I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 359

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 359

Chapter 359

“Just such a small stone costs 1.88 million yuan? This is…too outrageous, isn’t it? What a joke? Then you can buy two hardcover apartments in the city center!”

“Oh, what do you guys know? This is a top sapphire. It is very large and has high purity. It has been processed by top foreign jewelry designers. It is natural to be more expensive, but only 1.88 million… …”

Because of Zack’s words, the entire jewelry store suddenly became a pot of porridge, and almost everyone was surprised that the price of this sapphire pendant was too high.

You know, that’s a whole 1.88 million, even if it is stacked together, it is a lot of banknotes.

And this small pendant, the asking price is so high, no one can accept it.

And the middle-aged man was dumbfounded after hearing Zack’s offer.

1.8 million? This was much higher than the price he had expected.

Originally, he felt that such a small stone, even if it was called a gem, was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

It would cost more than 1.8 million, which is too ridiculous.

He wanted to buy a piece of jewelry at random to coax the woman next to him. If it was tens of thousands of dollars, he would admit it.

But 1.8 million yuan, he would not accept it anyway, it was almost catching up with the profitability of his purse for a few months.

“Brother, you… are you kidding?” The middle-aged man forced a smile and asked, “How can there be such expensive jewelry? More than one million, are you kidding?”

However, Zack’s face was serious, and he didn’t mean to be joking at all.

“Sorry, sir, the quotation I just gave is real and valid. I didn’t kid you. Tears of the Sky is a pure natural deep sapphire, and it is processed by top designers, so it is worth the price!” Zack said .

Zack naturally understood that to these laymen, seeing such a small stone is worth more than one million, which is really unacceptable.

But in the eyes of their insiders, this price is even more relevant.

You know, a sapphire of the purity and completeness like Tears of the Sky may appear in a few pieces a year in the world.

The scarcity is the most expensive, and the price is high, so naturally it is reasonable.

And for some people who like this kind of high-end and expensive packing, even if it is more than one million, they will not hesitate to buy it.

As soon as Zack looked at the middle-aged man, he knew that he was a layman for jewelry, and he was talking so wildly before, it was nothing more than ignorance and fearlessness.

Now as soon as he heard 1.88 million, this guy’s complexion suddenly changed, and his cold sweat fell.

Zack smiled and asked, “Sir, I have already quoted the price, now you can bid!”

The middle-aged man wiped sweat from his forehead and his lips were dry.

He looked at the woman next to him, frowned and said, “Why don’t we… let’s… let’s look at other things? This… I don’t think this is very beautiful, look at the agate necklace over there. , So many big beads, seems to be only more than eight thousand yuan…”

When middle-aged men speak, they don’t have confidence.

But the woman listened to him with an angrily expression.

“Look at you, didn’t you just say that you want to buy it for me? Why, now it’s too expensive, don’t buy it? What’s the matter with you!” The woman pursed her lips, “No way, I want this!”

The middle-aged man looked embarrassed and extremely embarrassed. He hurried to the woman’s ear and whispered: “Oh, you don’t understand, his asking price is too ridiculous. Looking back, I asked my friend to bring me the same one from overseas. The price must be much cheaper. It costs 1.88 million, so stupid to buy it?”

This middle-aged man can be persuasive, but the charming woman just refuses to listen.

She pushed the middle-aged man away and said loudly, “Huh, I can see it through. You stinky men don’t have a good thing. When you were in bed, you were talking big things, but now I really want you to move the real thing, but Fearful, not as good as a girl, I bah, it’s so disgusting…”

Women’s words really make the middle-aged man unable to get off the stage. He is a little annoyed and said: “You shut your mouth, stop talking nonsense, just don’t buy it today, what can you do? Damn, if you want to follow me, just follow me, not follow me. F*ckme as soon as possible, some women want to talk to him..

The originally arrogant woman, after hearing the words of the middle-aged man, her whole body suddenly went down.

To put it bluntly, she knows that she is a temporary plaything of others after all. People want to change themselves. It is not a matter of minutes. If she is too aggressive, it will only make that day come faster.

The woman pursed her lips and murmured angrily: “If you don’t buy it, you can’t buy it. What a fierceness…”

Seeing the woman be honest, the middle-aged man sighed. He turned his head and looked at Zack, then suddenly grinned: “That…hey boss, this way, I suddenly felt that this is not suitable for my wife. So I won’t buy it yet.”


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