I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 367

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 367

Chapter 367

But this word reached Yura’s father’s ears, like a needle stick.

His face suddenly sank, Yura stared at him, and he said loudly, “You are presumptuous! Why, now it is your turn to teach me how to behave? Yura, I’m your father, can you figure it out? ?”

Yura’s father seemed to be irritated by Yura’s words, his face flushed with anger.

And seeing that her father was so unreasonable, Yura was also very upset, pouting her mouth directly, ready to fight back hard!

But before Yura could speak, Ethan, who had been watching for a long time, grabbed Yura first, shook his head at her, and said, “Yura, forget it, don’t talk to uncle like this. “

Yura glanced at Ethan, a little bit unfair for Ethan.

It was originally, Ethan was his lifesaver, and his father should have been warmly entertaining others.

But not only did he have a cold attitude, he wanted to be fair, and now he is still yelling at himself. What does this mean? Is it possible that when Ethan came to the door for the first time, you just gave others a look? What does this mean, want to drive people?

Yura felt that her father was a little unreasonable.

She angrily said, “Oh, Ethan, don’t worry about it. Today I have to explain the truth, otherwise it would be too unfair to you!”

Yura’s words angered Yura’s father again. He turned his head when he heard the words, and looked at Ethan furiously: “What are you talking about? It’s too unfair to him? Then have you ever thought about how you talked to your father and me? Is it fair? I’m your dad, why, now I’m not as good as an outsider?”

Yura’s father seemed to vent all the anger in his heart, suddenly pointed to Ethan, and said, “What kind of face did I give him? He is here when he comes, why, I have to serve tea and pour water, and welcome him? Didn’t you see that I was talking about serious matters?”

Yura’s father glanced at the young man opposite him, and couldn’t help but excitedly said, “Huh, it’s also about 20 years old. Look at this man, who is now the vice president of a listed company. Look at you again… …And play tricks with me, I will entertain you warmly, can you help me with the project in the south of the city, or do you contribute?”

“Hmph, do you guys know that this time the Buckeye project was developed by Haoyuan Group. This time it is almost equivalent to building a central city in Buckeye. What a big business opportunity? Who wouldn’t want to get involved in Buckeye? Do you know that he’s house is doing the project contractor, and he can talk to Mr. Dave from Haoyuan Group. Do you know what a big opportunity this is? You, too, are short-sighted and can’t see anything. come out!”

Speaking of the Buckeye project, Yura’s father’s eyes seemed to be full of expectations, and at this moment, he almost placed all his expectations on lol man’s body, the happiness in front of him.

As soon as Yura’s father finished speaking, man next to him smiled.

Although he laughed naturally, he could still find the pride in it from time to time.

After all, he is a young man, and whoever listens to compliments from others will naturally feel in awe.

Luca hurriedly raised his hand to interrupt Yura’s father’s words, and said with a smile: “Hey? Mr. , your words are too rewarding. My dad and Mr. Dave, president of Haoyuan Group, have been good friends for more than ten years. It’s not particularly good. It’s an honor for our company to be able to participate in the Buckeye project this time. After all, it’s all about contributing to Buckeye!”

After Luca finished speaking, he couldn’t help but glance at Ethan, his mouth curled. Although he didn’t say anything, his eyes still showed some disdain.

Luca’s gaze then fell on Yura’s body again, his eyes lit up, and he was a little obsessed and sluggish for a while, and finally the whole person seemed to be attracted by Yura’s temperament.

But soon, Yura’s father interrupted Luca: “Oh, you look at Luca, you can talk, yeah, yeah, we are all here to help Buckeye make a difference, you guys, talk to Luca. Let’s learn from the source!”

After speaking, Yura’s father hurriedly said to Luca again: “Luca, whether we can participate in the Buckeye project this time depends on your help. If you can help uncle, that uncle owes you one. What a great favor…”

Luca smiled, and hurriedly said: “Uncle sees what you said, you and my father are also friends, I should help you, and you can rest assured that I will let my dad go and say hello to Dave and MR. Dave. If there is a suitable opportunity, I will definitely find a chance to introduce you!”

“Oh, really? Introduce me to President Dave?” Yura’s father was very excited when he heard this, and even more excited, and said, “If that’s the case, then I really want to thank you. Luca, don’t worry, uncle understands that I will definitely not treat you badly when I look back, haha…”

Listening to the hot conversation between the two, Yura felt more uncomfortable in her heart.

This is my father, this time I really put myself and Ethan here.


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