I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 355

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 355

Chapter 355

Ethan smiled when he heard the words, and couldn’t help but move a little bit of teasing Jennifer.

He nodded: “That’s it. I’ll give you one million. If you turn around, please kneel down for me.”

After speaking, Ethan asked Jennifer to pass the phone over so that he could transfer the money.

Ethan’s actions really surprised Jennifer, but they were more mocking.

, humiliate yourself, okay!” Without any hesitation, Jennifer took out her mobile phone and handed it to Ethan, “Go ahead, let me see if you can give me a million today if you You can really turn me a million, let alone kneel, even if you ask me to knock you a hundred heads, I will satisfy you!”

Jennifer said “Bah”: “Unfortunately you can’t do it!”

Ethan looked at Jennifer and couldn’t help but feel amused. He wanted to make your mouth hard, and I immediately made you cry without crying.

Thinking of this, Ethan quickly scanned Jennifer’s QR code on WeChat.

Then directly enter the amount of one million, ready to pay in the past.

Ethan is certainly not stupid, and he certainly won’t let this million go in vain.

You must know that Jennifer’s decoration company is working for herself now, and if her one million is over, it should be treated as an advance payment, anyway, sooner or later, she has to pay others.

And Ethan naturally believed that Jennifer dared to swallow the money privately, so she would definitely not end well.

Ethan did this just to see how she would react when the money arrived in Jennifer’s hands.

This woman is really too arrogant, she simply kills her arrogance, and she dares to be so arrogant with her in the future.

Ethan entered the password while looking at Jennifer with a smile. He took away a little provocatively and said, “You just said, if I can transfer you one million, you give me a hundred heads. Is it true? The fake?”

Jennifer’s face sank, and she scolded: “Humph, of course it’s true, but unfortunately you don’t have that much money!”

Ethan sneered. At this time, he had already entered the password, and said calmly, “Who said that?”

Ethan picked up his mobile phone and showed it to Jennifer, then smiled and said, “Kow your head!”

Jennifer was taken aback by Ethan’s determination, and she said that she wouldn’t really have one million, right?

She hurriedly glanced at Ethan’s mobile phone screen, and when she saw it, she was stunned for an instant.

But only a moment later, Jennifer smiled and closed back.

“Hahaha… laughed at me to death, and I kowtow to you, kowtow to your grandma!” Jennifer pointed at Ethan and laughed wantonly, “A fool is a fool, look for yourself, what’s on the screen of your phone? You are still pretending to be here with me. I think you really want me to die, but you really want to laugh at me…”

When Ethan heard Jennifer’s words, he was taken aback, and he said that there would be no problems again, right?

He quickly took back his cell phone and took a look, but with this look, Ethan had the thought of shooting himself.

Because at this time, only a few words were displayed on his mobile phone screen: The payment exceeded the limit.

Embarrassment… Embarrassment in capitals.

Ethan was really speechless, and even wanted to drop the broken phone.

Knowing that he had chosen a bank transfer, Ethan couldn’t help but sighed in his heart, raised his head, his face turned red, and said, “Or I will use a bank card to transfer it to you. I forgot that there is a limit on mobile payment…”

“Go to your uncle, do you think I’m a fool? Do you think I’m as stupid as you?” Jennifer said contemptuously, “I don’t have any money, so I pretend to be forced, I think you did it on purpose!”

Jennifer snorted Ethan and yelled: “Fool, pay the money quickly, or just kowtow to the old lady as soon as you are wrong, otherwise you don’t want to have a better life!”

Obviously, it is impossible for Ethan to re-transfer to Jennifer at this time.

Ethan sighed for his bad luck, but he was helpless, who made it so coincidental.

Ethan was also a little angry, originally he wanted to slap Jennifer in the face, but in the end he didn’t hit the adult family, but he was very embarrassed.

Ethan glanced at Jennifer angrily, and said, “Okay, don’t talk nonsense. I just pay you. I can’t transfer one million, and I can’t transfer more than 20,000? I’ll give you the money, no matter what. Give me nonsense!”

While talking, Ethan gave Jennifer another turn. This time he entered twenty-four thousand.

But Ethan’s actions made Jennifer amused.

“, how do you pretend to be tricky? Who do you lie to? Stupid…” Jennifer gritted her teeth, she looked at her Prada dress, her teeth tickling with hatred, and said in disgust, “Wait so much, stupid. , Today’s things are endless!”

After speaking, Jennifer turned and walked away.

Of course she didn’t believe that Ethan could give herself twenty-four thousand. Ethan was just pretending to be compelling. It was good to use this little trick once, but he even used it a second time. How disgusting and disgusting!

However, Jennifer will never let Ethan go. She ruined her favorite dress. She will definitely get her revenge!

Thinking of this, Jennifer took out her mobile phone and prepared to call her cousin.


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