I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 366

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 366

Chapter 366

As soon as he saw Ethan and Yura entering the door, Yura’s father stopped talking to the young man beside him, and looked at Ethan, his eyes seemed to be disappointed.

And now the young man next to him had an indifferent look on his face all the time. As soon as Ethan entered the door, he only glanced at Ethan lightly, and then turned his gaze elsewhere.

This means that Yura’s father is still standing, otherwise, this young man might have sat down at this time.

Yura’s father glanced again and asked Yura, “Daughter, why, have you come with a friend?”

Yura smiled slightly and nodded: “Dad, do you remember that I told you before that I was harassed by a few hooligans when I was eating in a restaurant. Someone was beaten for me, but was beaten?”

Yura glanced at Ethan softly, with a little more pride in her eyes, and continued: “That person is Ethan, and he is also a student of Buckeye University.”

Yura has always been grateful for Ethan’s rescue of herself, and she always mentioned Ethan in front of her father.

Yura felt that Ethan had saved herself, and Ethan’s personality was even worse, saying that if she introduced Ethan to her father, her father would definitely value Ethan.

Yura had heard of Ethan’s “big name” at Buckeye University in the past, so she always wanted to help Ethan.

So today I was just taking the opportunity of the afternoon banquet, and I wanted to call Ethan to my home, the purpose was to introduce Ethan to his father.

Yura was full of anticipation in her heart, thinking that she had mentioned Ethan’s saving to her father so many times before, and now that she has dragged people to his father’s side, her father has to express himself.

Not to mention, even if it is to give Ethan an internship opportunity in his own company, it is a good thing for Ethan.

However, Yura was full of expectation, and it didn’t take long before she was dashed into ashes by her father’s performance.

Seeing Ethan, Yura’s father didn’t seem to show the enthusiasm that Yura had in his heart, but instead appeared a little cold.

After he heard his student introduce Ethan, he just gave a faint “Oh” and didn’t say any more.

Yura’s father didn’t seem to take Ethan too seriously. After a simple oh, he hurriedly looked at the young man opposite him, smiled and said, “Little dragon, what are you doing standing up? Sit down quickly. , Sit down, where did our father and son talk just now?”

While chatting with the young man opposite him, Yura’s father sat on the sofa again. He chatted with the young man as if there was no one else, as if he had never experienced Ethan’s visit.

Yura was stunned by her father’s performance.

What does it mean? This… Did Ethan ignore it?

Yura felt very embarrassed, but she called Ethan over with enthusiasm, but did her father treat others like this?

Yura even turned gloomy.

She looked at her father angrily, no matter how happily he chatted with the young man opposite, she just interrupted: “Dad, what are you doing? I’m talking to you, this is Ethan, you forgot Did I tell you before, Ethan saved me, why are you…”

Yura’s words made Yura’s father a little uncomfortable. After all, he was chatting deeply with his opponent’s youth, and he was suddenly interrupted. Where could he be happy? Moreover, the young man in front of him seemed young, but in fact he was already standing. Yes, I might have to discuss cooperation with the other party next.

Yura interrupted her conversation with the other party so impolitely, this matter was made smaller, because Yura didn’t know how to be polite.

But if you go bigger, it means you have opinions about others. With your attitude, how can they cooperate with you?

But Yura’s father didn’t get angry at the first time. Instead, he stared at Yura and said, “I know he is Ethan, and I just said something, what else are you doing? My daughter, Today, there are guests. How do you talk to me? How can you be so ignorant as a child?”

Yura’s father’s words really surprised Yura.

Not sensible? Do you have guests?

What was your behavior just now? Just sensible? Is it right?

And you have a guest, Ethan is still my guest, so you treat my guest like that?

Yura is really a little angry, but she still knows what it means to be superior and inferior. Although she is angry with her father’s attitude, she still suppresses her temper and said, “Dad, I did not deliberately treat you like that, but you don’t I think, is your attitude towards Ethan cold? He is your daughter’s savior? He has come to our house. At least you have to say thank you to others, right?”

Yura felt that there was nothing wrong with what she said. Ethan came to the door and his father said thank you to Ethan, no matter where it was. Everything makes sense!


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