I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 365

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 365

Chapter 365

Ethan took the box, feeling a little happy in his heart. Now, as long as Ethan thinks of the attractive appearance of Linda wearing this pendant, Ethan feels that he is worth no matter how much money he spends.

Ethan even couldn’t wait to hurriedly send the things to Linda.

But after thinking about it, Ethan still held back.

Ethan thought to himself that he didn’t care about such a day and a half day. If you don’t want to give a gift, then wait until he goes to the auction in the evening, buy the things you like, and give them to Linda together.

Ethan was thinking when the phone rang suddenly.

Ethan took out the phone and looked at it, it turned out to be Yura.

Ethan quickly connected the phone, and then Yura heard a slightly excited voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hey Ethan, where are you?” Yura asked.

Ethan looked at Zack, but said, “Oh, I… shopping, what’s wrong?”

Yura said, “Oh, come on, come on, if you have something good, come here! I will send you the address on WeChat.”

Ethan was at a loss, wondering what Yura wanted to do?

But Ethan soon remembered that Yura had said to herself before, saying that some good things were going to fall on Ethan recently. Could it be that she told herself to go over, that is to say?

But what is the good thing? Ethan was puzzled.

Soon, Yura ended the call, and after a while, Yura sent Ethan a string of addresses using WeChat.

Ethan glanced at it, and couldn’t help being a little surprised, because that address turned out to be the villa complex of Haisheng Yipin?

It’s just that Ethan bought the villas, which belonged to the first phase of Haisheng, and were basically some of the top high-end villas.

The address sent by Yura was Haisheng Yipin Phase One Villa.

Compared with the second phase, the first phase is not only inferior to the second phase in terms of grade and style.

And this is still an ordinary commercial villa. If you compare it with Ethan’s seven-thousand-thousand-man mansion, the first-stage villa of Haisheng is not worth mentioning.

But the address sent by Yura was Haisheng Yipin, which still surprised Ethan.

But since Yura invited herself over so much, something must be done.

Ethan thought of this, put away the phone, and after a brief chat with Zack, he hurriedly left the jewelry shop.

Ethan stopped a taxi at the door casually, and after giving him the address, the taxi drove Ethan to the gate of the first phase of Haisheng Yipin.

After giving the money to get off the car, Ethan took out the access control card and walked directly into the community.

The community of Haisheng Yipin is worthy of being the top high-end community in Buckeye. It is very complete and beautiful in terms of scenery and greenery or other public facilities.

Ethan followed the address Yura gave him, and soon came to the door of a villa, he looked inside curiously and rang the doorbell.

The doorbell rang twice, and then as soon as the door of the villa opened, Yura greeted her with a smile.

Seeing Yura, Ethan frowned, and hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter? It’s mysterious? And what is this place?”

Ethan looked around at the strange environment.

Yura smiled upon hearing the words, “This is my house, how is it, is it beautiful?”

Yura looked at Ethan and smiled heartily.

When Yura said that it was her family in his heart, Ethan couldn’t help being a little surprised, because he did not expect that Yura’s family also lived in Haisheng Yipin?

Although the first stage of the Haisheng First Stage is not as high-end as the second stage, but even so, it is also one of the highest-end villa areas in Buckeye. The price of a villa can easily cost several million.

Although Ethan knew that Yura had a good family background, he only felt that it was just a well-off family, but he did not expect that Yura’s family was so rich.

And just at the gate of the villa, there was still an Audi Q7 and a Porsche Cayenne parked impressively.

The two cars alone, together with this villa, are almost 10 million smaller. It can be seen that the assets of Yura’s family must be several times that of these properties.

Ethansmiled and nodded: “Pretty, pretty.”

To be honest, although Yura’s villa is average in Haisheng First Product, the decoration inside is very stylish.

The decoration style and furnishing furniture inside are all simple styles, but the simplicity reveals a bit of extravagance. It is far more seductive and more prominent than those golden, silver and brilliant decoration styles.

Ethan had heard from Yura in the past that her father was engaged in art in the past. Perhaps the elegant temperament of this room full of artistic atmosphere came from Yura’s father.

Ethan followed Yura into the villa, and as soon as he entered the door, there was a corridor first, and a hallway on the left side of the corridor, followed by the living room.

In the Yura living room at this time, there seemed to be two people talking about something, still very angry, talking and laughing.

Yura pulled Ethan in, and then went to the living room.

At this time Ethan saw clearly that there were two men sitting in the living room, one old and one young. The older man looked a bit similar to Yura. His appearance in his forties and fifty years was extraordinary.

This person is Yura’s father!


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