I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 351

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 351

Chapter 351

Although Maggie is only a subordinate of the Norman Family, her ability is absolutely capable of reaching the sky with her hands and eyes. Why are there people she can’t find?

But that was the case, Maggie also sighed.

“That’s it, Master Ethan, I really didn’t find any information about this person.” Maggie explained, “It’s true that I can use my relationship with the Norman Family to get information about anyone in Buckeye. I’ve been investigating everything, and I’m sure I can find it out if I go up to the top of society and down to a beggar, but…”

Maggie rarely hesitated, and finally she said, “But the Zaid you mentioned, I really didn’t find any information about him. He gave me the feeling that he was a transparent person, as if suddenly fell from the sky. To be honest, I also find it very strange, because anyone of this kind must have a lot of origin, and it is even possible that he comes from a top family!”

Maggie’s words made Ethan puzzled.

It seems that Zaid really has some background, otherwise Maggie would never have been able to investigate his even a little bit of information.

But because of this, Ethan also made up an idea in his heart, that is, we must let Joanna stay away from this person.

Ethan was thinking, and Maggie suddenly asked, “Young Master Ethan, did you have any feasts with this person? Where did you meet this person? What happened to him?”

Obviously, facing such a transparent person that she could not “catch”, Maggie was also a little worried.

“It’s not a holiday. He just walked closer to a friend of mine. I was worried that he was plotting against my friend, so I wanted to ask you to check it.” Ethan sighed and continued to ask, “Sister Maggie, What should I do if I can’t find out his identity now?”

Maggie on the other end of the phone thought for a while, and finally said, “Don’t worry, Master Ethan, I will keep investigating the identity of this person until I find it out, but I still have to ask you something. For this kind of person, you still try to stay as far away as possible.”

“I’m telling you the truth, there are very few people whose information I can’t find, but it’s not none. And as for those transparent people whose information I can’t find, there is absolutely no simple role!”

Maggie paused and continued: “In fact, there are many prominent families in this world. In order to maintain and consolidate their status, they sometimes use many methods, and that method, I promise you can even listen to it. I’ve never heard of them. Those methods are extremely cruel, and there are even people who specialize in using them, and many times, such people are like this, like transparent people, and there is no little information!”

Maggie’s words really surprised Ethan.

Of course he would not question what Maggie said, but he didn’t expect that this glamorous big family would be so dark and bloody behind their backs?

“So Ethan, I still said that. Whether it is you or your friend, when encountering such a ghostly existence, you must stay as far away as possible, you know?”

What else can Ethan say? Can only keep nodding.

“Okay, I know Sister Maggie, thank you very much, I will definitely pay attention to it in the future.” After speaking, Ethan quickly ended the call.

At this time, on the other side of the phone, Maggie, who slowly put down the phone, frowned.

In fact, when such a person came out suddenly, the pressure in Maggie’s heart was absolutely greater than Ethan, because she knew better than Ethan how terrifying and mysterious these so-called “transparent people” are.

“Little Buckeye, how come such a person suddenly appeared?” Maggie muttered to herself. After a moment of thought, she quickly dialed a number.

The phone rang a few times, the other party was connected, and a steady and magnetic man’s voice came from the receiver.

“Maggie what’s the matter?”

“MR. Eric, I…I have something to report to you.” Maggie said respectfully and cautiously, “In Buckeye, I found a “transparent person”!”

As soon as Maggie said this, the other party immediately became a little nervous: “What? What’s the matter?”

Maggie hurriedly explained what happened, and then said: “MR. Eric, I am calling to tell you that I am actually worried about Master Ethan’s safety, so I hope you can go through the network of Norman’s headquarters. Investigate and see if this transparent person is from our Norman Family or from another family.”

Eric Norman on the other end of the phone touched his forehead, and found that a thin layer of sweat was involuntarily growing on his forehead. Obviously, receiving such a message suddenly made him start to become alert.

After a while, Eric Norman said, “Okay, I know, maggie, Ethan is relying on you. Now is our most critical moment. You have to keep Ethan safe anyway.”

“I understand.” Maggie nodded, “Then MR. Eric, what should I do with this transparent person?”


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