I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 370

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 370

Chapter 370

After all, whether Yura’s father can participate in the Buckeye project and how deep he participated in the project, this kind of thing is not just a matter of Ethan.

After all, Yura’s father is Yura’s father, and Yura is one of her best friends.

Helping Yura’s father by oneself is actually tantamount to helping Yura in disguise.

But Yura’s father’s attitude, and those words, really made Ethan a little frustrated.

He was a little surprised that Yura was such a good girl, and her father was such a powerful person, which made him a little disappointed.

However, Ethan didn’t have a stick in his heart and made the decision not to let Yura’s father participate in the project. After all, this is Yura’s father…

Ethan looked at Yura and smiled slightly, “Yura, I know, you also think I’m talking big, but I can tell you very seriously that I really didn’t talk nonsense, and I said nothing. It’s true. If your father wants to participate in the Seongnam project, I can really help, and this matter may be difficult in your opinion, but in my opinion, it’s not that difficult. You are my best My friend, am I the kind of person who speaks big words casually, I think you know it too?”

Yura also hesitated when she heard Ethan’s words. Of course, she knew Ethan’s personality and knew that Ethan was not a whisperer.

But what he said is too mysterious.

Needless to say, someone with the wealth and social status of his father had exhausted all his abilities in order to get a share of the Buckeye project, but even so, he finally found the relationship between dave. Whether it can be squeezed into the project is still unknown.

And you Ethan is an ordinary mortal, how can you help solve this kind of thing?

This is not as difficult as climbing, it is almost the same.

Yura looked at Ethan, wondering if Ethan really had some unknown methods? Or other means?

And when Yura was lost in thought, suddenly, behind her, there was a burst of presumptuous laughter.

“Hahaha…I’m so ridiculous…Some people dare to blow whatever cowhide they really are…”

Yura immediately withdrew his thoughts, turned to look over, and saw Luca sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Luca’s laughter was obviously full of mockery and ridicule, and full of malicious intentions.

This made Yura a little unhappy, after all, Ethan was his friend, and Luca was obviously targeting Ethan.

“What are you laughing at!” Yura looked at Luca with some dissatisfaction, and asked, “Please tell me directly!”

Yura’s words made Luca’s laugh a little less. He put away his smile, looked up at Yura and Ethan, and shook his head with a smile.

am I not clear enough? I think what I said is clear! Miss Yura, I thought you were fair and beautiful, and you have a father as smart as President . Very smart, but I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid!”

Luca curled his lips and smiled, muttering in a low voice, “Hey, my chest is big and brainless…”

“Hey, who are you talking about!” Yura stopped doing it when she heard this, looking at the other party with disgust, as if she wanted to argue.

Although Luca’s words were hard to listen to, after all, he still had to use him to help him squeeze into the Buckeye project.

So after hearing his daughter’s attitude towards Luca, Yura’s father hurriedly whispered: “Yura, what attitude do you talk to Luca? Don’t be too presumptuous. Why? Is that wrong? ?”

In the face of this situation, it is obvious that Yura’s father wants to safeguard his “overall situation,” so he can only sacrifice his daughter temporarily.

And this can be regarded as a little punishment for her waywardness.

After all, even if Luca’s words are hard to hear, they are indeed okay.

This Ethan was bragging, and Yura was a foolish person who dared to make friends with anyone, and returned it as a good friend.

When Yura heard that her father was standing by Luca’s side, she couldn’t beat her with anger.

“Dad, why are you still helping him to speak? Even if you trouble him to help, you can’t distinguish between right and wrong?” Yura said angrily. “Even if Ethan just said a big talk, how could he not be his turn? Talk about it? Who is he?”

Hearing Yura’s words, Yura’s father was furious, wondering if you, a dead girl, know something good or bad?

It took me so much energy to get on with this Luca. Things were about to be discussed, but now you have brought such a thing.

Coming is coming, the key is that this kid is still speaking badly. He speaks big words, Luca is naturally upright, what happened to him?

In the end, you are so stunned by Luca?

“Yura, do you have any brains? Do you know what you are talking about? You quickly shut up, and you want to apologize to Luca immediately!” Yura’s father whispered at Yura.

“Apologize?” Yura smiled disdainfully when he heard the words, “Why should I? Even if I apologize, it should be him. Did you hear what he said just now that I and Ethan got it?”


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