I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 348

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 348

Chapter 348

“Enough of you!” Joanna heard Ethan being so humiliated, and her anger was almost spreading. She waited for Zaid with a look of anger, and shouted, “You get out of here, what qualifications do you have to say Ethan? Do you think it’s great to have a few bad money?”

Joanna snorted coldly and continued: “You are too self-righteous, let me tell you the truth, just a little bit of your stinky money, in Ethan’s eyes, is simply a pile of rubbish!”

Of course, Joanna is very clear about Ethan’s net worth. How can a character that even Pablo have a low eyebrow and a pleasing eyebrow can be compared to Zaid?

Although Joanna didn’t know Zaid’s real net worth, or even his true identity, she believed that even if the other party had money, it would not be enough to look at in front of Ethan.

In Joanna’s view, the words Zaid said just now were nothing more than a joke, he was just humiliating himself.

Only after listening to Joanna’s words, Zaid still looked proud, he looked at Ethan, and laughed uncontrollably.

“He? Joanna ah Joanna, you really can blow for him, you don’t look at his virtue, he is a fart!” Zaid sneered proudly, “Joanna, tell you the truth, I You have so many assets that you might not have imagined it in your life. I am unwilling to be familiar with you today. Otherwise, if anyone dares to slap me, I will kill him in minutes!”

Zaid had something else to say. Suddenly his cell phone rang, and he quickly took out and took a look. It was a piece of information.

After reading the information, Zaid’s expression suddenly became dignified, and then hurriedly put away the phone, and hurriedly swallowed back into his stomach what he had to continue to say just now.

Zaid finally gave Ethan a cold look, and said, “It’s just this kind of dog comparison. Remember, I scolded him today. It’s his honour. I don’t even care about him for this kind of stuff. I’m too lazy to take care of it. I have something to do, I don’t bother to take care of you either.”

After speaking, Zaid turned around and left.

However, before leaving the house, Zaid suddenly stopped. He turned his head, glanced at Ethan, then at Joanna, and sneered: “Joanna, I can see that you are a bit interesting to this dog, so be it. , I will make you happy for a while, but don’t worry, it won’t take long, I’m sure you won’t even be able to cry you little ants, it’s ridiculous, I’ve taken the initiative to give You are favored, but you still don’t want it?”

Zaid’s words are all in the cloud.

Everyone even wondered, why did this guy leave?

But seeing Zaid leave, Joanna breathed a sigh of relief.

She seemed to be relieved, sighed, glanced at Ethan, and said softly, “I’m really sorry for making you wronged.”

Hearing this, Ethan just smiled faintly: “It’s okay, you’re fine.

Joanna glanced at Ethan again, with an unspeakable complexity in her eyes. She whispered, “I…I’m tired, I’ll go take a rest first, and you are busy.”

Ethan could see that Joanna actually wanted to avoid herself deliberately, but since she wanted to, why should she force it? And what happened today, Joanna seems to be a little uncomfortable.

Looking at Joanna’s back, Ethan asked Zebulon on the side: “Doctor Zebulon, Joanna…when did she have a boyfriend? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Zebulon didn’t rush to answer Ethan, but he sighed for a long time. Obviously he had too much to say and too much helplessness.

Zebulon pondered for a moment and said, “In fact, this Zaid had already started to pursue Joanna before, but Joanna also told me that she didn’t like this Zaid and didn’t feel it, so I have always felt that, The two of them probably won’t play in their lives.”

Zebulon sighed and continued: “And the most important thing is that Zaid has some unknown origins, and every shot is very generous. I am a little worried that his money is not coming from the right way, so I have been restraining Joanna. Don’t let her have too much contact with such people.”

“The origin is unknown?” Ethan couldn’t help being curious when he heard Zebulon utter the word.

A person has become Joanna’s boyfriend, how can it be of unknown origin?

Zebulon seemed to know that Ethan would be curious about this, and he nodded quickly: “It’s just an unknown source. This kid appeared about a few months ago. It looks like a rich kid from which family, but we asked him, he also Not to mention, I have commissioned several of my upper-level friends to investigate this kid in the past, but in the end nothing was found, as if this kid really appeared out of thin air.”

Zebulon paused, and continued: “Sorry , you think, a person of unknown origin, who can easily shoot tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands, is this a normal person? How can this not be suspicious? So ah, Actually, I have always been on guard against him, but… hey…”

Zebulon seemed to hate that iron could not become steel. He sighed heavily and continued: “But Joanna, a stupid child, since the stupid stunned you at the banquet, she suddenly went uncharacteristically and accepted this Zaid.”

“I strongly opposed it at the beginning, but there was no way. Joanna seemed to be determined, and she didn’t have any advice. Then this kid came to my clinic from time to time, but his attitude was quite arrogant. As if I were his son-in-law, I still have to be angry with him all day, you say this…”

Zebulon seems to have a lot of bitterness when he mentions Zaid.

Ethan knew how uncomfortable Zebulon felt right now by seeing his appearance.

But at this time Ethan was most concerned about Joanna.

Especially when Ethan heard Zebulon say that it was after Joanna was with Zaid since he was frustrated last time, Ethan felt even more uncomfortable.

He felt as if he had pitted Joanna. When he finally looked in the direction Joanna was leaving, his eyes were full of apologetics.

But at this moment, Ethan had a little more curiosity in his mind, and that was the identity of Zaid.

Ethan was full of curiosity about what Zebulon said, Zaid seemed to suddenly appear, and no such person was found.

Ethan wasn’t curious about this person. This guy had just been so rude and rude, and he wouldn’t care if he died.

It’s just that he is entangled with Joanna. For the sake of his good friend, why Ethan has to find out the identity of this person. In any case, he cannot let his good friend hold a time bomb in his arms.


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