I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 344 part 1

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 344 part 1

Chapter 344

Luna was trembling, she was so horribly beaten that she could no longer bear Kieran Donovan’s beating, and she was terrified!

Kieran Donovan sipped her and snorted coldly, “Damn, you still have the face to ask me what you are doing? Do you look at the good things you did, do you know that you almost killed me!”

Luna heard the words, shook her head like a rattle, and apologized again and again: “I…I don’t know Kieran Donovan, I don’t know what kind of rich boy Ethan is. I always thought he was a poor man… “

“Hey…” Kieran Donovan couldn’t help but said, greeted him with a slap, and directly slapped Luna into dizziness.

“Don’t you know? He and his girlfriend are at the same school as you. Don’t you know that he is a rich second-generation? Who are you deceiving? I wonder if you did it on purpose, just to deceive Kieran Donovan’s money. !” Kieran Donovan cursed.

“No, I really don’t, how dare I, Kieran Donovan, I really don’t know, I swear, if I dare to lie to you, I will be thundered…”

“Who the hell believes in you!” Kieran Donovan kicked over and cursed, “I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars up and down. Not only did I not sleep, I almost got my life in. You said, How can I settle this account with you? Tell me!”

Luna cried with rain, and shook her head: “I…I don’t know, or I will go to Mira and give you the money to get back…”

“I want you!” Kieran Donova cursed, “You go and ask for money. People should be angry with me when they turn around. Do you still want to kill me?”

Luna was gone, crying miserably: “What should I do, Kieran Donovan…”

Kieran Donovan walked around the place two times in anger: “What should I do, how can I know what to do, but I can’t waste my money…”

Kieran Donovan turned his head and glanced at Luna, and snorted coldly, “This is all your fault. You can get the money, as well as the loss of Kieran Donovan today, as well as the mental loss… , You gave me 800,000 yuan in the end, and what we have done today will be wiped out. If you dare not give it to me, don’t blame me for being polite. I think you are also clear about my methods!”

Kieran Donovan looked at Luna and sneered: “I usually don’t give you less money. I will give you a week. If I can’t see 800,000 within a week, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan turned around and left.

Luna was stupid when she heard this.

“Eight hundred thousand? Kieran Donovan… Don’t go, Brother strong, let me go, where can I get this 800,000 yuan, I just sell the iron and sell myself, but I can’t get the 800,000 yuan. what!”

Nearly desperate, Luna hurried up and hugged Kieran Donovan’s thigh.

Of course Luna knows what she can do. Although she recently stole Ethan’s concert tickets, she also made a lot of money for Mira.

But even so, this money plus the money he saved before, adds up to more than 100,000. Kieran Donovan wants 800,000, and the remaining 700,000. Where can I get it? And it’s still a week?


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