I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 360

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 360

Chapter 360

The middle-aged man said so, but everyone present could tell that he simply couldn’t afford it.

Therefore, a few sneers broke out in the crowd of onlookers present.

“Haha, it’s so interesting. I just vowed to say that I am determined to win this pendant. What are you doing now? Haha laughed at me…”

“Haha, I just asked for tens of thousands of dollars. Now when I hear that it’s over 1.8 million, I don’t buy it right away. It’s embarrassing. It seems that you can’t just pretend it in the future…”

“Ha, that’s really interesting, this guy is so embarrassed this time…”

The crowd talked a lot, and it reached the middle-aged man’s ears. He also felt embarrassed and his face was extremely embarrassed.

He really wanted to find a place to dig in, otherwise he would have no face to see people.

This matter was indeed slapped, so that Ethan also smiled.

However, Ethan’s smile was immediately caught by the middle-aged man, who turned into anger from a bit of anger.

After all, he can accept whoever laughs at himself, but only Ethan laughs at himself, he can’t accept it anyway.

You are a poor student who still likes to pretend to be coercive. Why would you dare to laugh at me?

With anger, the middle-aged man pointed at Ethan and yelled, “Why are you smiling? Interesting, isn’t it? I’m not buying now. Are you happy?”

Ethan looked at the other person’s angrily, and couldn’t help feeling that this person was a bit interesting. How could he be like a child when he is such a big person?

Ethan nodded deliberately and said, “Yeah, you don’t buy it. No one is bidding with me. Of course I should be happy.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, the middle-aged man’s nose was almost crooked. Now that’s the matter, Ethan even pretended to be forced?

And when he said this, he made it clear that he was mocking himself.

He exasperated and said loudly: “You are bragging, I can’t afford it, do you think you can afford it? What are you pretending to be interesting?”

The woman next to the middle-aged man also showed contempt when he heard this, and looked at Ethan: “Yes, what kind of outfit? This sapphire pendant costs 1.8 million yuan, do you think you can afford it? Huh, let’s not say that we look down on you, I think I bought you, I might not be able to buy this pendant, and install it with us!”

The woman sneered all her life, and said with disdain: “No matter how bad we are, we are much better than your poor ! Husband, right?”

The woman looked at the middle-aged man. The latter also nodded, smiled, and curled her lip: “Yes, the more we are reluctant to be familiar with this kind of person, he has to keep an inch, ho ho, it’s really interesting. Shame, are you buying?”

As soon as the middle-aged man had finished speaking, the onlookers also made a ridicule.

Some of these people even think this middle-aged man is boring, because it is obvious that Ethan can’t afford the pendant, and they even argue with Ethan. Isn’t this purely because I just got angry and wanted to come to Ethan to find a sense of existence?

Such people are really boring.

But the big guy knew in his heart that regardless of what the middle-aged man said, one thing was certain, and they were right.

That is, Ethan can’t afford this sapphire pendant altogether, at 1.8 million yuan, the whole Buckeye is fully budgeted, and how many people can afford this luxury luxury item?

Everyone was smiling and looking at Ethan, wondering what Ethan would do later.

After all, his cowhide had been blown out before, and now the middle-aged man put him on fire. No matter what Ethan did, it was very difficult and would be the laughing stock of everyone.

Seeing this, Zack felt a little bit about defending Ethan. After all, he was a student, still young, and young and vigorous for a while, so there is no need to directly cramp people.

To give Ethan a chance now is equivalent to giving Ethan a chance in the future.

Zack looked at Ethan, and asked in a low voice, “Little brother, are you… still going to buy it?”

In fact, in Zack’s opinion, he must have given Ethan a step, and he must naturally choose to say that he would not buy it.

He asked, as long as Ethan thought of a reason, he wouldn’t embarrass him much if he didn’t buy it. He finally took the opportunity to leave, and today’s situation was solved.

However, Ethan’s answer was somewhat unexpected to Zack, and even made him a little unhappy.

Just listen directly and say: “Buy, why not buy it? He doesn’t bid with me. Wouldn’t it be easier for me to buy this pendant?”

In fact, in Ethan’s heart, that was indeed what he thought.

This middle-aged man does not participate in the competition, so he simply makes it easy for him, and then he can just give money to get things. If the middle-aged man really bites his teeth and has to bid with him, he will have to spend dozens of dollars in the end. Million.

This is equivalent to saving hundreds of thousands of yuan for himself, or even more, why would Ethan not buy it?

Besides, he really fell in love with this sapphire pendant, how could he easily let it go.

It’s just that as soon as Ethan’s words were uttered, Zack’s expression changed.


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