I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 356

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 356

Chapter 356

But at this moment, Jennifer’s WeChat rang, and to his surprise, it turned out to be an arrival reminder.

Jennifer looked surprised, but she didn’t expect Ethan to transfer it to her. She thought it was a friend who transferred it to her.

She hurriedly took a look, but the expression on her face became more astonished.

Because she saw that the person who transferred the money to herself was indeed Ethan, and the amount was still 24,000 yuan.

“This…” Jennifer’s face was dazed, she couldn’t believe it.

She hurriedly looked back at Ethan, but found that Ethan was already riding a little yellow car away.

“Where does this idiot get so much money?” Jennifer frowned and muttered, “This…this is more than 20,000 yuan, does he actually have it?”

Ethan is poor and famous, and he likes to pretend so much. Even if Jennifer is killed, he will not believe that Ethan can spend so much money at once.

“Could it be that this stupid is stealing money?” Jennifer murmured again, and she suddenly felt that this speculation seemed to make sense, otherwise she couldn’t explain the origin of Ethan’s money at all?

And Jennifer remembers that not long ago, Ethan bought a guitar for that bitch Linda.

All this, it’s hundreds of thousands. This fool either won the lottery or must have stolen money.

But if you win the lottery, it’s estimated that there will be a lot of rumors. How can you not get any information?

Then it must be stolen money…

Jennifer simply smiled and asked whether he had stolen the money or not. Anyway, it is her own when it comes to her. Looking back, Ethan, if the Dongchuang incident happens and the dirty money cannot be returned, just wait for someone to fix it.

Jennifer looked down at her dress again, still sighing for a while.

I had to wear this to the afternoon banquet, but it’s a waste! Damn, every time I meet this stupid, it’s no good!

Jennifer cursed in disgust, feeling very upset in her heart.

You know, for this banquet. Jennifer has been preparing for a long time.

It is said that all the celebrities who can attend are some social celebrities, and she is also thinking about meeting several celebrities or brothers at this banquet.

And according to Jennifer’s hearing, there seems to be a small auction house for this banquet. There is also a very famous sapphire necklace in the lot. Jennifer desperately wants to attend the banquet, just to see this sapphire necklace. .

Women, the love of beauty is common in everyone. Who doesn’t imagine that he can wear some exquisite and expensive jewelry and enjoy the attention of all eyes?

But Jennifer feels that she is enough to have the opportunity to wear the sapphire necklace, but it is good to see…

Leaving the villa area of ​​Haisheng Yipin, Ethan rode a bicycle for a long time.

Linda was angry with herself, Ethan was also a little uncomfortable, so she thought, how can I please her?

Ethan went to a nearby shopping mall, but walked out in a desperate manner.

He believed in his own aesthetics. Linda would definitely not like the clothes he chose. Instead of that, he would not buy them.

Ethan left the manufacturer and happened to see a new large jewelry counter opened next to the mall. He immediately became interested and walked in.

I don’t know how to buy clothes, but it’s okay to buy Linda a piece of jewelry.

Since it was just opened, this jewelry shop seemed to be holding some activities. As soon as I entered the lobby, a lot of people surrounded it.

In the crowd, one person seemed to be still yelling hard.

Ethan was also a little curious. He squeezed past the crowd and took a look. He saw that in the middle of the crowd, a young man was introducing something to the crowd.

And beside the man’s hand, inside an exquisite transparent jewelry box, there was a crystal clear sky blue pendant impressively.

“Hello everyone, everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Zack. I am the owner of the Jewelry Store. The pendant I have is the treasure of our store, the sapphire pendant called Tears of the Sky. This pendant , Produced in South Africa and designed by Countess Fiona, the top jewelry designer in the continent, weighing 47 carats…”

The owner of the jewellery shop carefully introduced the blue gems that day, and all the onlookers were amazed.

“It’s so beautiful, my husband, I really want it. This gem is so beautiful. If I wear it out, I will definitely become the focus of everyone…”

“I don’t know how much. If the price is reasonable, I will take it after a while, go home and give it to my wife…”

“Oh, this sapphire is really crystal clear, with good appearance and high purity. I guess the price will not be too cheap…”

There was a lot of discussion in the crowd, and many beautifully dressed women coquettishly let the men next to them buy them for themselves.

And those men couldn’t stand this soft and hard bubble, some people let go, saying that as long as they listen to the offer, they will buy it.

Suddenly, one of the people in the crowd shouted: “Oh, stop talking nonsense, I just want to know, how much is this pendant?”


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