I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 364

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 364

Chapter 364

After speaking, Zack hurriedly smiled at Ethan: this little… sir, I’m really sorry just now, I might have a little attitude…”

Ethan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Zack, then sneered, “What’s wrong with your attitude?”

Zack was a little embarrassed when he was asked. He originally wanted to talk about something else with Ethan, but obviously he was a little naive. Ethan seemed a little serious when the other party was talent.

“I…” Zack hesitated for a moment, then simply laughed and sighed, “Sorry, my attitude was very bad just now. Maybe I underestimated your strength, and I was somewhat arrogant and contemptuous of your attitude, please don’t let it go. In my heart, here, I sincerely apologize to you!”

This time, Zack was obviously much more sincere, and the expression on his face was much more serious.

Since Ethan didn’t want to be perfunctory, he would naturally treat him sincerely. Otherwise, how could Ethan feel his sincerity?

Hearing the words behind Zack, Ethan put down his grudge, and leaned on the bar in a comfortable posture, looked at Zack, and said, “Why, is it something unexpected?”

Zack smiled frankly and nodded: “In my opinion, you are nothing more than a student who just went to college. I thought that your financial strength would barely be able to spend a few thousand yuan, but. look. My eyesight is still terrible. Dare to ask…”

Zack thought for a while, a little worried that asking Ethan’s identity directly would arouse his disgust, but in the end he courageously asked: “Dare to ask your name? Please forgive me for being rude, but I’m really curious. Which family’s son are you?”

Zack smiled with a smile on his face, and continued to ask: “It’s true that I have a one-to-two relationship with all the famous families in Buckeye, but you and I really have no impression. Isn’t your home local?”

Hearing this, Ethan hesitated for a while. After all, he didn’t want more people to know his identity. What’s more, he and this Zack are afraid that they don’t even know each other now, so he can’t tell him his true identity.

So Ethan went on to say, I’m really sorry, I don’t want to answer you this question now. My name is Ethan, and you can just call me like that in the future.”

Prefer not to say?

Zack glanced at Ethan suspiciously, and the doubt in his eyes became deeper.

Of course he understands that Ethan is unwilling to disclose his identity, either because his identity is more sensitive, or the other person does not want you to know his identity.

But no matter what, it seemed that when I wanted to know Ethan’s identity, he was completely immersed.

But even so, Zack knew that he didn’t need to force it. What he wanted was Ethan, a big customer, so what did he do?

Zack smiled humbly and said to Ethan: “Mr. Ethan, I think you seem to be very interested in jewelry. Tonight, I prepared a banquet at Buckeye Pavilion. I wonder if you can enjoy it? “

Zack did not wait for Ethan to speak, and hurriedly said: “In fact, it is a banquet. This is only the second, the most important and the highlight. It will be a small auction at the banquet. There will be a lot of precious jewellery for auction. I think Mr. Ethan, you are more interested in this category. I don’t know if you can give me a reward and come to participate?”

While talking, Zack hurriedly took out a golden yellow card from his arms, lowered it to Ethan’s eyes, and respectfully said: “This is an invitation letter, please accept it.”

In fact, Ethan really has no interest in banquets.

However, since the other party said that there was an auction of valuables, Ethan suddenly became interested.

In Ethan’s view, he was planning to buy a gift for Linda anyway, and buying one was also buying. It just happened to have such a chance, so just avoid buying a few.

And Ethan knew that Linda basically didn’t have any jewellery on weekdays, and that only a few cheap items were almost worn out.

Ethan knew that Linda was reluctant to buy it, but she absolutely liked it, otherwise she would not come out with herself every time, even if she had worn out her jewelry.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help feeling a little sour. He glanced at the invitation that Zack handed over and took it.

“When does the banquet start?” Ethan asked.

As soon as Zack heard Ethan’s words, he burst into laughter and hurriedly said, “It’s not early or late. Tonight at seven o’clock, Mr. Ethan, you must be on time.”

Looking at the invitation, Ethan nodded: “Okay, I will be there on time then.”

Zack smiled, pointed to the invitation, and continued: “Then I am waiting for Mr. Ethan’s presence at Buckeye Pavilion! In the evening, when you arrive at the banquet hall on the third floor of Buckeye Pavilion, you can just show the invitation directly. “

Ethan nodded, and then saw a waitress walking over with a delicate gift box from a distance.

When they arrived, the waitress respectfully handed the things to Ethan, and said softly: “Sir, your tears in the sky are already packed.”


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