I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 344 part 2

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 344 part 2

For her, this is almost an impossible task.

But whether she wants to complete it is her own business, and Kieran Donovan doesn’t care about it.

He was really angry today and wanted to find a place to vent.

Secondly, it was Luna who really cheated herself. If she didn’t take a layer of skin off her body, Kieran Donovan would feel uncomfortable in her heart.

He didn’t care if Luna could get 800,000 yuan in the end. If she got it in the end, it would be best, but if she couldn’t get it, then wait to be punished by himself.

Kieran Donovan kicked Luna away and snorted coldly, “Go away, let me tell you, I will give you a week for special purpose. As soon as the week comes, I will definitely send someone to find you. Are you special? Don’t even want to leave secretly, how powerful my eyes and ears are, I think you also know that if you run away and are caught by me, what will happen when you look back, I promise you won’t even want to think about it!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan turned and left.

Luna, who was kicked to the ground, was desperate.

What should I do? Eight hundred thousand, even if she secretly sold her parents’ house, she wouldn’t have enough money?

But she knew very well that this money was absolutely indispensable. If she did not give it, Kieran Donovan would definitely not let her go.

Not to mention a lot, it is possible for those thugs raised by Kieran Donovan to eat her.

Thinking of this, Luna shuddered. She suddenly regretted doing these things, and regretted hooking up with people like Kieran Donovan.

In the past, she felt that it was a matter of supreme honor that she could hook up with a young master like Kieran Donovan, but now she completely understands where this is what glory is, this is simply a black hole. Swallowed completely…

On the other side, Ethan and the three people who left the hotel did not go back to school directly in the car.

Mira has injuries on her body and needs treatment.

Originally, Linda proposed to go to the hospital, but Ethan suddenly thought of something, so he informed the driver and went to clinic.


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