this time. Instead of waiting for a while Ethan took the initiative to punish him, it was better to take the initiative.

However, Ethan paused at this moment.

He really wanted to punish Kieran Donovan. What this man did was disgusting. By punishing him, he was doing harm to others.

But just when Ethan wanted to make up his mind to deal with him, the words Maggie said to herself before could not help but resounded in his mind.

Ethan couldn’t help sighing. He felt more and more that the higher he stood, not only did he less and less things he could do, but the space he could move was smaller and smaller.

“Punish you?” Ethan sneered, “I don’t dare. You, Master Kieran, look at your subordinates. There are five people and six of them. If I punished you, I might not be able to leave this house today. Is the hotel?”

Kieran Donovan knew that Ethan was deliberately sarcastic. Although he felt uncomfortable, he could only stand up and even forced a smile.

“Look at what you said, don’t be familiar with these idiots. I will punish them well when I look back. Don’t worry.”

Seeing that Kieran Donovan was respectful to himself, Ethan sighed in his heart. He glanced at Mira, who was dazzled, and said, “How to deal with it, that’s your business, but Kieran Donovan, today’s matter, are you? Should you give me an explanation? I think this friend of mine doesn’t have the money to suffer from you, right? Is it for nothing?”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Kieran Donovan immediately understood what Ethan wanted to do.

To be honest, he is now beginning to regret that he has just acted so hard on Mira just now because Ethan will treat himself like this after a while.

Yesterday, when Brother Leopard led someone to beat him, Kieran Donovan was already very upset. Would he still be beaten again today?

He can’t do it!

Kieran Donovan turned to look at the security guards and Luna, and suddenly came up with an idea.

Kieran Donovan hurriedly pointed at Luna and said, “Young master , you don’t know that Luna’s injuries to this little girl were caused by Luna and these bastards. It has nothing to do with me, but you can rest assured that I am You won’t hurt your friend in vain!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan got up and walked towards Luna…


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