I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 352

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 352

Chapter 352

Eric Norman hesitated again for a moment, and said: “You should grasp his movements as much as possible first, and observe first.”

Immediately afterwards, Eric Norman continued: “Actually, when you just told me about this, do you know what I thought of first?”

“What?” Maggie asked inexplicably.

Eric Norman sneered: “Do you remember that I told you before that someone in the family was investigating me secretly? The thing that I gave Ethan 10 billion before and after seems to have smelled fishy with a cat, so the family before Only at the meeting will it be decided to send someone to Buckeye.”

“Hmph, they are investigating Buckeye’s investment environment in name, but in fact, I guess they are investigating me!” Eric Norman couldn’t help sighing, “I suspect, this transparent person should be related to some people in the family. People are related, so you must pay close attention to it just in case!”

“If they are just curious about my financial trends, it’s okay to say, but if these people discovered the existence of Ethan, that would be a big deal!” Eric Norman said extremely cautiously.

Hearing what Eric Norman said, Maggie suddenly became nervous.

She had heard that before long, the overseas Norman Family would send a family member to Buckeye to investigate the investment environment.

In fact, Maggie knew at the beginning that the family might have heard the wind, and Buckeye had always investigated Eric Norman.

But in any case, she did not dare to think that these people were coming to Ethan.

Maggie couldn’t help squeezing sweat in her hands.

She knows very well what Ethan means to Eric Norman’s huge plan, and she knows what will happen if Ethan is discovered by the overseas Norman Family.

Perhaps Ethan didn’t understand how much blood and blood was hidden behind the seeming harmony of this big family.

But Maggie knew that she was adopted by Eric Norman since she was a child, and she was raised in Shen’s family. She knew nothing more about this family and the struggle within the family.

Precisely because of this, Maggie was only disappointed when he saw Ethan’s incomparable kindness to anyone who threatened him in the past.

Because in her opinion, Ethan’s so-called kindness is naive and ridiculous.

If the overseas Norman Family is a TV series with a hundred episodes, then Ethan may not survive one episode!

Maggie couldn’t help feeling a little anxious, and hurriedly asked, “MR. Eric, I…I want to know, if someone from the Norman Family discovers Ethan this time, what should I do?”

Faced with this problem, Eric Norman also hesitated.

After a while, Eric Norman said, “Take a step and take a step, think about everything for the better…”

After speaking, the call was ended. Maggie’s hanging heart never let go, but the higher the hanging, the higher.

One year!

As long as one more year passes, the plan that Eric Norman has planned for nearly 20 years will be successful. By then, Eric Norman will be able to completely control the entire Norman Family, and those hostile families will also be completely surrendered. Norman Family.

For this plan, Eric Norman has endured the humiliation for 20 years, but seeing the plan is about to succeed, now it seems that it has become precarious again.

Maggie sighed heavily and suddenly yelled outside the office, and then a senior young man in a straight suit walked in.

“Sister Maggie, please order.”

Maggie handed the printed photo of Zaid to the young man, and said in a deep voice, “Send me everyone. Be sure to find this person and keep me staring at his every move.”

The young man in a suit nodded his head heavily and was about to leave, but was stopped by Maggie.

“Wait a minute!” Maggie looked at the young man with a solemn expression, and said solemnly, “This person may be a bit difficult, so you have to tell my brothers to be more careful and remember to keep yourself safe and not to conflict with this person. !”

Hearing this, the young man couldn’t help but smiled, “Sister Maggie, is this person that evil? I look like he’s just a dude who has just left university, you…”

Before he finished speaking, Maggie interrupted: “You didn’t hear what I said, did you? I will tell you one last time. This person is far more dangerous than he is on the surface. Be careful!”

Seeing that Maggie seemed to be angry, the young man hurriedly recovered her serious face and said, “I understand Sister Maggie, don’t worry, I will let my brothers be careful!”

After speaking, the youth quickly walked out of Maggie’s office.

Just as soon as he got out of the office, the young man’s face changed. He looked at the photo and couldn’t help but smile: what’s so terrible about this kind of stuff!”

The youth then took out the walkie-talkie, turned on the switch, and said, “Everyone gathers in the garage on the ground floor. I will show you a person later. You must find him as soon as possible. Remember, the first thing to find this person is to give him I teach him a lesson! Have you heard all of them?”


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