I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 343 part 2

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 343-2

Hearing this, Kieran Donovan slapped it slapped, cursing loudly, “F*ck you, bullshit? This hotel belongs to my house. If I tell you, you will have been fired! Give me a hurry. roll!”

While talking, Kieran Donovan kicked over, and directly kicked the head of the security guard.

Seeing this, a few security guards hurried up and helped their heads. Some people continued to murmur and comforted: “Brother, let’s go. The hero doesn’t suffer from the immediate loss. Even if we continue to work, there is no good fruit to eat, so just leave …”

“Yeah, yeah, we are inferior to dogs all day long here, I think it might as well just leave…”

After a few people persuaded him, the head of the security guard couldn’t help but wipe his tears. He has been here for more than ten years, and he still has feelings.

But the matter has come to this point, it is useless to say more.

The security guard glanced at Kieran Donovan, and there were too many grievances in his heart that he couldn’t say, and said to his subordinates: “Let’s go, there is no place for him to stay here. What kind of place do you really consider yourself a good place? , With this kind of young master, I think MR. Dave’s career will come in any future!”

After speaking, a few people hurriedly took off their security jackets and threw them on the ground, and left without looking back!

“Who do you curse!” Kieran Donovan became even more angry when he heard the head of the security guard. He was about to continue the pursuit, but the other party was gone.

Kieran Donovan jumped into thunder, and his whole body was blown up.

It’s fine to be bullied by Ethan, now that the few small security guards have jumped on themselves to show off their power?

Kieran Donovan pointed to the corridor and cursed: “You bastard are you waiting for me, dare you say this, I will let your family be ruined, believe it or not!”

But no matter how much you scolded, there was no alternative, the family had disappeared.

Kieran Donovan became more and more angry. He looked around and suddenly saw Luna curled up in the corner. Kieran Donovan took a sip, and hurriedly went crazy again, walking towards Luna.

At this moment, Luna had just come over for a few minutes, and she was about to struggle to sit up, when she saw Kieran Donovan rushing towards her, her heart suddenly became cold.

“Kieran Donovan…brother, what are you doing?”


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