I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 353

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 353


Early the next morning, Ethan called Maggie again to ask if he was going to the villa, but the final answer was “Don’t go.”
Ethan was also a little helpless, but since maggie didn’t go left or right, he could only go by himself.
Because the renovation plan has been finalized before, and Pablo also signed the renovation contract on behalf of Ethan, so the renovation has actually started in these two days.
Ethan had been looking forward to his new home a long time ago, so as soon as he heard that the renovation had started, he wanted to take a look at it.
The weather was good today. Ethan didn’t choose to take a taxi. Instead, he swept a small yellow car at the entrance of the school, and went straight to Haisheng Yipin.
After riding for about ten minutes, Ethan finally reached the villa area.
Since the villa is currently under construction, it has been temporarily sealed off. With the dust inside, Ethan didn’t go in. He just watched outside for a while, but even so, Ethan felt very happy.
He even couldn’t help but imagine that one day in the future, he and will live in here, and the two will go in and out of each other. In a few years, they will have a vigorous wedding and finally have a baby. What a wonderful thing. .
Thinking of this, Ethan felt overjoyed in his heart, and the smile on his face seemed to be overflowing.
But just as Ethan was laughing stupidly here, a voice suddenly came from his side.
“Why are you here?”
Hearing the sound, Ethan quickly turned his head and looked around, and then his entire face became gloomy.
Because he saw people he didn’t like seeing.
At this time, Jennifer saw Ethan, her face changed suddenly, she walked over with a joking expression, and asked with a sneer: “Hey, what is it, come and watch the fun?”
Ethan really hated this woman to death, and didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her, but said indifferently, “I’ll see the progress of the renovation.”
Who knows, when Ethan said this, Jennifer suddenly sneered: “What? What did you say? Do you dare to say it again? Haha, I laughed to death…”
Jennifer pointed to Ethan, and she leaned forward and closed with a smile.
“Hey, I said you, are you still awake? Are you still in your dreams? You come to see the progress of the villa’s renovation? What’s the matter, you really think this is yours? I was in the Haoyue Hotel before Back then, it’s okay for you to brag about it. Now that you’re here, you’re still pretending to be tough? Hoho, are you tired? It’s funny.”
Obviously, at this moment, Jennifer finally understood why she ran into Ethan here.
I’m afraid this guy is really crazy, he really took this villa as his own, and he came here to take a look.
But because of this, Jennifer felt even more ridiculous.
She pointed to the small yellow car next to Ethan, and continued to smile and said, “Oh, it’s really hard for you. Looking at this 70 million mansion, you still came here on a shared bicycle? Is it a taxi fare? Is it all gone?”
Listening to Jennifer’s ridicules, Ethan felt helpless in his heart.
He simply felt that this woman had a problem with her IQ.
She always feels that she is pretending to be coercive, as everyone knows, how old are you? Why should I act like you? What is Kieran’s picture?
It’s ridiculous.
Ethan had an expression of disgust from beginning to end. Finally, he glanced at Jennifer and asked in a cold voice, “Excuse me, have you finished speaking? Can I leave after I’m finished?”
Ethan twisted the bicycle in his hand without paying attention. There was a small puddle under his feet. As soon as Ethan turned the bicycle and stepped on the puddle, the wheels suddenly splashed the muddy water on the ground. Splashed Jennifer’s snow-white dress.
But Ethan didn’t realize it, and sneered: “Do you know? You are like a person, I don’t bother to explain it to you now.”
After speaking, Ethan turned around to get on the bike, but before he could ride away, he was pulled alive by Jennifer.
At that moment, Jennifer was almost exploding!
“You…you are so blind!” Jennifer shouted out almost desperately, pointing at Ethan and yelling, “You stupid, do you know how much my skirt costs? Are you blind? , Don’t look at it, grandma, this is a newly bought Prada, I will wear it to the banquet in the afternoon, you…you…”
Jennifer gritted her teeth angrily. If she had a knife in her hand now, she could hardly wait to break Ethan’s body into pieces.
When Ethan turned his head, he also found the mud spots on Jennifer’s body. He couldn’t help frowning, a little dumbfounded.
I was angry just now. I didn’t even see the puddles on the ground, but I didn’t want to give Jennifer’s dress directly, so I got disfigured.
You know, this neighborhood is under renovation, and the pavement is covered with spilled cement. The cement is stuck with water at this time, just like glue, you can’t wash it off.
But Ethan didn’t take it seriously. Looking at the reluctant Jennifer, he said impatiently: “Oh, it’s not just a broken skirt, I will pay you!”


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