I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 361

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 361

Chapter 361

Boy, what’s the matter with you? I’m already giving you steps, why don’t you?

Zack felt sorry for Ethan’s last little bit of pity, and at this time, after Ethan rejected his kindness, it disappeared instantly.

In Zack’s view, Ethan is shameless, but he doesn’t often give others opportunities. Today, it is nothing more than feeling sorry for Ethan that he chose to give him a chance.

But not only did he not grasp it well, he even threw it on the ground, which was really unforgivable.

Zack’s face suddenly turned cold. He looked at Ethan indifferently, and said without hesitation: “Well, then, please go to the cashier to check out first. The accounts are settled, and I will let someone pack the things. “

Zack’s meaning is very clear. Didn’t you say that you will continue to buy this sapphire pendant? Then go to checkout.

“Hmph, I want to see, what do you do this time!” Zack muttered in his heart, “You dare to turn a deaf ear to my kindness, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

As soon as Zack’s words were exported, the temperature of the entire scene seemed to drop several degrees.

The noisy crowd just became quiet for a while, some people began to lower their voices, but they were still talking in a low voice.

, does this kid have a brain problem? The boss has already said that, what’s the matter with him? I don’t understand that they are giving him a step down? I don’t know what’s wrong, right?”

, what do you think? This is pure shamelessness. Did you see that the boss is already upset, he didn’t give him any affection this time, so don’t you continue to buy? ?Then you go and pay the money first, and see how you get off the stage!”

“Ignorance, stupid, so stupid! I can’t see anything, and why do you come out? This kind of person, I don’t know how to die, I see what he can do when he goes to the cashier. Is it on credit?”

who is blamed, the bubbles on your feet are all on your own. Let me give you a chance. Seeing what you are doing this time, do you really think you can afford it?

There was a burst of whispering in the crowd, as well as ridicule and regret at Ethan.

It seems that almost no one believes that Ethan used his own strength to say the words just now. He said that for nothing more than grandstanding and pretending to be coercion!

But it was clear that Ethan was going to die soon.

When you check out for a while, you said that you have no money. How could Zack let you go? What’s more, you just threw someone on the ground and rubbed it. They didn’t take this opportunity to rectify you?

Just now when the middle-aged man heard Ethan’s words, he didn’t sneer, and whispered to his own woman, this kid is a stupid, I really doubt him, is there a brain problem? .”

But at this moment, Ethan said “Oh” to Zack, as if he walked towards the cashier not far away without thinking, and there was not a trace of tension on his face.

Dozens of eyes at the scene fell on Ethan, from the moment he moved his steps until he walked to the cash register, the entire large jewelry store was silent, waiting to see what Ethan would do.

But Ethan seemed to be very calm. He naturally knew that many people were questioning himself, and he knew that too many people wanted to see his own jokes.

But what he knew more clearly was that he might disappoint these people.

It’s only 1.88 million. It’s not that I can’t afford it. On the contrary, it is these people, all of which are ridiculous.

Ethan had a calm expression on his face and his movements were extremely relaxed. He took out a bank card from his arms and handed it to the cashier.

The cashier looked at the seemingly insignificant bank card, and smiled in his heart, how could there be more than one million here.

You know, for all the wealthy people with large accounts, if they store millions of tens of millions of assets in their bank cards, they must at least apply for gold cards and platinum cards. They are all privileged, but also a status symbol.

The cashier has been in this business for so long, and there are too many such cards.

On the contrary, the card in Ethan’s hand was handled in some small savings office. The ordinary one can no longer be ordinary. It is estimated that there are several thousand yuan in it. Moreover, the biggest drawback of this kind of bank card is the restriction Daily outflow of funds.

Generally speaking, the daily transaction volume of this card cannot exceed 20,000 yuan.

And Ethan wants to use this bank card to swipe 1.88 million? What is this nonsense?

The cashier took the card, smiled, and pushed the card to Ethan’s side, smiling proficiently: “Sir, I’m sorry, you can’t swipe a large amount with this card. The daily transaction limit of this kind of savings card cannot exceed 20,000 yuan. Block, do you think you can change it?”

When the cashier said this, a burst of laughter broke out in the entire jewelry store.

“Hahaha…I thought he would show his stuff when he got the card swiping link, but I didn’t expect that he would show his stuff just after I took out the bank card…”


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