I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 369

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 369

Chapter 369

Don’t like your own possessions? who do you think You Are? No matter how bad I am, Yura’s father has a net worth of tens of millions. I also have a small reputation in Buckeye, and I have some status in society.

Don’t you look down on my wealth status? What else can you fancy?

Is it possible that only big brothers like dave and Brother Buckeyehao with a net worth of several hundred million can be in your eyes?

Ethan’s words were ridiculous in Yura’s father’s eyes.

What he said was not only naive, but also naive and ridiculous.

Moreover, Ethan’s remarks made his position in his heart even worse.

How can such a person with high vision and low hands be worthy of becoming friends with his daughter?

This kind of person approaching his family will only embarrass his family!

And what made Yura’s father feel ridiculous the most was the sentence behind Ethan.

Give others a chance that you can’t give yourself? What does this mean?

This means that Ethan, you can still help yourself a lot in this kind of project?

Stop kidding, do you really think of yourself as a big man?

You know, this Buckeye project is led by the region, followed by a group with huge funds operating.

Don’t talk about Ethan, even if it is Dave, who is already considered a decent figure in Buckeye, now in this project, hasn’t he just become a messenger?

How good are you, and what are you capable of, dare to speak such big words?

Yura’s father had a gloomy face and shook his head again and again. At this time, he didn’t know what to say to Ethan.

This person is arrogant, arrogant, and likes to brag. It is a collection of all the nasty shortcomings of Yura’s father.

And such a person turned out to be his daughter’s friend, which is a great shame to him and his family.

And Yura’s father didn’t fail to see it, that was the look in his daughter’s eyes when she looked at Ethan, it seemed to be slightly strange.

Is it possible that my daughter is still in love with this kid?

Thinking of this, Yura’s father couldn’t help feeling cold in his back vest, saying that this was absolutely unacceptable.

My precious daughter, I have been carefully nurturing for so many years, and I just hope that one day, Yura will be able to marry a wealthy family and get ahead.

But if this kind of merchandise is cheaper, wouldn’t his precious daughter be ruined in her entire life? After so many years of hard work, haven’t they been wasted?

Yura’s father would not agree to this kind of thing, and in order to avoid this kind of thing from happening, Yura’s father also thought that he should take some actions…

Yura’s father was pondering over there for himself, and Yura on this side had a slight change in his eyes when looking at Ethan.

The reason why she has changed is nothing but Ethan’s remark just now.

Although Yura thinks that she knows Ethan’s personality very well, in her opinion, Ethan, although his family background is average, but his character is not good, and he is also very motivated. This is based on his academic performance. You can see it.

But Yura never thought that Ethan would say those words just now.

Why don’t you take your own belongings into consideration? How can I help my father find a solution on the Seongnam project?

Yura felt that Ethan was just talking nonsense, and when he spoke, he did not consider the consequences at all.

Of course, Yura knew that although her family background was insufficient compared to Buckeye, it was definitely more than enough.

With assets of tens of millions like this, maybe others can’t struggle for a lifetime or even several lifetimes.

But in Ethan’s mouth, it became “that little possession.” In fact, Yura didn’t think there was anything at all, but she knew very well that Ethan’s contempt for her father’s efforts for so many years was bound to arouse her father’s resentment. Angry, doesn’t Ethan think about it himself?

Moreover, he also said that he could help his father with the Buckeye project. This is even more ridiculous. Don’t talk about his father, even Yura himself does not believe in such nonsense.

The Buckeye project is so huge that it is a problem for many people to insert a sentence, let alone “give opportunities that others cannot give” as Ethan said.

Isn’t this nonsense?

If it’s really that easy, it can be done. Is his father still guilty of struggling with Luca and the family?

Yura frowned. The gaze looking at Ethan was really complicated. She sighed and said in a low voice, “Ethan, what the hell is it? Don’t talk nonsense…”

Yura is really scared now, and Ethan will say something “shocking” in a moment. Then, even if Ethan’s influence in his father’s mind is completely collapsed, he may not even be able to help him. Up.

Ethan knew what Yura meant by saying this, but he didn’t take it seriously, because only he knew that his words were not big words at all, but very kind reminders.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Yura’s father’s attitude toward him before, and he said those things to himself, he might have proposed that Yura’s father participate in the project.


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