I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 362

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 362

chapter 362

it’s boring, I thought he could give me some miracle, but the cashier didn’t pass.”

The crowd suddenly laughed.

Although the female cashier’s voice was not loud, almost everyone could hear her clearly.

this kid is so funny, he didn’t expect that he just took out his bank card, and he was broken through. It’s really boring!” The middle-aged man also sneered when he saw this.

Upon seeing this, Zack shook his head. He really couldn’t stand it anymore, because he felt that the ending was destined. Ethan was just taking his own humiliation. What’s the point?

But at this moment, Ethan suddenly said, “Who said that? Is this your card or my card? Do you know the bank card or I do?”

Obviously Ethan was a little unhappy with the behavior of the cashier.

Just let you swipe your card. You still have such a set. What do you mean? Do you seem to know a lot?

But even if you know a lot, that’s not embarrassing. You don’t know my card.

Ethan slandered in his heart.

Of course Ethan knew that his card seemed ordinary, but it was actually just an appearance. The card was now lying more than a billion yuan, and the credit card limit had long been changed.

This card just looks ordinary, but in fact it is even more functional than some so-called gold bank cards.

Ethan’s words made the female cashier’s face flushed. She originally wanted to show how much she knew, but she didn’t want to be so judged by Ethan in the end. I can’t hold on to face.

But this did not make her feel ashamed, on the contrary, she hated Ethan even more in her heart.

After all, in her opinion, this bank card was originally a common thing. You have to be ashamed of it. Don’t let people say it?

And you have said that, you still have to try to swipe your card. It is not her who is ashamed in the end, but Ethan himself.

The female cashier couldn’t help but secretly blanked Ethan’s eyes, took the bank card with a disgusted expression, and inserted it directly into the POS machine.

“Enter the password!” The female cashier said to Ethan coldly.

But she also knows that this is actually unnecessary.

Enter a shit password, even if Ethan has enough money, he can’t get it out. Is this person sick and wasting his time?

Ethan didn’t take it seriously and hurriedly entered the password.

And when he entered the password, many eyes fell on him again.

Obviously, many people present still didn’t understand what Ethan was doing. Was it just grandstanding? Just want to pretend to be in public?

But you are destined to pretend to fail. In the end, everyone will laugh at you. Is it possible that you feel particularly good?

Everyone felt that some people couldn’t see Ethan, and some people even thought he was sick.

The middle-aged man even smiled in a low voice, and said to the woman next to him: “Look at it, you see how this kid ends up this time…”

Zack on the side also shook his head helplessly, already preparing to turn around and leave.

And most of the people present are also ready to mock Ethan…

Just when everything seemed to have become a foregone conclusion, a voice that was unexpected to everyone appeared.

I just heard a mechanical voice from the POS machine: “Successful swiping…”

The sound was not loud, but in a silent jewelry store.

Almost everyone was stunned by the sound, everyone looked at each other, everyone was stunned!

The middle-aged man who was ready to taunt Ethan, was about to speak, and his whole body instantly stalemate!

The woman next to him was even more surprised and questioning!

And Zack, who was just about to leave, had already taken the steps of leaving. After hearing the sound from the POS, his whole person also stopped in an instant, his face was slightly pale and sluggish.

“This…” The female cashier was even more surprised. After hearing the sound of the successful swipe card, her face was as pale as patina, and she couldn’t believe everything in front of her.

After all, she did not believe that Ethan was the kind of person who could easily spend more than one million to buy luxury jewelry.

After all, she didn’t believe that Ethan, the most common type of savings card, did not have a limit, so he could get 1.88 million in one go?

The first thing the female cashier thought of was not that Ethan really succeeded in swiping the card, but whether his POS machine was broken.

The female cashier hurriedly took the POS machine back, looked at it carefully in her palm for a long time, and even knocked on the counter, but she didn’t find any signs of damage.

What is going on? Is it possible that Ethan really brushed 1.88 million?

This is too unbelievable, right?

Just when the female cashier was puzzled, Ethan smiled.

He stretched out his hand and asked, “Can you give me the card now? I’m really afraid that when you knock on the POS machine, you will knock down my bank card!”

Upon hearing this, the female cashier hurriedly pulled out the bank card and handed it to Ethan respectfully.


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