I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 350

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 350

Chapter 350

“Actually, I don’t know his origin. Not long ago, we met once at a party, and then he began to pursue me…”

Joanna told Ethan everything she knew about Zaid.

But there are not many valuable things. It seems that Joanna knows very little about Zaid.

In addition to knowing that his family is not local, that he is rich, and that he seems to be well-connected, she also doesn’t know much.

“That’s all?” Ethan frowned and looked at Joanna, somewhat surprised, “You…you don’t know him, so you chose to be with him? Then haven’t you asked him?”

Hearing Ethan’s questioning, Joanna’s face turned red, shook her head, and she fell silent.

But suddenly, Joanna seemed to have thought of something, she stood up abruptly, looked at Ethan and said, “Oh, I thought about it. He has one more suspicious thing, that is, when we are together, he always likes to look at his mobile phone. And several times, after he sent a text message, he left in a hurry.”

Joanna thought about it for a while, and then said again: “And again, he seemed to have missed something, saying that there is actually a bigger figure behind him, but I didn’t take it seriously at the time, I…I I didn’t have much interest in him, so I didn’t even ask a lot of words…”

Ethan said, he walked around the room twice, then asked Joanna to send himself a photo of Zaid, and got up to leave.

Ethanlin went out, glanced at Joanna, and said softly: “Take care of yourself.”

After speaking, Ethan turned and left.

Looking at Ethan’s back, Joanna felt a little bit reluctant, and hurriedly closed the door. She leaned against the door, her mind full of thoughts.

At this time, Ethan didn’t care much about Zaid. He just wanted to figure out the identity of this person.

What Ethan didn’t know was that Zaid would have been entangled with himself for so long.

Ethan walked to Linda and Mira, and saw Mira who was already on good medicine, and said softly, “Let’s go.”

Linda’s complexion didn’t look pretty, but he nodded slightly, then got up and helped Mira out of the clinic.

Ethan frowned, and he could also see that Linda was a little jealous when he saw that he and Joanna might be close.

But Ethan didn’t feel anything. He took out his cell phone and called Maggie.

“Sister Maggie, help me find someone!” After the call was connected, Ethan said, “I will send you his picture later. His name is Zaid. I want to know his origin, identity, and background!”

Maggie on the other end of the phone answered and ended the call. Then Ethan passed to Maggie the photo that Joanna had just passed to him.

At this moment, Zebulon hurriedly moved in.

Ethan smiled at him slightly: “Doctor Zebulon, don’t worry, I have sent someone to investigate Zaid, and there will be information soon.”

Zebulon nodded again and again: “Okay, well, then please let Ethan on this matter, hey, Joanna, this child, it is really not worrying. There will be Ethan and help me in the future.”

Ethan casually responded, turned his head and glanced at the room where Joanna was, and quickly followed out.

At this time, Linda and Mira had already boarded a taxi on the side of the road. Ethan hurriedly followed and said to the driver, “Go to Buckeye University.”

As the driver drove, Ethan looked back at Linda and knew she was a little upset, so he asked: I am going to see the progress of the house renovation tomorrow, are you going?”

Linda raised his head and glanced at Ethan, looking listless.

“Forget it, I won’t go.” Linda glanced at Mira and comforted, “Mira is injured, I want to accompany her in the bedroom.”

Hearing Linda’s remarks, Ethan couldn’t help but shook his head and said, “Well then…”

Soon, several people returned to school.

Linda and Mira returned to the dormitory, while Ethan was walking around the stadium alone. He seemed to want to think about something, but his mind was muddled and he didn’t think of anything.

Suddenly, Ethan’s cell phone rang, and it was Maggie who called.

Ethan quickly picked it up, “Hey, Sister Maggie.”

Maggie said with a hum, “Master Ethan, I have used a lot of relationships to check the person you asked me to check!”

Ethan smiled when he heard the words. He knew Maggie’s work ability very well, and believed that as soon as Maggie got out, he would definitely be able to find out that person’s information.

But Maggie’s next words surprised Ethan.

“But Master Ethan, I haven’t found any identity information about that person!” Maggie said solemnly.

“I didn’t find it?” Ethan looked surprised when he heard the words, “How is it possible? Sister Maggie, it is not easy for you to check a person. Why haven’t you found it in the end?”

Ethan couldn’t believe what Maggie said.


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